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Husqvarna To Team Up With Bajaj For ‘Vectorr’ Electric Scooter Production




While we all shake our heads at the limited range of even the best electric motorcycles on the market, a different dynamic is happening in the electric scooter niche. And now, motorcycle maker Husqvarna is getting into the electric scooter space via a collaboration with Indian scooter giant Bajaj.

Husky has previously shown off their concept scoot, the “Vectorr” (yes, two Rs) and an electric motorcycle proto, the e-Pilen, which appeared at the 2021 EICMA show. The 11-horsepower e-Pilen is clearly not designed to go head-to-head with the big Zero and LiveWire models, so Husqvarna and the others are focused on where the real e-magic is taking place: in the electric scooter class due to the growing trend and availability of  swappable batteries.

Since range anxiety is a thing, electric vehicle makers have been looking for a cure since… forever. Stuffing more battery capacity into a vehicle is certainly one way to do it, and while that’s possible for cars and trucks, it’s not for two-wheelers due to weight, handling, form factor and cost concerns. Tesla showed off a battery exchange system that took 90-odd seconds to swap packs way back in 2013, but the system has yet to come to fruition for electric cars – so far. But for scooters? It’s very much happening, and it looks like Husky wants in on the action.

Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio and KTM have all signed onto a plan for standardizing swappable batteries across their future e-platforms, and Husky’s motorcycle (and now scooter) division is owned and operated by KTM. Going up the ladder, KTM is owned by Pierer Mobility AG, which has a 52 percent stake and … Bajaj Auto Limited International Holdings of India, which  holds the other 48 percent. So this should not be a big surprise. Bajaj makes small motorbikes and scooters by the millions, including the colorful Vespa-like electric Chetak, and they’re pretty nice, with about 50 miles of range on a charge – but so far, no battery swap capability. That may change soon for all parties involved.

The battery swap tech is real. Taiwan firm Gogoro, which also makes ebikes and e-scooters, has a robust battery swap system already in place, and is just one of many companies pioneering the swap tech, which allows riders to grab full-hot batteries from roadside kiosks to quickly (and cheaply) juice their scoots, which can also charge per normal. Some of the bigger rides use a pair of batteries for extended range (and peace of mind). Check out this video to see how it works. Hop to 1:10 for the swap tech:

Like the e-Pilen, the Vectorr will not be a performance-oriented machine. Top speed will be 45kmh, or 28mph, so it’s clearly a city scoot designed to punch out as many miles as possible from a charge. Husky says it could get about 60 miles from a full battery. Those numbers mean the Vectorr, at least at the start, will not likely be coming stateside, but Husky hasn’t said where the Vectorr will be sold yet, either.

While this big-boned author is happy to see the world from the seat of liter-plus motorcycles, I also have a modern 250cc Vespa, and honestly, it’s a great (and admittedly stylish) way to quickly thread through city traffic. If it was electric, that would be … interesting, and indeed, Vespa has an electric model in the pipeline, so the e-scooter evolution seems to be upon us.

Do you have any interest in a scooter, or an electric two-wheeler of any sort? What do you make of the battery swap tech? Let us know in comments.


Vezi sursa


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