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BMW Patenting Adjustable Width Motorcycle Seat



For long-distance riders, there’s a phenomenon called Monkey Butt.  The motorcycle’s seat is the primary contact patch between man and machine, and it can cause significant soreness and pain. However, even for shorter distances, some motorcycle saddles can have the rider squirming and standing to relieve the discomfort.

It seems there’s often a tradeoff to be made.  You may choose a wider seat to spread your weight and provide more comfort.  Or you may opt for a narrower seat for better body positioning and freedom of movement.  For this reason, touring bikes often have wider seats, while dual-sport/off-road bikes often have narrow seats.  That means that a rider may have to make a choice: trade-off a wider seat for comfort, or use a narrow seat for ease of movement on the machine.

adjustable seat

The seat pivots open to provide more support. Credit: BMW patent/USPTO

However, BMW Motorrad apparently thinks they may have a solution for this tradeoff.  They are patenting an adjustable seat that adjusts for width and height.  It’s a relatively simple adjusting mechanism, and you may wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner.

Split seat

The patent calls for it to be split into two pieces.  The front of each corner fits to a pivoting bolt.  Underneath are two sliding brackets, with a slot to permit the seat to move inward or outward.  As such, a rider can adjust it to be narrow for more technical sections.  And when the road gets smoother, and longer distances are necessary, the seat sections can pivot outward.  Once adjusted to a wider width, there is more support for the rider’s backside.


In this diagram, you can see the front corner pivots and the sliding trays under the seat. Credit: BMW patent/USPTO

The application doesn’t say what, if any, tools are necessary to adjust the width.  However, BMW would be foolish if significant time and effort were necessary to make adjustments.

In any event, it looks to be a new and interesting potential solution for riders that don’t generally need a long-distance “comfort” saddle but, at times, would like the extra support offered by a wider one.

You’ve got to hand BMW some credit on this one.  They are thinking outside of the box.  What do you think?  Would this kind of seat be of interest to you?  Let everyone know in the comments below.

Vezi sursa


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