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Dementor îţi oferă un discount de 20% la orice produs KTM achiziţionat până pe 5 mai

Pentru a putea beneficia de promoţia Dementor şi cei care nu au ajuns în weekend la Salonul de Motociclete Accesorii şi Echipamente Bucureşti, am extins oferta de început de sezon până pe 5 mai. La orice produs KTM achiziţionat, fie că este vorba de motociclete, ATV, Powerparts sau Powerwear beneficiaţi de un discount de 20%.

Promoţia începutului de sezon intră în programul prin care Dementor şi-a propus să sprijine piaţa moto, program din care mai fac parte şi alte două campanii destinate modelelor de stradă.

Astfel, dacă vă doriţi o motocicletă extrem de manevrabilă în traficul urban, dar care să se preteze şi la deplasări ceva mai lungi, puteţi opta pentru un supermoto. Oferta specială dedicată acestei categorii include modele precum: KTM 690 SM, KTM 690 SMR sau KTM 950 SMR, iar preţurile variază între 4.890 şi 6.490 euro fără TVA.

KTM 530 EXC, motocicleta de enduro care poate fi transformată foarte uşor într-un supermoto şi astfel aveţi două motociclete într-una singură, este disponibilă la 5.700 euro fără TVA. În acest preţ intră şi setul de roţi necesar pentru transformarea din enduro în supermoto.

Iar KTM RC8, Superbike-ul din familia orange, este disponibil la 8.890 euro + TVA, în timp ce street fighterul KTM 990 Super Duke poate fi achiziţionat cu 7.500 euro + TVA. Atât oferta în care intră motocicletele supermoto şi KTM 530 EXC cât şi cea în care sunt incluse KTM RC8 şi KTM 990 Super Duke sunt valabile în limita stocului disponibil (discountul de 20% nu se aplică şi acestor modele, ele beneficiind deja de un discount de aproximativ 30%).


Dementor KTM vă aşteaptă în Bucureşti, Şoseaua Pipera nr. 48, iar în weekend vă invită la a patra etapă a Campionatului Est European de Motocross, eveniment găzduit de circuitul de la Ciolpani.



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    • De Dementor
      Interview of the Month: Pol and Bradley’s favorites
      There are plenty of just a bit too serious interviews on our MotoGPTM heroes, so instead we thought we’d keep it nice and casual. We met up with Pol Espargaró and Bradley Smith in the Red Bull Hospitality to do a little quiz. The KTM duo had to guess each other’s favorites, and for every right answer they scored a point. Let’s see who came out on top!
      Pol: “Ah, I’m already pretty sure Bradley’s going to be so much better at this than me.”
      Bradley: “He doesn’t even know who his own favorites are. That’s Pol’s problem. Right, let’s do this. I’m ready!”
      Pol: “Me too!”
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite MotoGPTM Legend?
      Pol: “Yes, I know this one! That has to be Randy Mamola. He helped Bradley out during his career and was inducted to the Legends Club at the Austin Grand Prix of this year. That’s a point for me; I’m sure!”
      Bradley: “He’s right. I have no clue as to who would be Pol’s favorite MotoGPTM Legend, but I do remember a rider that used to mean a lot to him. That’s Alex Barros.”
      Pol: “Yes, that’s a point for Brad.”
      Bradley: “Though Alex isn’t officially a Legend, right?”
      Pol: “He isn’t? Well, he sure should be.”
      Bradley: “You know what? We are now making him a Legend here on the spot.”
      Pol: “I totally agree. Alex helped me so much when I was only just starting out in racing, back when I raced in the Catalan championship. I was managed by a guy that knew Alex and he set up a meeting with him. He was so kind and he let me into his motorhome. As a little kid that meant so much. I really enjoyed him helping me back then.”
      Bradley: “That was back when television was still in black and white, right?”
      Pol vs Bradley: 1:1
      Favorite holiday destination?
      Bradley: “That’s an easy one. Pol’s is Australia. Surfing and the beach are the only things you could wake Pol up early for. Well, that and riding a MotoGPTM bike, obviously. He’ll wake up for that, too.”
      Pol: “That was a bit too easy. I don’t have a clue what Bradley’s favorite holiday destination is. Malaysia maybe, with extreme temperatures and the horrid humidity. He’d love that; he has to.”
