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MV Agusta is once again promising better things around the corner




If there are two things MV Agusta is good at, it’s making attractive motorcycles, and making promises. And now, we’ve got new promises from the Italian manufacturer, saying there’s an updated three-cylinder engine coming, along with a new four-cylinder powerplant.

The news comes out of an interview that MV Agusta’s CEO did with Brit moto-outlet MCN (read the whole thing here). The interview took place at November’s EICMA show, and MV Agusta bigwig Timur Sardarov promised a line of new bikes based on the company’s 950 cc triple. That’s the engine used in the Lucky Explorer 9.5 (which debuted at EICMA). In addition to this rally raid tribute machine, MV Agusta says it plans to bring the engine to other bikes, including naked bikes and sportbikes. Along with the new 950, Sardarov told MCN that MV Agusta also plans to still offer the 800 series in the future as well.

However, hardened sportbike fans will not be so excited about that triple, as it’s based on a fairly old design at this point. For the true performance junkie, MV Agusta instead says it will bring out a four-cylinder litrebike in the future. The brand’s fans should be rejoicing, as the F4 inline-four is now past its best-before date. Not that it can’t offer thrills, but other manufacturers have left it behind with their latest superbike updates.

We’ve heard all this before, though, and yet we’re still waiting. MV Agusta’s shaky financials have caused delay after delay, and it seems the beancounters are making sure that any forward progress is done at a financially viable pace. So, we wait.

We’ll wait for the new Lucky Explorer adventure bike as well. While the smaller 5.5 model might be released to showrooms fairly soon, as it’s based on a Chinese design, the big-bore 9.5 version is not expected to sell before the spring, MV Agusta’s chief told MCN. No surprise—the photos out of EICMA were obviously not a street-ready bike, and we didn’t see the usual videos of fast-paced desert test riding.

Vezi sursa


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