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Good News For Motorcycle Sales And Ridership




It’s not news that motorcycle sales had been declining before the pandemic.  And, millennials did not appear to be interested in two-wheeled transportation.  But with the outbreak of the pandemic, those two things appear to be changing.

Many motorcycle manufacturers are seeing record growth.  Several OEMs like Ducati, BMW, and Energica have been able to post record sales in 2020 and 2021.  And now, the Japanese OEMs are showing similar results, with the Big Four reporting that 2021 domestic shipments are at a 23-year high.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturer’s Association reports that Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha 2021 sales were 233,059 units (bikes over 51cc), not including those sold in December.  These numbers reflect a 20.6 percent uptick over the same period in 2020.

Younger riders returning

But there’s better long-term news.  It seems that, at least for now, millennials are returning to two wheels.  Although Kawasaki’s sales data points to middle-aged and older riders purchasing bikes, the story is different for the remaining Big Four Japanese manufacturers.

Both Honda and Yamaha’s data points to increasing sales among younger riders.  In 2021, Honda sold over 30,000 PCX scooters.  Yamaha’s data shows that more than half of their YZF-R25 customers are people in their teens and twenties.  Suzuki is also reporting increasing sales with young persons.  They drove a 40-percent jump in GSX250 sales between January and October 2021.

While the data is looking good for sales, the Japanese OEMs are taking a long-term view of this spike in sales and ridership.  Yamaha Motor President Yoshiro Hidaka said:

“The rapid surge in demand will likely settle down once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.”

So in an effort to keep the sales going, Yamaha is hoping to continue its growing rider base by hosting amateur racing.  Hopefully, the other OEMs will take at least some measures to keep ridership growing.

Vezi sursa


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