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MotoGP Star Marc Márquez Is Back In The Saddle After Injury




Top-level motorcycle racers often cross-train by riding many types of motorcycles, especially dirt bikes. Sure, sure, it’s all about learning bike control and core strength, but it also looks like a whole lot of fun (not that rocketing around on exotic MotoGP bikes isn’t fun). But getting air on big-bore dirt bikes is also risky

Dirt bike crashes have interrupted the careers of several riders, including Valentino Rossi and more recently, Marc Márquez, who took a header in late October of 2021 while dirt riding and ended up with diplopia, otherwise known as double vision.

But it looks like the six-time MotoGP world champ is getting back into form, if this video of him getting his boogie on at a dirt track is any indication. Take a look:

“And here’s what Marc Márquez first day back on a bike in 2022 looked like,” Honda Racing says in the brief description of the 90-second video. In the video, The Guy Who Finally Beat Rossi (as a rookie!) back in 2013 and has since dominated MotoGP skillfully pilots a Honda CRF around a complex dirt track in Spain, with lots of power slides and air.

This is Márquez’ second round with an injury that causes double vision. A decade ago, before joining the premiere MotoGP class and while cleaning up in the 125 and Moto2 classes, he was sidelined for nearly half a year with diplopia following an on-track crash in a Moto2 practice session in Malaysia.

The most recent injury was apparently a re-injury of the same nerve he damaged in 2011. Back then, Márquez recovered and after a five month hiatus, returned to racing. He then went on to dominate MotoGP two years later, winning six of 13 races as a rookie in 2013 and then an incredible 13 out of 18 in 2014.

Máequez has raced for Honda his entire MotoGP career, piloting the ferocious V4-powered RC213V track machine to 59 total MotoGP wins. Will he come back to his winning ways from this latest setback? He’s older now, but clearly still highly capable, and younger riders like current champ Fabio Quartararo and aggressive riders like Maverick Viñales and Francesco Bagnaia will not make it easy on Márquez. We wish him well in his continuing recovery and hopeful return to racing this year. This first MotoGP contest of 2022 is March 6 at the Losail circuit.

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