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Metzeler Karoo 4 to debut this winter




One of the world’s most well-known dual sport/ADV tire series is getting an update. This winter, Metzeler says it will replace the Karoo 3 tire series with the new Karoo 4 series.

At this point, the new Karoo 4 tires aren’t on the Metzeler website, but since they’re replacing the Karoo 3 series, we’d expect them to fill the same role—as the website puts it, these are “The Enduro on/off tyre for your adventures far and away. A versatile product featuring rally-raid off-road traction and high speed stability with excellent mileage even fully loaded.”

The Karoo 3 has inspired much back-and-forth discussion on ADVrider’s forums over the years. Some quick Google-fu reveals all sorts of analysis by inmates, and if you want to know the high points and low points of the outgoing tire models, there’s no shortage of opinion.

The new tire is supposed to offer better offroad grip than previous Karoo models, particularly in softer terrain like sand or clay, and we’d expect a similar emphasis on long-term durability as well. It will be available in 21-inch and 19-inch front sizes, and 18-inch and 17-inch rear sizes. Expect more details in coming weeks.

New Tourance Next 2 tires

Metzeler also says it’s bringing out new Tourance Next 2 tires. Thanks to updated tread patterns and new compounds and carcass construction, these are supposed to offer more grip and superior braking performance. Note that these are a very street-biased tire, made for asphalt adventures. They’re available in several 19-inch front sizes, and 17-inch rears at this point, but there is a single 21-inch front size and 18-inch rear if you wish to outfit your more dirt-worthy ADV bike for the long haul on pavement.

The Tourance Next 2 tires are actually uploaded to Metzeler’s website, if you want more information and pricing guesstimates.

Vezi sursa


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