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New Quad Lock PRO Range Released



Quad Lock phone mounts continue to gain momentum in the motorcycling world, especially after Apple announced that vibration could damage its phones.

The company already offers an optional vibration dampener that it claims helps protect your phone’s camera; it’s supposed to block out 90 percent of high-frequency vibration produced by motorcycles.

Still, some off-road riding motorcyclists have concerns about the materials used to make the Quad Lock mount.  The original Quad Lock is made from nylon.  However, some off-road riders prefer that their phone/GPS mounts be made of metal materials.  The concern is that nylon might be more likely to break or snap off in technical terrain or after a fall.

Quad Lock PRO™

Quad Lock PRO handlebar mount. Credit: Quad Lock

Quad Lock now seems to be addressing this concern with its new Quad Lock PRO mounts.  The two new mounts differ on where they attach to your bike.  One connects to your handlebar, while the other mounts to your fork stem.

Both feature anodized CNC aluminum construction with black stainless steel hardware and a new black lever.  Quad Lock says both designs fit a variety of bike models.  While the mount’s material is new, it still features the same patented dual-stage locking system.

Both mounts are compatible with existing Quad Lock products, including its vibration dampener, weatherproof wireless charging head, Quad Lock 360, and motorcycle USB charger.

You can purchase the Quad Lock PR mount as a part of a kit or individually to add to an existing Quad Lock setup.  Quad Lock PRO™ pricing starts at $69.95, with system pricing varying depending on optional accessories.

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