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Heidenau Announces K60 Ranger Tire




Heidenau has updated one of its best-known ADV tires, the K60 Ranger.  Long known for high mileage and stiff sidewalls, the Ranger features a new tread pattern, a new mix of rubber compounds, and a revised carcass.

Heidenau says that the Ranger’s open tread profile provides “impressive” traction and “outstanding” self-cleaning on loose surfaces.  Looking at the tread pattern, you can immediately see more open areas between blocks than the K60 Scout.  In addition, the German tire manufacturer says that the Ranger’s contour provides “A+” off-road handling.

They also add that the alternating profile elements at the tire’s edge ensure better power transmission.  Heidenau claims it offers “enhanced climbing ability for riding in ruts and on single track terrain.”

Also changed are the tire’s sidewalls which Heidenau says provide a “long-lasting, stable driving behavior independent of surface conditions.”  In other words, the sidewalls have been changed to optimize riding on different road surfaces.

Perhaps most importantly, Heidenau says that the Ranger’s rubber compound is new.  The K60 Scout tires have a well-earned reputation for exceptionally long mileage.  That’s awesome.  However, some people have said that the Scouts provide less than excellent traction on wet pavement.

It seems that Heidenau is addressing this concern with a change of the Ranger’s rubber compound and the tire’s carcass.  They now claim that the Ranger tires have a “high level of tread stability off-road and excellent grip on wet asphalt due to a mix of new compound and carcass.”

Good wet paved road traction is important to get you from one off-road point to another. If Heidenau can retain its amazing tire tread longevity while upping its wet road adhesion, it may have another winner on its hands.


Vezi sursa


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