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CES 2022: What’s In It For Us?




The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), organized and hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, begins this weekend, on January 5, 2022. Because of COVID restrictions, it will be one day shorter than usual, ending on the 7th.

What will we see there that might enhance our future motorcycle riding experiences? Stop right here if you’re not down with new tech, and instead find yourself barely grumbling acceptance that your motorcycle has ABS as a standard feature now. If your bike has a TFT screen and a keyless fob, or maybe even wireless connectivity to your phone, the stuff that shows up at CES is for you. Heck, even if it doesn’t but you’re looking forward to buying a bike that will, read on!

Several major players (like BMW, Mercedes and General Motors) have scaled back their attendance. Their tech will attend but their technicians will be virtual. That “car space” is where we’ll see advances in motorcycles, too. The hot topic is still EVs; battery tech, charging tech, electric vehicles with more power, better range, faster charging times. While the automotive industry is arguably ahead of two-wheelers in the electric motor department, advances in autos will soon apply to motorcycles. Hopefully the economy of scale the automotive industry sees, helps a smaller motorcycle market take advantage of their tech advances.

Damon Motorcycles

Motorcycle specific tech will be there too, though. Damon has promised a big unveiling of their Hyperfighter, which we’ve covered here and will cover again.


California-based Super73, heretofore an electric bicycle company, had been (perhaps) planning to reveal an electric motorcycle. Alas, COVID ruins something else; Super73 has pulled their attendance in favor of keeping their team safe from the Omicron variant. You can’t blame them. But that means we won’t get the answer to their electric-motorcycle rumor from CES. They have promised to “reveal everything at a later date.”

Display Tech

In the non-vehicle-related (but still vehicle-related) space, we get things like Samsung’s micro-LED TV technology. Other companies like Sony, LG and Hainese are bringing their display tech, too. Screen technology is getting better all the time. What does it mean for motorcycles? Better displays, of course. The kind of thing that gives you excellent detail and contrast, viewable in full sun, maybe touch-screens that work flawlessly with gloves.

LED tech also helps motorcycle visibility: the better, more reliable, brighter, and smaller LEDs get, the more, and more intricate, lighting we get on our bikes. Brake light, turn signal, headlight and marker light design are no longer constrained by bulbs and reflectors. Pretty soon we’re all going to be riding light-cycles ala Tron. (OK not really, those were terrible, but think of the possibilities!)

Better Processing

New CPU and microchip technology is coming to CES too, and that means better mobile computing performance. What is an electric motorcycle these days but a mobile computer?

We’ll be keeping a close eye on CES over the next week. Let us know what tech you’re looking forward to.

Vezi sursa


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