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Hurray we did it.

Adrian Crapciu

309 vizualizări

The good news is that we did it, the crowdfunding campaign for our documentary film Siwa and Ora is finally over. And thanks to our contributors  we manged to overcome our target, yes folks the campaign was 103%  funded, that’s about 3089,999€. Lucky us, now we have money for coffee. Now the bad news is …, there is NO bad news :), well maybe there will be some sleepless night but that’s part of the game, isn’t it?

We plan to finish the work on the documentary until summer and as soon as everything it’s done we are going to deliver  the presents to you. We also plan to have 2 private screenings for our contributors, 1 in Poland and 1 in Romania, so we can meet face to face and thank you personally. Until then I leave you with this clip that we made for our 81 supporters. Thank you.

Siwa and Ora trailer, in case you’ve missed it.

1540 b.gif?


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