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  1. Ultima săptămână
  2. It feels like just recently, I read Scott Harden’s article about why an American has never won a Dakar. Now, Ricky Brabec has just made history by winning Rally Dakar 2020. Although the official classification still awaits as riders make their way to Quiddiya, the rankings are there for all to see: Ricky Brabec did it. After winning Stage 3, Brabec never surrendered his grip on the first position in the overall rankings; it seems Honda’s team effort and Brabec’s strategy of riding steady have paid off, and USA finally has its own Rally Dakar winner. Chilean Pablo Quintanilla proved to be a worthy opponent, taking second place. Australia’s most beloved racer, Toby Price, has placed third. This Dakar was different in so many ways. From the move to Saudi Arabia to the tragic death of Paulo Goncalves, from a different roadbook distribution system that might have just leveled the playing field somewhat to raging sandstorms cutting the marathon stage in half – if anything, this Dakar has proved, yet again, how unpredictable this rally race is and how nothing is ever guaranteed whether you’re a seasoned pro or a malle moto rookie. I have always found the ASO’s decision to move Rally Dakar to Saudi Arabia distateful, to put it mildly; but perhaps, when it’s all said and done, the country where the rally takes place doesn’t matter as much – perhaps it really merely provides an arena and a backdrop. I also wonder what Brabec’s win means for the USA and the Dakar. Will American fans swarm Saudi Arabia next year? Might rally racing receive a bit of a boost in the US, bringing more riders into the sport and more spectators anxious to watch the races? Whatever the case may be, today is a historic day for the US and Honda (Honda hasn’t had a Dakar win since 1989 now). The KTM’s eighteen-year streak is over, as is the European/Australian Dakar domination. 1 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 40H 02′ 36” 2 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 40H 19′ 02” + 00H 16′ 26” 3 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 40H 26′ 42” + 00H 24′ 06” 00H 02′ 00” 4 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 40H 34′ 19” + 00H 31′ 43” 00H 01′ 00” 5 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 40H 37′ 36” + 00H 35′ 00” Vezi sursa
  3. Lanesplitting – and its closely-related cousin filtering – just won’t go away. After decades that saw California as the only US state that legalized the practice, or at least turned a blind eye, we’re seeing consistent pressure to allow the practice at some level in other states. The big breakthroughs came in Hawaii in 2018 and Utah in 2019, when both states changed their highway safety laws to allow motorcycles to pass between cars in certain situations (Hawaii basically allows motorcycle to filter forward via the shoulder in stopped traffic, Utah allows motorcycles to travel between cars at slow speeds). In the past few years, there have been quite a few attempts to legalize some measure of filtering or lanesplitting in other states, including Connecticut, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Montana as well as the Canadian city of Toronto. Those attempts all seem to have stalled last year, but lanesplitting fans won’t give up. Revzilla is reporting that Virginia and now Arizona are both looking at the idea again. According to Revzilla, the move in Arizona comes from Representative Noel Campbell, chairman of the Arizona House Transportation Committee. Campbell, a former military pilot, should certainly understand safety concerns, particularly the specific concerns of motorcyclists, as he reportedly leads riding tours through Mexico and Central America. He’s basically proposing the same rules as Arizona: lanesplitting would only be legal on roads with at least two lanes in each direction, with a speed limit of no more than 45 mph, and only at speeds of 15 mph or less. Given Campbell’s role in government and his knowledge of motorcycling, this all sounds very promising. Virginia’s proposed rule change, proposed by Representative Tony Wilt, is somewhat similar; there, lawmakers are looking at the idea of legalizing lanesplitting on roads with more than one lane in each direction, when traffic has slowed to 10 mph or less. Lanesplitting bikes would be required to keep under 20 mph. Both these scenarios might not be the wild west attitude that prevails in California, but are a move in the right direction, at least, and far more generous than the wimpy half-measures adopted in Hawaii. Vezi sursa
  4. Africa Eco Race 2020: Lost in the Desert

