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Africa ECO Race postponed until October




The 2022 Africa Eco Race has been postponed, and will not run until much later this year, in October.

The Africa Eco Race is a rally raid event that’s very much in the spirit of past Dakar races, particularly as it actually ends in Dakar, Senegal. It comes with motorcycle, SxS, car and truck categories, and runs from Morocco to Senegal along the same general routes that the old pre-South America Dakar Rally took. In recent years, it’s become increasingly more high-profile as more well-known adventurers tackle the challenge. In 2020, Lyndon Poskitt ran a team in the event, with the action posted to his Team Races 2 Places YouTube series.

That got a lot more riders interested in the event, but alas, the early months of the coronavirus pandemic saw the 2021 race canceled. At that point, riders were told to plan for a return in 2022. As time went by, the planned event for 2022 actually sounded like we’d see a better race, with the action taking place in March. That meant riders could finish the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia and then challenge the Eco race, something that wasn’t possible in years past, as the dates overlapped with the Dakar Rally.

Unfortunately, the 2022 Africa Eco Race has also been affected by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions (particularly in France and Morocco), although it is not canceled at this point. The organizers have listed new race dates of October 18-30, 2022; the route is still expected to be Monaco-Dakar, crossing the Mediterranean at Morocco.

Of course, the plan may change again. Note that the new October 18-30 dates will put Eco after the end of the FIM’s Morocco Rally, so it’s possible we’ll see some racers tackle the Eco Race after the Cross Country Rallies season winds down. It would be the perfect shakedown test for the Dakar Rally, although pro teams may not be interested in risking injury that close to the start of the Saudi Arabian race.

For ongoing deets, keep an eye on the Africa Eco Race website.

Vezi sursa


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