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CES 2022: Damon Takes The Wraps Off New HyperFighter Naked Electric Bike



Canadian electric motorcycle maker Damon unveiled a new bike at CES on Wednesday. Called the HyperFighter, the new bike will join the original HyperSport in the now two-bike lineup.

The HyperFighter will be available in three trims: the top-spec $35,000 Colossus, the mid-trim $25,000 Unlimited 20 and the base $19,000 Unlimited 15. All prices are before any rebates, incentives and so forth, which can trim thousands of dollars off the price, depending on where a buyer lives.


Damon Motors

The new machines boast some impressive specs, with the Colossus and Unlimited 20 putting out 200 horsepower and 200 NM of torque, which translates to about 150 pound-feet of twist. Both bikes pack a 20 kWh battery good for 146 miles of range, according to a Damon press release. The Unlimited 15 version makes do with a 15 kWh pack, makes 150 hp and has a 120-mile range. Damon claims all the bikes can hit 60 mph in under three seconds, with top speeds of 170 and 150 mph respectively. Time to 100 mph is under five seconds for each HyperFighter.

The Colossus version will be limited to 100 units and will be graced with premium wheels, special bodywork and some other perks.


Damon Motors

A key feature set of Damon’s motorcycles is the tech package each bike will come with, including their CoPilot suite of sensors and rider aids, which includes proximity warnings via haptics (vibration) through the handlebars and LEDs in case the rider wanders too close to other vehicles or is following too close, among other things. There’s also a rear view camera as standard. Additionally, Damon’s ergonomic package, called Shift, allows riders to adjust handlebar height and other things on the fly.


Damon Motors

Another interesting tech point for the Damon bikes is their chassis design and power system, called HyperDrive. The bikes use the battery casing as a nearly vertical stressed frame member, and the battery pack is not the usual rectangular block of cells found on most other full-size electric motorcycles. Instead, the pack is shaped to fit the bike and even snugs up to the motor.

This makes it a challenge to produce, but aids in bike design and allows for better overall battery density. The batteries will accept CCS fast chargers and can also work backwards to power your home in case of an outage, a trick known as Vehicle To Home or “V2H” capability. However, a special (usually expensive) charger installed by an electrician is required.

“HyperFighter pays homage to the streetfighters of yesterday while looking to the future with unparalleled safety and performance that Damon is known around the world for,” said Derek Dorresteyn, Chief Technology Officer of Damon Motors in a press release. “We’ve built an incredible, technologically-advanced motorcycle that will appeal to both long-time streetfighter enthusiasts and new riders.”

I rode both of the early Damon prototypes a couple of years back and bar height, footpeg position, seat height and windscreen height could all be changed while riding with a simple button push. The changes, while small, transformed the ergos of the bike from a sportbike crouch to a much more standard posture. It was very cool and while Damon was not specific as to what all could be changed on the upcoming HyperFighter, a video on the Damon site indicates that at least the bar height will be adjustable.

As for the CoPilot suite of safety features, to be clear, they do not take over any of the bike’s controls like some cars do now with auto-braking and lane keeping. They did make me more aware of the traffic situation around the bike, especially from behind, thanks to the rear-view camera. It’s tech we’re likely going to see much more of in the near future.

Damon is building out a production facility in British Columbia and a quick inquiry about production timetables indicated HyperSport production will begin in the first half of 2022 with HyperFighter models coming online in 2023. A limited edition of HyperSport introductory models sold out just days after being made available. Interested? $100 locks down your spot in line for a HyperFighter, and $250 is required for the limited edition Colossus model.


Vezi sursa


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