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Long Distance Yamaha Tenere’ 700 Coming?



By now, you’ve probably heard that multiple outlets report that Yamaha is working on a long-distance Rally Raid version of its popular Teneré 700.  And if they are, it’s not such a big surprise.

At the 2021 EICMA show, the triple tuning fork company showed off a new concept Teneré 700 Rally Raid version.  They said it was intended to “study how to take the Ténéré 700 to the next level, and to revisit the legendary African desert-scapes where the original Ténéré was born over 40 years ago.”

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Raid

The Yamaha Teneré 700 Rally Raid Concept shown at EICMA. Credit: Yamaha

The concept machine included multiple “special” parts.  Among the new items: an Akrapovič race exhaust, a larger and potentially stronger 48 mm fully adjustable upside-down fork, upgraded rear suspension, higher spec brakes including dual 300 mm discs up front, and a single 267 mm disc at the rear and rally raid instrumentation.

But now, patent images are emerging that show a new Tenere 700, unlike either the EICMA Rally concept or the current production machine.  In fact, the patent drawings show a very different Teneré 700.  The illustrations are near photo quality, potentially hinting that the new Teneré is not very far from production.  Forget hand drawings of the machine; the patent images show detailed computer-generated images.

Yamaha Tenere 700

The right side of the Teneré 700 shown in the patent. Credit: Yamaha patent

The new drawings show a bike that is ready to take on long distances and still has some significant off-road capability.  Readily noticeable are the twin fuel tanks.  The concept version had two fuel tanks; one at the front and one at the rear.

However, while the patent drawings show two tanks, they are situated side-by-side at the front of the tank—think KTM 9×0 series motorcycles.  If the new bike does end up with twin tanks, Yamaha will have addressed the small 16-liter fuel capacity on the current bike.  More than one outlet suggests that the new tanks could hold 20 liters of fuel and provide a 250+ mile range, although that’s yet to be officially confirmed.

And the new tanks also seem to hold some fuel lower than the current tank.  The look is similar to KTM’s 790/890 adventure machines, but the tanks do not reach as low.  Still, they should help lower the bike’s center of gravity somewhat.

Yamaha Tenere 700

Twin fuel tank fillers caps at the front of the tank. Credit: Yamaha patent

To hold the additional fuel, something has to give and it seems it’s the motorcycle’s width.  The rear is still quite slim, but that new front does appear to take up significantly more real estate.  When you compare the current and the potential new machines from behind, the increased width of the new model is very apparent.  It almost looks like Honda’s Africa Twin Adventure Sports model from the rear.

Part of that additional width comes from what appears to be built-in “crash guards.” They project out from the side of the bike and have a reasonably integrated, relatively smooth look.  If they are not purely cosmetic, they might be able to protect some of the bike’s plastic in the event of a low-speed tip over.

Yamaha Tenere 700

Note the built-in bump guard that sticks out just beyond the body panel. Credit: Yamaha patent

They certainly don’t present that “cage of steel” surrounding the bike’s bodywork feel that the current factory crash bars have.  Whether you like that look or not is a personal choice.

The current Teneré’s LCD also looks to be getting an upgrade.  At its launch, the existing LCD already looked dated.  However, the new patent images show a smooth, portrait-oriented, touchscreen-looking display.  Whether it will be a touch screen or is simply a new TFT display isn’t known.  But in any event, it does look to be an upgrade.

Yamaha Tenere 700

You can see the smoother display on the bike on the right. Credit: Yamaha patent

The patent drawings also show a new longer two-piece seat.  It extends much further forward and onto the top of the tank.  Some suggest that it could offer more room for off-road riding positions.

The new version also gets more wind protection.  Two larger and wider wind deflectors surround the same headlight setup found on the current production version.  And, it looks to be getting a taller windshield.

There’s also a redesigned bash plate.  It’s bigger and potentially sturdier than the current production version.  But until the bike makes an appearance, how sturdy the design is, is anyone’s guess.

Yamaha Tenere 700

A taller windshield and a notable increase in the bike’s width. Credit: Yamaha patent

Missing from the drawings are the EICMA Raid model’s high-mounted front fender.  Instead, the patent application shows the standard lower version.  If it is the same front fender as the current model, it will have about an inch of adjustability built-in.  That said, it would be easy for Yamaha to offer a high mount fender as an accessory.

Although there are many changes, some parts of the bike remain unchanged from the production version.  It seems that the wheelset, exhaust, tires, and brakes are the same.  So Yamaha isn’t creating a whole new machine but venturing into a different area with a bike that could munch miles and retain some off-road chops.

As for the bike’s availability, more than one outlet says that Yamaha will reveal the production bike sometime in 2022.

Vezi sursa


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