    Africa Eco Race 2020 Stage 9, a 469km loop in the desert around Tidjikja, Mauritania, was promised to be among the most beautiful by the AER organizers. “This portion of the route has never been used in the Africa Eco Race before”, the rally staff has commented. Vast open spaces and large sand dunes dominated the landscape today. The fight for the top three Africa Eco Race positions continues between Italian Alessandro Botturi, Norwegian Anders Pal Ullevasleter, and Italian Paolo Lucci with Lyndon Poskitt currently being fourth overall. How he manages to race, take care of his team, and produce these amazing videos, is beyond me – but enjoy them while you can: [embedded content] Africa Eco Race 2020 Stages 7 and 8 seem to have been especially tough for pro and amateur riders alike. Tricky navigation has cost riders time after getting lost in the desert; only today, it seems, the terrain was more forgiving with flowing sandy tracks. There are 94 competitors listed in the original AER entry list in the motorcycle category, yet only 63 riders remain fighting in the dunes of Mauritania as of today. Julie Vanneken, a Dutch KTM rider, seems to be the only female competitor in the AER’s motorcycle class, currently holding 53th position overall. Aussie Andrew Houlihan, Dakar 2021 hopeful, has risen in the overall rankings and is currently in the 17th position. As the race is well past the halfway point now, Andrew’s updates have naturally gone much shorter. “Tough day today, tougher day tomorrow”, he told me yesterday. Only three stages remain before the race finishes in Dakar, Senegal, this Sunday. With Rally Dakar having everyone glued to their phones, as there is a good chance an American might win the Dakar for the first time in history, Africa Eco Race may receive less attention – but it is no less exciting, following the original Paris – Dakar route. Vezi sursa
  5. Gata, e oficial. Dominația neîntreruptă a celor de la KTM, care ține din 2001 încoace, s-a încheiat. Victorios în Raliul Dakar este Ricky Brabec, primul american câștigător în cel mai dificil raliu din lume. Mani a câștigat și el la clasa sa! Ricky Brabec, 27 de ani, din Barstow, California: primul american victorios în Dakar. Ultima probă specială a primului Raliu Dakar din Arabia Saudită a fost scurtată de la cei 360 km prevăzuți inițial până la 167 km, din cauza lucrărilor de construcție la o exploatare petrolieră. Deși inițial speciala le dădea speranțe celor care puteau urca în clasament, s-a transformat mai degrabă într-o plimbare triumfală a câștigătorilor, căci, în afară de un ghinion monstruos, piloți precum Ricky Brabec, la categoria Moto, veteranul Carlos Sains, la categoria Auto și al nostru Mani Gyenes, la categoria Original by Motul. Astfel, californianul Ricky Brabec, în vârstă de doar 27 de ani, originar din Barstow, câștigă Raliul Dakar la a patra încercare, o victorie mult-așteptată pentru echipa de uzină Honda, care câștigă din nou în Dakar pentru prima dată din 1989 încoace. Brabec este la a patra încercare în Dakar, dar ultimele trei s-au încheiat dezamăgitor, cu abandonuri cauzate de defecțiuni tehnice. Americanul a fost destul de aproape de victorie și în anterioarele două ediții, dar a avut ghinion. Brabec a trecut la conducere în clasamentul general începând din etapa a treia. A câștigat două etape, a treia și a șasea, și s-a menținut în control până la finișul din Qiddiyah. Atât pilotul, cât și motocicleta și echipa Monster Energy Honda au mers perfect. Mani Gyenes, alături de venerabilul Carlos Sainz, câștigător la categoria Auto, la finalul Raliului Dakar 2020. Începută în 2013, aventura Honda HRC în revenirea în Dakar întrerupe într-un final hegemonia KTM, constructorul austriac câștigând toate edițiile din 2001 încoace. Honda a câștigat de cinci ori Dakarul, în Africa, cu Cyril Neveu (1982, 1986, 1987), Edi Orioli (1988) și Gilles Lalay (1989). Pentru câștigătorul de anul trecut, din Peru, australianul Toby Price, nu a fost o ediție foarte fastă, acesta având probleme de navigație și pierzând peste 15 minute după ce mousse-ul spate i-a cedat, în a doua jumătate a raliului. Price a reușit, totuși, să termine pe podium, salvând cât de cât onoarea echipei de uzină KTM, care a mai suferit un mare ghinion atunci când unul dintre candidații la victorie (și fost câștigător), Sam Sunderland, a ieșit din cursă accidentat. Mani, alături de legendarul pilot de Formula 1 Fernando Alonso, care tocmai a terminat primul său Dakar, cu Toyota. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) termină pe locul doi, fără șanse de a recupera ecartul destul de mare care îl despărțea de Brabec într-o specială atât de scurtă precum cea de azi. Pilotul din Chile, supranumit „Quintafondo” (Capăt într-a cincea), a învățat lecția de anul trecut, când s-a accidentat în ultima zi, în încercarea disperată de a-i fura lui Price o victorie aproape sigură. Al nostru Mani Gyenes era la adăpost de atacurile adversarilor din categoria Original by Motul, cea mai dificilă a raliului, cu un avantaj confortabil de peste o oră și 20 de minute față de Benjamin Melot. Sătmăreanul s-a apărat și de atacurile lituanianului Arunas Gelaznikas, aflat pe 30 de la general, la un loc în spatele lui Mani, dar cu un ecart destul de mic. Astfel, Mani termină pe 29 la general și, mai important, pe primul loc la clasa Original by Motul! Încă un rezultat excelent în al zecelea Dakar din carieră pentru unul dintre cei mai buni piloți români de enduro/rally. Bravo, Mani! Abia așteptăm revenirea în țară a pilotului de la Autonet Motorcycle Team, ca să ne povestească mai pe larg cum a fost printre dunele din Arabia Saudită.