      Bradley: “Hahaha … Yeah, just about right! No, I really enjoy going to America; California above all. I really like San Diego. Bit of motocross, pushbike rides, and the beach. That’s the good life.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 1:2
      Favorite racetrack?
      Bradley: “Easy again. That is Phillip Island. Australia and that track are at the top of his list, I’m absolutely sure.”
      Pol: “Oh, come one! This isn’t fair. Anyway, I guess Bradley’s would be Silverstone. Sole reason to go with that is because it’s his home track, because I really wouldn’t know …”
      Bradley: “It’s Mugello, though.”
      Pol: “Right, I should have known that. Another point for Brad.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 1:3
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite movie?
      Pol: “Bradley’s? That’s a given! Has to be Dirty Dancing, both part 1 and part 2.”
      Bradley: “Pol is amazing, isn’t he? Guessing Pol’s favorite movie would be My Little Pony then. It just has to be.”
      Pol: “Who told you that?”
      Obviously neither Pol nor Bradley will be getting any point for this. The score remains 1-3.
      Favorite beverage?
      Bradley: “Red Bull.”
      Pol: “It’s incredible; how do you know all this? But then Red Bull has to be your favorite, right? High five, man! We’re really good at this. But, do you know my favorite flavor too?”
      Bradley: “Err, dunno. Sugar free perhaps?”
      Pol: “No way. That has to be your favorite, since you’re constantly working on your diet. It’s Silver; the lime flavored one.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 2:4
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite current MotoGPTM rider?
      Bradley: “I’d have to go with his brother Aleix. It might not be his absolute favorite, but he just has to say he is. It’s still family, right?”
      Pol: “Yes, Bradley nailed it. If it wasn’t for Aleix I would have probably said Dovizioso. Good guy all round and a fast rider too. Really nice guy, but of course my first pick would be my brother.”
      Bradley: “Pol, it’s 5-2 for me now. You are going to have to start picking up the slack. Just adding a bit of pressure for you.”
      Pol: “Well, another tough one. Cal Crutchlow, maybe?”
      Bradley: “Nope.”
      Pol: “It isn’t? Scheisse! [Shit!]”
      Bradley: “I’ll give you another shot. Don’t think you’ll get it anyways.”
      Pol: “Okay, so it’s someone I wouldn’t think of right away … Karel Abraham then!”
      Bradley: “Wrong! It’s Danilo Petrucci. Main reason is how he made it to MotoGPTM. He got so much stick when he rode the CRT bike. But every chance he got, he took. He just keeps making strides and now he’s managed to put his signature under a works contract. At this point in his career, that deserves respect.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 2:5
      Favorite car?
      Bradley: “Pol came in his dream car, so that’s a Lamborghini. Just no clue on what type it is. What was that again?”
      Pol: “Yes, he’s right. It’s a Huracán. I know Bradley doesn’t feel much for supercars, so that isn’t worth going into. I expect he would like a nice van; something his dirtbike would fit into. He could even live and sleep in there, that’s the sort of answer I’m expecting.”
      Bradley: “That’s not a bad idea, but to be fair, my dream car is a Rolls-Royce.”
      Pol: “Of course, I like those too.”
      Bradley: “To put it simply; I have two sides. I’m from Oxford, so I’m expected to be the gentleman. A bit posh. That’s why I like Rolls-Royces. My grandfather has one; a 1996 or 1997 model. His car still looks amazing. But yeah, then I’m also a gipsy, so living out of a van is something I’d enjoy too. So, Pol’s answer was actually half good. Can we award half points?”
      Pol vs Bradley: 2.5:6
      Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite animal?
      Bradley: “I know that one too! A kangaroo.”
      Pol: “Here we go again! Everything comes down to my love for Australia.”
      Bradley: “Don’t get me wrong, but we’ve been teammates for … wow, a long time. Since 2014, I guess? You get to know a person, you know.”
      Pol: “But then tell me, how come you seem to know me a lot better than I know you? You’ve never told me about your favorite animal.”
      Bradley: “I don’t talk about my personal life that much, actually.”
      Pol: “Do you even like animals at all? I don’t even know that. I’m going with a rabbit; shot in the dark.”
      Bradley: “Nope, it’s a crocodile.”
