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Horse Riding


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Sunday afternoon I went horse riding!

O how I was excited!!!

I don't really ride... I just sit on horse back [hi-hi] so there were hundreds of thoughts running through my head: whether I would be able to mount on the horse's back, would he run or would he gallop and would I fall off... And not the least, how would I get off?!?!? all by myself?

It was a beautiful autumn day. Everything was ok, the horse was ok, I managed to mount without any help. And off we went. In the woods and over the fields. The sun was shining and the colors of the autumn leaves were just beautiful. So beautiful...

Of course, I didn't take my camera with me. But now I think I would have. Next time I will!

Anyhow, for this first try it was just enough for me to concentrate on riding and staying alive on horse back.

Although it is somewhat similar to bike riding - as you have to keep your balance, and hold on with your knees and thighs - a horse is totally different from a bike. It has its own will after all!  Especially when you don't know how to control it - like I don't.

The major problem was that my horse kept eating all the time. I was out riding for about one hour, and he stopped thousands of times to graze and eat leaves! And stupid me! what did I do? I kept telling him "Move! Come on, go!" but he wouldn't. My companion told me to hold firmly the reins but it proved to be useless. As my horse was stronger than me, as you can imagine. This is what he did: walked a bit to the right or to the left, stopped and suddenly let his head down, almost pulling me off as he leaned for the grass! And me... I was pulling on the reins and kicking him (lightly!) and of course telling him Come on! Move! MOOOOVE!!!

And here is a picture of me riding!


It was a wonderful day! And a wonderful, magnificent experience! O how I would love to have o horse!






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