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RISEMOUSSE’s B-SURE Mousse For Both On And Off-road Use



Tire mousses have been around for a long time, but not for the street.   However, RISEMOUSSE recently announced that they would offer a line of “B-SURE” mousses that can be used both on and off-road.

Heat has always been the issue for road-going mousses.  But now, RISEMOUSSE says they have found a solution and are offering several different mousses for street use.

B-SURE categories

Their new mousse is called B-SURE.  It comes in different categories depending on the bike and the tire’s expected uses.  The categories are as follows:

  • URBAN: for low and high wheel scooters
  • ADVENTURE: for road enduro bikes, on-off road, and Rally
  • CHOPPER: for custom motorcycles
  • TOURER: for Touring and Naked motorcycles
  • SPORTY: for sports bikes (no racing or track usage)

There is a significant selection of tire sizes to complement each of these categories of motorcycles.  (See the sizes at the end of this article).



Revolutionary concept

The B-SURE mousse uses what RISEMOUSSE says is a “revolutionary concept” that will allow riders to forget about punctures.  In the case of the B-SURE mousse, it’s a combination of air, the mousse itself, and electronics that allow a rider to continue riding after experiencing a puncture.

According to RISEMOUSSE’s website:

“B-SURE is the new safety system (with patent application filed) that, thanks to an electronic control integrated in its special mousse and the sophisticated MEPP (Memory Expanded Plastic Polymer) compound, manages to allow the rider to sustain a moderate pace for a certain number of kilometers without having to get off the motorcycle.”

In practice, the air and mousse support the tire.  So if a puncture occurs, the electronics will alert the rider of the puncture and according to RISEMOUSSE, the rider doesn’t have to immediately stop to make a repair.



“A sophisticated electronic control with backlit LEDs allows the rider to monitor in real time the pressure status of his tire by warning him in case of a puncture.  The special B-SURE mousse intervenes to the drop in tire pressure by supporting the motorcycle and motorcyclist, allowing him to have greater control and stability of the vehicle, reaching a safe place to carry out the repair in peace.”

How B-SURE works

Here’s how it all works: The B-SURE system uses a doughnut-shaped tire insert inside the tire.  However, it does not completely fill the space inside.  Instead, the B-SURE mousse fills the majority of the tire’s internal space but leaves a small area to be inflated.

Once inflated, the tire rides on the air cushion.  If a rider suffers a puncture while riding, the air may escape, but the mousse will provide enough support to the tire to continue riding.

The mousse also contains an electronic pressure sensor continuously monitoring the tire’s pressure.  In the event of a puncture, the electronic control sensor sends a signal to an included electronic module mounted to the bike.



“The Blackbox B-SURE acquires all the data sent by the B-SURE sensor stored in a special pocket of the high-temperature pre-melted mousse, which specifically acts as the “operating core” of the innovative RISEMOUSSE security system.”

“Thanks to the advances in technology in materials and the know-how of its research and development department, RISEMOUSSE, sensitive to the safety of the motorcyclist, has managed to eliminate the conditions of greatest danger for the motorcyclist: drilling and stopping along the side of the road!”

“With the B-Sure, thanks to an electronic control integrated into its special mousse and the MEPP (Memory Expanded Plastic Polymer) compound, you can continue to drive at a moderate pace for a few kilometres.”

“An LED allows real-time tire pressure control and warns in case of puncture.  When the pressure drops, the B-Sure mousse comes into action.  So it is possible to continue until you reach the nearest workshop.  A black box acquires all the data through a sensor housed in the mousse.”

Run flat capable

When all is said and done, the B-SURE mousse acts like a “run-flat” tire that will allow you to limp to a safe area where repairs can be made.  Unfortunately, RISEMOUSSE’s website does not say how long or fast you can ride on a punctured tire.


The B-SURE control panel notifies the rider of the tire’s status.

It’s not clear where the RISEMOUSSE B-SURE system will be available.  Although it was introduced at this year’s EICMA, nothing on RISEMOUSSE’s website says where the system will be offered.

Considering their website has an English-speaking version, it will at least be available in parts of Europe.  However, we’ll have to wait and see whether the system makes it to North American shores.

The RISEMOUSSE B-SURE system will be available in “Spring 2022.” The retail price for the URBAN range will be from €60 ($68) to €110 ($125), while the ADVENTURE range is priced at €150 ($170) to €180 ($204).



The size range for the URBAN family will be as follows:

3.00-10, 3.50-10, 120/70-12, 130/70-12, 100/80-16,120/80-16,110/70-16, 130/70-16, 150/70-13, 120/80-14, 150/70-14, 120/70-15, 160/60-15, 80/80-16, 90/80-16.

The size range for ADVENTURE will be as follows:

110/80-19, 120/70-19, 150/70-17, 170/60-17, 150/70-18, 90/90-21.

Sizing for the “chopper”, “tourer”, and “sporty” categories was not announced.

Vezi sursa


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