      Pol: “How was I supposed to know that? You like crocodiles; that’s crazy!”
      Pol vs Bradley: 2.5:7
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite sport? Amendment: no other forms of motorsport allowed.
      Pol: “If that’s the case, it has to be cycling for Bradley.”
      Bradley: “That’s right. For Pol I’d go with ski touring, like hiking in the mountains but on skis. He lives in Andorra, and I know he goes into the mountains there a lot during winter.”
      Pol: “I’ll let him have half a point, because I really do like surfing too. The other sport, I think, is officially called Skimo.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 3.5:7.5
      Favorite food?
      Bradley: “I’d go with pan con tomate, a typical Catalan thing.”
      Pol: “Good again. I really love that. Basically, just toast you rub tomato into. Bit of oil and some cured ham to go with it. I think Bradley would go with something like a nice and big hamburger maybe? That’s what I’d pick for him if we’d be in a restaurant.”
      Bradley: “It’s a typical British roast dinner. We usually eat that on a Sunday and it’s actually pretty quaint. Meat, potatoes, and greens. No points for Pol.”
      Pol: “Seriously? I’m getting owned here!”
      Pol vs Bradley: 3.5:8.5
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite motocross rider?
      Bradley: “Oh my god … Best guess? Vico [former Spanish MX rider].”
      Pol: “No, mine is Jorge Prado. He’s young, he’s talented, and he’s always smiling. Good kid and a Spaniard of course. Another bonus; he’s a KTM rider too. Bradley’s favorite is … “
      Bradley: “We have the same complexion.”
      Pol: “I know, I know. The American, right? Didn’t he race for Kawasaki?”
      Bradley: “And Suzuki, and Honda too. Raced the number 4.”
      Pol: “I just can’t come up with the name!”
      Bradley: “It starts with Car …”
      Pol: “Carmichael, yes.”
      Bradley: “Okay, we’ll let Pol have half a point.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 4:8.5
      Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite music?
      Bradley: “Pol would go with Reggaeton, I guess.”
      Pol: “No way, come one. You would like Ed Sheeran. He’s English too, right?”
      Bradley: “But then everyone likes Ed Sheeran.”
      Pol: “And he’s orange like you too. Aren’t the two of you related?”
      Bradley: “Sort of, but I’m a lousy singer. Not too many ginger guys make it, so we have to stick up for each other. Brothers for life.”
      Pol: “Let’s just agree neither of us get a point here.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 4:8.5
      Favorite corner?
      Pol: “Bradley would like a hard and very technical corner, lacking any form of grip. That’s where he shines; that’s the sort of corner he likes most.”
      Bradley: “The corner everyone hates, I love. Completely counterintuitive. Take a rainy day at Misano, turn 1. That would probably be it for me.”
      Pol: “It would be impossible to guess my favorite; I don’t even know what my favorite corner is!”
      Bradley: “I really like nicely cambered corners, but those are becoming rare. Assen’s Stekkenwal is one.”
      Pol: “Loads of grip, too. That’s one amazing corner, indeed.”
      Bradley: “And the final turn at Phillip Island is the same. You turn in, the bike slightly floating, only to pick up the grip again really fast. That sensation is awesome.”
      Pol: “We didn’t really score any points here, did we? But we both did have nice answers. What would you say if we both get a point, for the effort.”

      The judges aren’t particularly harsh today. A mark on both scorecards. Pol vs Bradley: 5:9.5
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) KTM RC16 Assen (NED) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite fruit?
      Pol: “I go for grapes, he eats a lot of them.”
      Bradley: “I do, actually. And Pol’s favorite fruit? Let me think.”
      Pol: “Don’t you dare say bananas! That would be too easy of a joke to make.”
      Bradley: “No, I think he probably really likes durian.”
      Pol: “Oh no, that’s that weird Malaysian fruit, right? Those things smell so bad.”
      Bradley: “The smell is horrendous, I know. But they really don’t taste too bad.”
      Pol: “Yeah, it’s really bad. So bad even, you’re not allowed to bring durians to your hotel.”
      Bradley: “Yes, and Pol loves them.”
      Pol: “No, I really don’t! I can’t come up with what they call my favorite fruit in English. [Pol gets up and gets a piece of fruit from the bowl in the Red Bull Hospitality]. This, what do you call that? A plum? Yeah, that’s right! I like those.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 6:9.5
      Favorite street bike?
