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Lifan KPV150 ADV: A Chinese scooter made for adventure




Where Honda blazes the trail, the rest of the Asian scooter market usually follows. So, after Honda’s successful ADV150 “adventure scooter” hit the market, we now see other manufacturers copying that general idea. That’s how we get the new Lifan KPV150 ADV.

The idea of an “ADV scooter” sounds a bit silly, perhaps, but there’s a huge market for this idea in Asia. There, scooters are used as all-round transportation, on any surface, including jungle tracks and dirt roads everywhere. Riders don’t need a 21-inch front wheel and 100+ horsepower, but they do want to be able to handle a bumpy road without the dozen eggs in their top trunk being rattled to bits.

Plus, everyone knows that ADV machines look cool, and that always helps sales, right? European riders dig the adventure-step-through look as well, and this scoot is a natural choice for the EU market. Maybe for North America, maybe not, as riders here have always eschewed scooters.

With the Lifan KPV150, we see a machine with monoshock and USD front forks. Maybe they aren’t high-end suspension, but again, at least this setup will look flashy. That suspension is new for 2022, and so is the rear rack system.

The new scoot has 14-inch cast wheels, made to look like sort of like proper spoked dual sport wheels. They come with knobbly dual sport tires, and ground clearance is 180 mm. There’s an LCD gauge (it keeps costs down) and LED headlights. The liquid-cooled 150 cc single-cylinder engine is supposed to make about 12hp, and even comes with a start/stop function that cuts the engine at stoplights, to save gasoline. Speaking of which, fuel capacity is 11 liters, and if this scooter is as fuel-efficient as we’d expect, that’s plenty of range on-board.

Lifan also put a USB port and 12V charging socket on this scoot, to keep your mobile phone topped up. In other words, it’s got all the bases covered, and at a price of 15,280 yuan in China, (around $2,400 US), it’s affordable for a lot more riders than a full-sized ADV. Don’t be surprised if this scooter is a hit in that market as a result.

Vezi sursa


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