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What’s The Best Way To See Dakar 2022 Footage And Race Info?




It’s only a few days into the annual Dakar race in Saudi Arabia, which started January 1st and wraps on the 14th, and my phone is blowing up. Why? Because I installed the “Dakar”  app dedicated to the event, and it has been an unexpectedly good source of information and video highlights of the race.

But first, I scouted around to find coverage of the event, which takes place entirely inside the borders of Saudi Arabia this year, and only found a patchwork of options. Then I went to the event website and took a chance on the app, and have been pleasantly surprised. Typically, I’ve found “event” apps to be almost useless unless you want to endure an endless stream of advertisements and linkbait to get to the usually too-brief content. So far, that’s not the case with the official Dakar page and the Dakar app, and while the coverage is not live (I could not find live coverage anywhere), their long-ish daily wrap-up videos and easy-to-navigate approach lets users dive deeper on riders (and drivers), the course stages and more minutiae. Much of the video content is also available on the official Dakar YouTube channel as well.

Another option that is worthwhile is Red Bull TV, which has a well-rounded update page for all the vehicles involved. Of course, they have a multitude of apps as well, and if you can stand the ads, it’s a good way to go, with a lot of video highlights and the Dakar Decoded video series, which is worth watching. Besides the Dakar app, Red Bull’s effort is probably the best way to track the race.

Don’t want to go the app or Red Bull route? Word was there would be some Dakar coverage on NBC’s Peacock streaming site, but a thorough search, including on their Motorsports page, failed to turn up any kind of mention of the race. If I missed it somehow, let us know the secret in comments. That said, there is coverage over at NBCsports.com, and while it’s not motorcycle-specific, at least they do cover the bikes in their daily hour of race reporting. Check out the NBC Dakar page here and get more information on the overall coverage here. There’s more from NBC on the rally over at their YouTube channel as well.

We’ve also heard (in comments – thanks!) there is good coverage on The Olympic Channel, an NBC product, but you’ll need an Apple TV or similar streaming tech (or a compatible app-running TV) to run the free app.

Between those streams of race info, you can hopefully find the information and videos you’re looking for. Did you find a way to see the race live or from a different/better source? Let us know in comments and we’ll add it to the story.





Vezi sursa


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