      Bradley: “That’s the Husqvarna Vitte … something Pilen.”
      Pol: “It’s the new Husky, but I’ll go with the Svartpilen. That bike looks so cool. I don’t have one yet, but I’m waiting for it now.”
      Bradley: “Hahaha, That’s right. I remember Pol at last year’s EICMA in Italy. He just had to have one. Of course, he’s still hoping they’ll give him one.”
      Pol: “For Bradley it has to be an enduro bike of some sorts. Something like those new KTM 300cc 2-strokes.”
      Bradley: “If we’re sticking to KTM built bikes, that would be the one, yes. But I’d really love me something like a café racer. KTM just doesn’t build bikes like that. The other day I saw a promo on Max Verstappen’s new bike. That thing is incredible. I think that would be my dream bike right now. It’s completely different from anything that’s come before it. You know what, I’ll let Max pay for it and then borrow it off him every once in a while.”
      Pol: “Yeah, you show him how to ride it.”
      Bradley: “I will!”
      Pol vs Bradley: 7:10.5
      Bradley Smith (GBR) KTM RC16 Assen (NED) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      Favorite Marvel or DC character?
      Bradley: “What’s Marvel or DC?”
      Pol: “Come on, Brad. You know this!”
      Bradley: “Is that with all those Spider Man kind of characters?”
      Pol: “Yeah, those popular superhero movies.”
      Bradley: “If that’s the case I know Pol’s favorite. Has to be Wonder Woman.”
      Pol: “Bradley would pick the green one, that ugly guy. The Hulk, that’s right. But Bradley is right about Wonder Woman. I really like her.”
      Bradley: “She is beautiful, isn’t she? Isn’t the actrice French? I’m pretty sure she is. I’d want her to be French. She could talk French to me all day long, even though I wouldn’t be able to understand a single word she’d say.”
      Pol vs Bradley: 7:11.5
      Favorite MotoGPTM battle?
      Pol: “Am I even in with a shout of winning this anymore? Anyway, I have no clue. I don’t even know that for myself, my favorite MotoGPTM battle …”
      Bradley: “If I remember correctly it was Assen 2015. It was a scrap for P5, so no-one saw the battle on TV, but to me it was the most epic battle ever. We were both in the group.”
      Pol: “I remember that. That was a really good fight. I also remember having terrible arm pump. I just kept throwing the bike into the corner like a madman, blocking the rest, basically turning myself into some sort of riding chicane. In the end I did manage to come out on top, but the arm pump really didn’t make it any easier.”
      Okay, points for you both. That makes the score 8-12.5, with Bradley leading the way. Last question is a bonus. There are two points up for grabs for both of you.
      Pol: “I’ve lost already, right? But I’m going to defend my honor by getting this right. Should make the loss feel less painful.”
      Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
      His favorite model?
      Pol: “Model??? I’m going to go with Axel Pons; he’s a model now. What are you laughing about, Brad? He really is a model; I’m not kidding. Come on, tell me! Am I right? I’m not entirely certain it’s right …”
      Bradley: “You’re only saying this because it’s the only model you know.”
      Pol: “That’s about right.”
      Bradley: “Let’s be honest, most pictures of models are photo shopped beyond recognition. So, I’m just going to go with Wonder Woman again.”
      Pol: “Brad’s right. Let’s just both go with Wonder Woman.”

      That round changing nothing for the final score – Pol vs Bradley: 8:12.5
      Bradley: “Oh yeah, I’ll have that! It’s one of the few times I’ve managed to finish ahead of Pol over the last two years. This is my moment of glory … yeah!”
      Pol: “But if we turn the page, I win. But okay, I’m content with this. In the end I came out second overall and that’s a podium finish regardless. I’m kind of proud of that.”
      Photos: Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem
    • De Dementor
      Red Bull, KTM & MotoGP™: All in the ‘house’
      Posted in Lifestyle, Racing We visit Red Bull’s vast Holzhaus in the MotoGPTM paddock and find out about the company’s aims and desires inside MotoGPTM …
      Red Bull emerged in MotoGPTM through Yamaha, several key athletes, an association with HRC, event sponsorship, Rookies Cups and finally emphatic presence in every Grand Prix class with Red Bull KTM. Today the Red Bull Energy Station ‘Holzhaus’ stands both as a subtle but monolithic presence in the MotoGPTM paddock and reflects the ambition and vision of both the company and KTM’s hunger for racing prestige.