  6. Cupa Clujului la Ciclocros anunță etapa a 2a – Poligon

    Etapa a 2a din Cupa Clujului va avea loc sâmbătă 1 fabruarie. Locul de start va fi zona de picnic Valea Garbaului, Cluj Napoca, iar categoriile de participare sunt CX Elite, Amatori, Juniori, Feminin, MTB Open Masculin și Feminin, Kids Race. Taxa de participare este de 60 de lei / categorie sau 100 de lei daca vrei să participi la ciclocros și mtb. Categoria Kids Race va avea înscrierea gratuită, oferită de CycleMaster. Evenimentul face parte din singurul Campionat local de Cyclocross din România. foto @clujwinterraceCei care au donat sânge în luna decembrie 2019 și ianuarie 2020, beneficiaza de înscriere gratuită. Vor primi reducere 10 lei / categorie participantii care donează o jucărie de pluș, în stare bună. Jucăriile vor ajunge la secția de oncopediatrie a spitalul de Oncologie Cluj. Primii înscriși la concurs vor primi kituri de participare speciale. – 1-10 înscriși: bandană Bioracer Bandido + Gel energizant Sis – 11-20 înscriși: șosete ciclism Sapim + Gel energizant SiS – 21-40 înscriși: bidon ciclism Sapim + Gel energizant SiS – de la 41 în sus: Gel Energizant SiS Pentru concurenții înscriși la fața locului organizatorul nu garantează kitul de participare. Recomandarea este ca înscrierea să se facă online. Sursa: Freerider
  7. Dakar 2020 Stage 11 Shubaytah to Haradh Results

    As the Dakar Stage 11 between Shubaytah and Haradh, a 365km liaison and a 379km special, closed to an end, Pablo Quintanilla took the stage win today. The Chilean went into an aggresive riding mode and has been racing after Matthias Walkner, eventually taking the win by mere nine seconds. Currently, Quintanilla is in the second position in the overall rankings. Ricky Brabec came in 10th today, having lost time but still holding the first position in the overall. Going steady is a good strategy now that the second part of the marathon is over, and tomorrow will be the deciding day. Brabec has a lead of over thirteen minutes after today. “I rode at about 70% today, just trying to preserve my body and the bike. Tomorrow is a really big day”, Brabec commented. Toby Price seems to have made peace with the fact that he’s unlikely to win the Dakar for the third time, and had some words of support for the Honda team. “Honda is doing a good job, the riders are riding hard and they’re riding smart”, Price said. Quintanilla or Brabec? Tomorrow will show. [embedded content] Today’s rankings: 1 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 04H 09′ 22” 2 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 04H 09′ 31” + 00H 00′ 09” 3 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 04H 12′ 10” + 00H 02′ 48” 4 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 04H 12′ 15” + 00H 02′ 53” 5 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 04H 15′ 11” + 00H 05′ 49” 6 28 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 04H 15′ 44” + 00H 06′ 22” 7 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 04H 16′ 27” + 00H 07′ 05” 8 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 04H 17′ 33” + 00H 08′ 11” 9 7 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 04H 18′ 10” + 00H 08′ 48” 10 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 04H 21′ 10” + 00H 11′ 48” 11 18 BAS DAKAR KTM RACING TEAM 04H 21′ 27” + 00H 12′ 05” 12 74 FN SPEED TEAM 04H 26′ 44” + 00H 17′ 22” 13 25 LS2 AVENTURA TOUAREG 04H 26′ 52” + 00H 17′ 30” 14 19 SLOVNAFT RALLY TEAM 04H 27′ 20” + 00H 17′ 58” 15 35 ORLEN TEAM 04H 30′ 53” + 00H 21′ 31” 16 11 SHERCO TVS RALLY FACTORY 04H 31′ 23” + 00H 22′ 01” 17 14 GAS GAS FACTORY TEAM 04H 33′ 14” + 00H 23′ 52” 18 56 YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA 04H 33′ 32” + 00H 24′ 10” 19 53 YAMAHA FINO MOTOR RACING 04H 34′ 44” + 00H 25′ 22” 20 59 KLYMCIW RACING 04H 37′ 18” + 00H 27′ 56” Overall rankings, top ten: 1 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 38H 33′ 28” 2 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 38H 47′ 24” + 00H 13′ 56” 3 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 38H 56′ 02” + 00H 22′ 34” 00H 02′ 00” 4 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 39H 03′ 21” + 00H 29′ 53” 5 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 39H 06′ 04” + 00H 32′ 36” 00H 01′ 00” 6 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 39H 08′ 46” + 00H 35′ 18” 7 12 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 39H 18′ 37” + 00H 45′ 09” 00H 15′ 00” 8 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 40H 12′ 42” + 01H 39′ 14” 00H 05′ 00” 9 59 KLYMCIW RACING 40H 32′ 57” + 01H 59′ 29” 10 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 40H 40′ 04” + 02H 06′ 36” 00H 30′ 00” Vezi sursa
