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Yezdi Adventure



We recently told you about Classic Legend’s revival of the Yezdi brand and its three new motorcycles.  One of those machines is an “adventure” bike, and it’s aptly named “Yezdi Adventure.”

The bike probably looks very familiar to you.  But, if it doesn’t, you should spend a little more time checking up on the Indian brand Royal Enfield.  The new Yezdi Adventure squarely targets Royal Enfield’s Himalayan model and looks very similar.  It’s almost too much the same, and that’s probably not by mistake.

Comparing specifications


And the Adventure’s specs seem to rack up nicely compared to Royal Enfield’s machine.  The Adventure has a 334 cc fuel-injected, single-cylinder powerplant.  It’s the same one found in Classic Legends’ Jawa Perak.  The engine puts out a claimed 30 hp (30.2 ps) and 22 lb-ft (29.9 nm) of torque.  Unfortunately, Yezdi’s website doesn’t say at what rpm the Adventure’s maximum torque is obtained.  Royal Enfield claims 24.3 hp and 23.6 lb-ft of torque for the Himalayan.  That gives the Adventure a leg up on the Himalayan in hp but slightly less torque.

adventure specs

Credit: Yezdi


Transferring the power to the rear wheel on the Adventure is a 6-speed, constant mesh gearbox.  The Himalayan appears to be the loser here with one less gear from its 5-speed transmission.


Both machines sport right way up telescopic forks with coil springs.  However, Yezdi doesn’t provide the stanchion diameter or the amount of available wheel travel on its website (at least not yet).  At the rear, both have monoshock suspensions.  But once again, Yezdi doesn’t provide any wheel travel figures.


In the braking department, both bikes use single discs at the front and the rear.  The Yezdi Adventure has a larger 320 mm front disc versus the Himalayan’s 300 mm unit.  Both use a 240 mm disc at the rear.

Adventure left

The left side of the Yezdi Adventure. Credit: Yezdi

Yezdi does not provide information about the brake calipers, but for comparison, the Himalayan has a two-piston front setup and a single pot set up in the rear.   Both machines come with ABS, but it’s not clear whether you can turn it off.


The Adventure and Himalayan have a similar-sized wheelset.  Both use a 90/90-21 inch front.  But at the rear, the Adventure has a 130/80-17 while the Himalayan runs a 120/90-17 setup.

Seat height

For the inseam challenged, the Adventure has a claimed seat height of about 32 inches (815 mm).  Royal Enfield’s Himalayan is not far from that figure, with a lower 31.5 inch (800 mm) claimed seat height.


Both machines can carry approximately four gallons of fuel to take you on those long missions.  Unfortunately, Yezdi hasn’t provided the bike’s fuel economy figures.  The Adventure does have a smaller displacement, so perhaps it has an edge in range?  We won’t know for sure until we get fuel economy figures.


It seems that the Adventure could be out on top in the weight department.  Not by a considerable margin, but enough to give it an edge.  Yezdi claims that the Adventure weighs in at 188 kg (414 pounds).  But, and it’s a big but, they don’t say whether that claimed weight is a wet weight or a dry weight.

Most manufacturers are quoting curb weights now (i.e., at least an 80 percent full tank of fuel and all operating fluids).  So for this very early and short on details comparison, we’re going to consider that the claimed 188 kg (414 pounds) is the curb weight.

Royal Enfield comes right out and says that the curb weight of the Himalayan is 439 pounds.  So if that’s the case, then the Yezdi Adventure is 25 pounds lighter than the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

However, if the Adventure’s claimed weight is dry weight, the weights of the two machines are almost identical, with the scales leaning in the favor of the Himalayan by 3 pounds.

As for the nice to have, but not necessary, the Adventure has a digital display while the Himalayan has a dash with a combination of analog and digital displays.  In addition, both have some sort of navigation assistance.  Finally, both can be outfitted with many accessories to suit your wants and needs.


Yezdi offers lots of customization for its Adventure. Credit: Yezdi


The Yezdi Adventure is priced at  ₹209,900, which equates to about $2,835.  Of course, if Yezdi brings the Adventure to North America, it will be priced higher.  For comparison, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is priced higher.  In India it starts at  ₹214,000 ($2,891).  In the USA, the Himalayan currently has a $5,299 MSRP.

When all is said and done, until more information emerges on the Adventure, the comparison between it and the Royal Enfield Himalayan requires some assumptions.  That’s too bad because the two machines seem so closely linked that it would be good to know both bikes’ complete specs for certain.

But there is one clear thing.  There’s now a new player in the adventure category for the Indian market, and it could be a significant contender to eat into Royal Enfield’s market share.  And one has to wonder if the Adventure is a success, will Yezdi look to sell the bike in other markets.

We’ll keep you updated as more information emerges.


Vezi sursa


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