      Red Bull Energy Station © Andreas Aufschnaiter/Red Bull Content Pool
      Walking into the Holzhaus is a little like entering the spacious and airy confines of a hotel. The wooded interior with strategically placed monitors, fridges and seating becomes more casual and less functional (but somehow also more exclusive) the further you rise through the three floors. A vast coffee bar greets the visitor once through the doors and past the showbike KTM.
      The 16 trucks needed to ship the 788m2 Holzhaus first rolled into the paddock in 2017. The catering/entertainment/business facility quickly became a reference for how Red Bull had grown into the sport. “We’ve come a long way in MotoGPTM and I think the series has been rising year after year in terms of relevance and perception by the public and as a brand we want to be involved in the top motorsports categories,” commented a senior Red Bull spokesperson during our visit and tour. “It is a no-brainer to be involved here. We really like this environment and it is accessible for us and enjoyable to work in as a brand, and for this reason the size of our presence in this paddock has been significantly growing.”
      Red Bull Energy Station © Andreas Aufschnaiter/Red Bull Content Pool
      Red Bull’s early biking roots were stamped hard in 2007 with the creation of the Rookies Cup; a filtering competition to Grand Prix that has already produced star talent like Johann Zarco, to name one athlete among many. The contest was backed by KTM and the Austrian link spread to Moto3 (the first title was won in 2012) and then Moto2 before completing the circle in 2017 with the KTM RC16 baptizing KTM’s intent on the premier class.
      The Holzhaus is the home for this ranging alliance. “For KTM and Red Bull in the paddock this is the central hub and from 2018 we are bringing all of our entities inside,” comments our guide. “It is a great way to give our friends and partners an experience of our engagement in MotoGPTM. This space speaks for us.”
      More than twenty staff appear to be permanently busy while guests eat and drink only meters away from mechanics, TV pundits and Grand Prix riders. Red Bull opened a lot of eyes in 2017 when the hospitality unit that is almost at F1 level (“I think the Formula One station is even a bit bigger but F1 teams are a bit bigger than MotoGPTM teams. I think this is two-thirds of the size.”) and requires three days to build and two to dismantle what was first erected. But it has expanded in terms of scale since. “Mainly because of the Rookies Cup,” we are told. “We used to have a second facility for them but as a matter of efficiency we brought them in here. When you consider we are feeding between 4-500 people each mealtime in different stages then it gives you an idea for the size of the operation and also puts it into perspective because it is a big building but when you consider the amount of people then it serves a good purpose.”
      Red Bull Energy Station © Andreas Aufschnaiter/Red Bull Content Pool
      We’re served a coffee and shown the rooftop terrace that again gives the Holzhaus that spotless and desirable ‘hotel’ feeling. There is a hint of luxury, the feeling of canteen downstairs and the sense that this is a sizeable pocket away from the oil, noise and engineering of the race bikes. Our hosts are quick to stress the versatility of the location. “I think you can see from the style and the layout that it is a multi-functional place for us in the paddock. We’ve hosted presentations, a team launch and more events in conjunction with [MotoGPTM rights holders] Dorna. There are many ways we can use it and KTM run media debriefs and we have big screens and multimedia. Our staff is also used to quickly changing the configuration as well.”
      Red Bull Energy Station © Andreas Aufschnaiter/Red Bull Content Pool
      Rumors circulated in the paddock of the millions needed to create and run the Holzhaus. It was therefore irresistible (if predictably futile!) to ask about a ballpark figure to make it all happen. “It is an investment!” is as close as we get. “Purely through the sheer size of it but also the quality we are trying to bring. What is important is that our product – the Red Bull energy drink – is something we use a lot on the premises and is part of the gastronomy occasions; and this is a gastronomy outlet and a pretty nice looking one! We try to make our products fit here; we are a premium product so we try to make the surroundings fit as well in a similar style and manner, that’s why we pay a lot of attention to the details and the setup.”
