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Baja w/ Stephen Kenn

Bike Love


Stephen Kenn is an incredible furniture designer and a close friend of Wilderness. He joined us on a recent surf trip to Baja and here is some of his favorite moments from south of the border:

The first time we got stuck on the beach and a guy came to help us. As he leaned over to help dig out the van I caught glimpse of his little hip pistol. Such a strange thing to see at first but in the context of Baja its par for the course. IMG_2896 ‘

Mr. Dubbeldam… We can be lost, without waves, out of food or stuck in the sand and yet his attitude is always positive and finding a solution is the first thing on his mind. I’ve heard it said that adventure is an unfortunate situation rightly considered. Steve is always on an adventure.


Digging out the van….again.


After about an hour of digging out the wheels and clearing a path we decided that we might only get one shot to push the van loose and up the hill so we took out all the coolers and anything that added weight. Dragging everything back to the, now free can was less of work and more of a victory dance.


I volunteered to walk into town to look for help when we were stuck… My Spanish in No Bueno so I used google translate just in case 😉


The conversation seems to lean towards honesty and vulnerability when sitting on mobile chairs around a campfire. Doesn’t matter the time of day…There is something oddly magical about that setting.IMG_2958

Camped next to a pretty scary cliff. Worth it.

IMG_2974 IMG_2975

Nathanael Balon was our chef for the weekend and absolutely killed it.


Overall it was an incredible trip. Get outside this weekend!

Here’s more proof Stephen is excellent at what he does: http://www.processcreative.tv/work/victorinox/

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