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Kawasaki Backed Bimota Teases… Something?




Bimota is known for cutting-edge styling and some pretty exotic mechanicals and designs.  The Bimota Tesi’s front suspension and its ill-fated direct-injection V-Due quickly come to mind.

But now, Bimota has the backing of Kawasaki.  And it’s positioning itself to leave boutique motorcycle company status and join other “major” ones.  Kawasaki’s money and experience are lifting the firm and enabling it to return to its former bleeding-edge glory.

Now, using its Bimota_Official Instagram account, the company is teasing that it is hard at work at …  something.  What that something is is anyone’s guess.

The post shows a picture of what looks like some sort of linkage.  Interestingly, the photo is a very Matrix-looking green color.  Perhaps this is Kawasaki’s way of letting the public know that it has a significant role in Bimota’s return.

Whatever the “linkage” really is, or whether it is really part of a motorcycle assembly, Bimota is announcing that it is still alive and probably better off than when it was in its heyday.

And although their Instagram post is clearly a teaser, it is eye-catching.  Generally, I’m not too fond of teasers, but I must admit that seeing a closeup of something mechanical instead of a glimpse of a motorcycle body part is more intriguing; especially when it’s coming from a manufacturer like Bimota, who often come up with novel approaches to everyday things.

They’ve got me wondering what they have up their sleeves.  Does it do the same to you?  Or do they make you yearn for the days of big reveals at motorcycle shows like EICMA without the additional “drama?”  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Vezi sursa


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