      Hiking the Holzhaus to at least ten of the nineteen MotoGPTM events in 2018 is no easy (or cheap) task. Is there a risk that it might not pay off in the short term? We’re met with a serious look. “Of course, if you build a facility like this then it is not just for one year so the plan is to use it for many years,” we’re informed. “For us it has been made as the home for Red Bull KTM but also for Red Bull and our guests. We are planning for the long-term and also developing it year-after-year. We are trying to maximize the facility and the space we get in the paddock from IRTA.” Wow, it might get even larger then. It already has a detachable terrace in some of the larger circuit areas.
      Red Bull KTM MotoGP Team Barcelona (ESP) 2018 © Markus Berger
      Importantly for bike racing the unit is a symbol for how a major lifestyle company wants to continue to support and back the sport. The Holzhaus might not appear in other motorcycle paddocks but it’s a statement for how Red Bull view two-wheeled competition across the board and for their synergy with KTM. “MotoGPTM has been expanding quite a lot in terms of viewership over the last few years. Motocross and Supercross in the States as well are both healthy sports. We are present in all the key motorcycling categories like MXGP with Red Bull KTM, Rally and Supercross. We try to find the strategy to be competitive in those series, especially because our competitors are very involved, particularly with the offroad side and they are very active with series sponsorships. So, we try to find our positions there and the relationship with KTM helps a lot and we have been winning many championships over the years.”
      As we descend the stairs and given a friendly farewell it’s not difficult to understand just how and why Red Bull KTM are rapidly progressing to the front of the Grand Prix grids.
      Photos: Andreas Aufschnaiter/Red Bull Content Pool | Markus Berger
    • De Dementor
      Chris Birch: 5 things I love about the KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R
      Enduro legend, riding coach and now KTM ADVENTURE ambassador, Chris Birch’s daily steed of choice is the KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R. Riding it constantly since its 2017 launch, the New Zealand resident spent 6000 offroad km last month so we quizzed him for his five favorite features on the most enduro of travel enduros.
      Chris Birch (NZL) © A. Barbanti
      Chris Birch is arguably the man responsible for showing the world the extreme possibilities and agility of the multi-cylinder KTM ADVENTUREs. He’s ridden them all; from 950 to 1290 and everything in between (including the upcoming KTM 790 ADVENTURE R) but his favorite of all time is the KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R.
      Last month, Chris clocked up an astonishing 6000 offroad riding kilometers on this bike, coaching schools all over the world, attending KTM ADVENTURE RALLIES in Australia, Sardinia and the United Kingdom and shooting this incredible Coastal Adventure video in his homeland of New Zealand.
      [embedded content]
      He’s also competed on the bike in the 2017 Hellas Rally; a seven-day navigation rally in Greece in which he cruised to the M5 (adventure bike) class victory and finishing an amazing sixth overall against more than 150 racers, competing mainly on 450 Rally machines.
      Having just added Wales to the list of countries he’s ridden the KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R in, alongside Peru, Italy, Ecuador, Panama, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, USA, Australia, Uruguay, Greece, and England, we sat down with Chris at the Sweetlamb complex at the KTM UK ADVENTURE RALLY and asked him for his five favorite features on the 1050cc orange-framed machine.
      From 1190 to 1090 …
      “Going from the 1190 R to the 1090 R, the latter was everything that I had needed to modify my 1190 R to be,” Chris tells us. “It was like KTM R&D listened to my every wish! Before I’d needed to change the wheels to stronger ones because I’d damage them, and the suspension was also improved, close to how I modify mine.”
      “With the stock bike now, all I do is add some flatter EXC bars to suit my standing position as I’m tall, I also use a clutch lever off a KTM 200 EXC as it is a bit shorter, fit some Mitas tires and re-valve the forks to make them firmer on their initial movement. The final thing is to drop it down a tooth on the front sprocket, which makes it really easy in the tight offroad sections and helps save my license on the road as the top speed is reduced!”
      Chris Birch (NZL) © C. Wood
      1. The engine
      “The first thing when you have to talk about on a 1000cc plus motorcycle is the engine! I love how much torque it has got; you can really punch it up climbs and obstacles – like a trials bike! You can also be two or three gears wrong and it will just kinda work it all out for you.”
      “As for the ride modes, I leave my bike in street mode all the time and never change it. ‘Sport’ is a bit too aggressive for me and as for ‘Offroad’ without trying to sound like a dick, I like having the full 125hp all the time. The offroad mode is really good and a valuable tool for most people when riding this bike offroad, but I’m greedy for the power.”
