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New models for 2022




Big news has been discovered by the guys at Motorrad.de, who stealthily sit outside the Mattighofen R&D department day after day, waiting for a glimpse of new bikes from the orange brand. They claim the Austrians are preparing a surprise for us all, news that will stir nostalgic longings for the old Dakar bikes.


Photo: Motorradonline.de

Somebody spotted a weird-looking Duke with similar fairings (except for what is probably a temporary headlight) and engine, which leads people to think that this may be the long-awaited 990 cc Duke that people have been waiting for—the old meeting the new. Or an evolved LC8, turned into a parallel twin.

Since the old 790 duke was able to deliver 105 hp and the 890 duke was already capable of 115 hp (121 hp for the R version), we should expect a boost in this area (135 hp?), but a minimal or no increase in weight (168 kg/376 lb).


Ph: Motorradonline.de

We are eager to finally compare the two engines, coming from almost 20 years of technological improvements—the old 990 LC8 versus the new 990 parallel twin.

KTM will surely attract a lot of attention once they are ready to present the upcoming adventure version of the 990, which we hope will pay homage to the old Dakar glory, ridden by legends like Meoni and Sala.


After the controversial yet moderate success of their first adventure bike, HD is introducing a new color (electric blue) in their product line and a new refined TFT display. Some users complained about the Hill Control time being too short, so the American manufacturer extended the default setting from 10 seconds to 36, which gives riders plenty of time to try to pick up their bikes after they drop it, or just to hold it in neutral at a red light until it’s time to go.


Photo: Harley-Davidson


The British brand presented its new top-of-the-line adventure bikes at EICMA this year (luckily they showed up). They are ready to distribute their new and improved 1200 cc machines, after the great success of the 900 cc models.


Photo: Triumph

Triumph is offering four different models of its flagship bike: the GT Pro and GT Explorer, designed for street riding (19″ front wheel) and the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, which are more off-roady (21″ front wheel).

Both Explorer models differ from the standard ones for their 30-liter fuel tank instead of the 20 L one.


Photo: Triumph

Although all these fancy names, GT, Pro, Explorer, Turbo, Rally, Ultra, and Super, are more intended to strike people from the marketing point of view, we are honestly impressed with the great work that Triumph has done in delivering a lighter and better looking machine, up to these high standards of technology that the top brands are offering nowadays.

I personally was waiting for radar or a more advanced cruise control feature for the GT versions, but I guess there’s time for that. For now the Tiger has only a blind spot radar mounted out back that alerts the rider of upcoming cars when changing lanes.

BMW and Triumph will have to keep up with Ducati and KTM if they want to compete in the same targeted market (though the new Tiger’s price is in range of the top brands).


Vezi sursa


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