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WC028 Eastern Sierra Horseback Adventure

Bike Love

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The team just got back from a 4 day trip through the Eastern Sierra’s via horseback. Sounds fun right?

Here’s our founder and chief of adventure Steve Dubbleman with with a quick recap:

Day one was a 10 mile ride deep into the John Muir Wilderness up and over a rugged 12,000′ pass. We lucked out with good weather but even in August there was still snow lying around in the shadows.


This is Luc who grew up in Holland but now lives and works in LA as a commercial director. First time fly-fishing and he was pulling trout out of the rivers and lakes all day long. You should have seen the one he caught right before this photo…

Wilderness chef Felix Barron doing what he does best, although he was pretty good on the horse too
One of the highlights of the trip was seeing this 3 generation family. It was Kovey’s first “man trip” at 11 years old and his dad and both grandpa’s presented him with a knife and a sword on the trip as a rite of passage. It’s powerful to see guys who understand the value of legacy and shared experience.
Camp vibes
Fly fish vibes
We rode up a rocky unmaintained secondary trail to fish this picture perfect lake at 10,800′ where the fish were very hungry.
 Headed back to the pack station on the last day of the trip after a long 7 hour day in the saddle.
To protect the natural environment in wilderness areas the horses and mules aren’t left to graze on a picket line in the evenings but rather they’re set loose with a bell on the mare to roam the tens of thousands of acres. To find them you gotta wake up early in the morning to ride and listen for the mare’s bell as the rest of the stock will be with her. Half of our horses and a few mules decided to mutiny one night and ran 10 miles up and over a 12,000 mountain pass all the way back to the pack station. We didn’t find them until about 2pm the next day…gave us more time to fish the river.
Chef Felix…horse boss.
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