      “Another reason I never change the ride modes as I like my bike to feel like it does all the time. Like, that’s what it will do and what happens when I crack the throttle in this situation. So, I really know how it will react because I’m so familiar with it. If I play around with the modes too much, it’s like learning three different bikes.”
      2. Epic drifts
      “A combination of the chassis balance, suspension and engine performance I really love how this bike sits in a corner. My favorite thing to do on this bike is slide on a gravel road from corner to corner doing big, smooth drifts.”
      “All the wheelies and jumps and stuff are great for making videos and pictures, but if I’m going out just to play on it for me, I’ll be just going out to make big power slides from one corner to the next.”
      KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R © M. Chytka
      3. Adaptability
      “It’s not really a feature as such, but it kinda is. But the most impressed I’ve ever been with the KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R was on a trip to Japan.”
      “I’d finished my first batch of riding schools and then my wife, Monica, flew in. We then put the luggage on and spent five days touring around Japan. When we got to the next riding venue, they had an enduro cross track there. So, I kicked her off the back along with the luggage and started riding the track. I could jump the doubles and clear the log matrix on the same bike we’d just been touring around on in complete comfort. That really, really impressed me.”
      4. The range of use
      “I suppose it merges a little bit into the last feature in a way, but what I mean is the fact that I can leave my house and start having fun straight away; I don’t have to mess around by loading it on a trailer it or putting it in van.”
      “From my place, I can connect four of my favorite riding areas all into one loop. Which is really cool. When I leave Wales later, we’ll be looking to find some interesting routes back. It’s just a bike that makes you want to explore and it does that with ease – on and offroad.”
      KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R © M. Chytka
      5. Noise
      “I love the way it sounds. I don’t rip the baffle out of the KTM PowerParts Akrapovič silencer or remove the catalytic converter, like some do. My bike isn’t particularly loud as I don’t want it particularly loud, but I really just love that LC8 twin-cylinder sounds in all situations. My daughter calls my 1090 R ‘Roary’ because when we go for a ride together and I give it some gas it’s the bike that says ‘roar’. So, I like it and she does too!”
      Photos: A. Barbanti | C. Wood | M. Chytka
    • De Dementor
      Spectacular drifts, dust, show: Motorrad Magazine racer Yasmin Poppenreiter and her KTM 450 SX-F defend the honor of the motorcycle on the dirt track against former rally world champion Andreas Aigner in a Mazda MX-5 RF.
      Dirt track racing is booming, and not just in the USA, where the spectacular flat track races in the oval are as popular as a juicy burger with onion rings. The rest of the world is also slowly becoming aware of how exciting, action-packed and enjoyable to watch this sport is. Not only that, everyone gets to take home a free souvenir: a layer of dust on their clothes and hats: all part and parcel of getting up close and personal with the world of motorsport.
      The Austrian star of the flat track in recent years is more than just a pretty face: Yasmin Poppenreiter, 24, is not only taking part in her fifth season of flat track racing, she also has a number of wins to show for it. Last year she won the Austrian Motorsport Federation (AMF) trophy. As there is no official national championship, this trophy is considered the unofficial title. It’s worth mentioning Yasmin does not compete in a women’s class, but instead against men, who get just as lost in her trail of dust as the spectators.
      Yasmin, who has been a part of the Motorrad Magazine Racing Team since last year, has already got to the top ten in the world championships. That meant it was time for a new challenge, which Motorrad Magazine provided by organizing this head-to-head. “What do you think about competing against a car in a flat track competition?” we asked her. “Any time,” she responded, full of enthusiasm as through as though her sights were already trained on the apex of the corner.
      What we didn’t tell her was the name of her opponent: 33-year old Austrian Andi Aigner. If anyone knows how to drift without any unnecessary seconds off the clock, it’s him. Andi, who hails from Styria in southern Austria, gained his first rally world championship title in the near-standard class ten years ago, with race wins in Argentina, Greece and Turkey: none of which are known for their lack of dust!
      We chose a Mazda MX-5 RF as Andi’s racing vehicle for a number of reasons, most importantly so that we could create as much of a level playing field as possible. It had to be rear-wheel drive and the MX-5 is not exactly a monster, even in its most powerful configuration with 160 HP, but its excellent balance, sporty straightforwardness and above all its low weight at just 1130 kilos combine to make an exciting package. The only concession: at the request of the rally champion we fitted winter tires for better traction on the gravel.
      Yasmin’s racing machine was also near-standard. Based on a KTM 450 SX-F, the chassis was shortened, and the handlebars raised. 19-inch wheels with special dirt track tires were also fitted to the bike. Oh yes, one more thing: the front brakes are removed for dirt track racing. No need for brakes when you’re thundering towards a corner on a 68 HP, 100 kilo READY TO RACE machine at 160 kilometers an hour. This is not for the faint-hearted.
      The showdown drew closer. We found ourselves at the Speedway Arena Eggendorf, run by the ÖAMTC-Zweigverein Wiener Neustadt, an affiliated society of the Austrian car, motorcycle and touring club (ÖAMTC). The 300 meter long track regularly hosts races with training runs every Saturday! The conditions were perfect, the sky was blue, the sun was out.
      Excitement was shining as brightly as the sun in Yasmin’s eyes. But Andi and the Mazda MX-5 RF got to go first. They took it in turns to race, as the stones kicked up by Yasmin’s rear wheel would damage the Mazda’s pristine paintwork. Andi was allowed to do three laps, then another three (flying) laps against the clock.
      Even just the first few corners were breathtaking – Andi saw precisely the line he needed to take, stones flying out behind him as he hurtled round the track in the Mazda MX-5. Yasmin seemed skeptical. Then the lap times came in. There was a difference of only 40 hundredths of a second between the laps, the best time being 17.69 seconds.
      The former world champion summarized the experience: “The Mazda really surprised me, it drove much better than I expected, with much more traction. I had excellent drift control as the conditions were ideal for how the MX-5 handles. The precise, direct steering also helped a lot. And as for the power– it was more than sufficient, you wouldn’t be able to use more here anyway.”
      Now it was Yasmin’s turn. The KTM single roared into life, then sank its teeth into the oval. Anyone standing too close to the track at the exit of the bend would have well-advised to put a helmet on too – that’s how far the gravel was flying as Yasmin twisted the throttle. Just watching was enough to take your breath away, especially when she slid into the bends, pushing herself and the bike to the limit.
      But, the only thing that mattered here was time: Yasmin also clocked fairly constant times, but her best time – 19.24 – was still a good way behind Andi in the Mazda. “The track is too dry,” claimed Yasmin, equally as drily.
      Second attempt. Hanson Schruf quickly dispatched the sprinkler vehicle for a turn round the course to dampen the track, that up to then bore close comparison with the Atacama Desert.
      So, the process started over, with Andi going first again. He posted very similar times, as there was not that much room for improvement to begin with. It was a different story for Yasmin, however. She easily turned the better adhesion on the track into faster times – and ultimately clocked a phenomenal lap of 17.92 seconds. A mere 23 hundredths of a second behind Andi Aigner in the Mazda MX-5. Merely the blink of an eye.
      With a twinkle in his eye, Andi celebrated his win in this unusual head-to-head: “I’ve taken part in a couple of head-to-heads between cars and bikes – this is the first that I’ve won on four wheels,” the event manager and freelance ÖAMTC driving instructor grinned.
      “It was close,” laughed Yasmin. “We’ll take the front brakes out of the Mazda next time to make sure it’s really an even contest. Then we’ll see who’s faster!”
      [embedded content]
    • De NicuCFire
      As vrea sa cumpar un KTM, dar proprietarul nu stie ce model e sau din ce an si are o singura poza momentan (pe care o atasez). Intrebarea mea este daca isi poate da cineva seama ce model este si anul aproximativ.
      Poza nu este intoarsa sau modificata in vre-un fel. Toba este pe partea stanga prinsa cu banda adeziva. Lantul este pe partea dreapta si frana spate pe partea stanga.
      Tot ce stie proprietarul momentan este ca KTM-ul este de 250 in 2t. Nu sunt sigur daca e asa, dar este singura informatie pe care o are. Nu are motorul la indemana dar cand poate imi va trimite mai multe poze.
      Mie imi arata a KTM MX din 1990 sau ceva asemanator. Problema este ca MX nu gasesc decat de 125.
      Multumesc anticipat.