  8. Marzocchi BOMBER Z1 pe arc a fost lansată!

    Chiar dacă Marzocchi n-a mai lansat demult o furcă pe arc, conceptul nu este deloc străin italienilor, modelul original Z1 din 1997 folosind pentru suspense arc și ulei. Astăzi însă noua Z1 folosește un arc foarte ușor, fabricat din aliaj de oțel silicon-crom. Noua Marzocchi BOMBER Z1 single-crown păstrează șasiul de 36 mm și amortizarea GRIP pentru compresie și revenire, dar schimbă suspensia pe aer cu „cel mai avansat sistem pe arc fabricat vreodată de Marzocchi”. Disponibilă în patru variante de rată pentru arc, Bomber Z1 folosește un arc călit dintr-un aliaj de oțel silicon-crom, un sistem de management al gălăgiei interne, un sistem intern pe aer de asistență pentru controlul progresiei și bottom out-ului și un capac care găzduiește reglajul sag-ului și al tăriei primei părți a cursei suspensiei. [embedded content] Asistența integrată pe aer este o cantitate de aer și ulei la care nu se poate practic umbla, amplasată în interiorul furcii și al cărui rol este de a se comporta ca un arc secundar, oferind rezistență, pe care nu o poți ajusta, la progresie și bottom-out. În acest fel se elimină nevoia unui arc adițional pe aer care să aibă rolul de amortizor. Este de asemenea, folosită și pe post de lubrifiant pentru șasiu. Marzocchi BOMBER Z1 este disponibilă în variantele 29er și 27.5. Pentru 29er cursa suspensiei variază de la 150 la 170 mm în timp ce pentru roțile de 27.5 inch cursa crește în trepte de 10mm de la 160 mm la 180 mm, folosind distanțiere interne. Marzocchi BOMBER Z1 pe arc este destul de grea, greutatea oficială fiind anunțată la 2,5 kg. Prețul anunțat este de 749$. Sursa: Freerider
  9. Fat biking pe zăpadă în Finlanda

    Așteptăm zăpada aia mare și pe la noi. Până atunci, iată cum a fost ieri în Finlanda! [embedded content] Sursa: Freerider
  10. Honda este la un pas de prima victorie în Dakar de 31 de ani încoace, prin tânărul american Ricky Brabec, care a mers conservator astăzi, cedând mult față de adversarii principali, dar care are toate șansele să rămână primul în clasament mâine. Mani are un avantaj de aproape o oră și jumătate la clasa Original by Motul, victoria fiind aproape asigurată. Ricky Brabec, un pilot american tânăr și destul de impetuos (așa a pierdut Dakarul anul trecut, prin exces de agresivitate), a devenit brusc matur și precaut acum, când se vede la un pas de prima sa victorie în Dakar, o victorie la care Honda visează de peste trei decenii și pentru care a investit milioane în ultimii câțiva ani. Californianul de la Monster Energy Honda a pierdut aproape 12 minute față de cel mai apropiat adversar, chilianul Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna), care a câștigat și etapa de astăzi, forțând cu disperare pentru a-și da câteva șanse în plus la victoria finală. „Știți, astăzi am avut de mers mult. Kilometrajul a fost cu siguranță o problemă. Am mers cam la 70%. Încercam doar să-mi conserv energia și motocicleta. Sunt bucuros că am ajuns aici, așa că mergem înapoi în bivuac, ne pregătim pentru mâine, când o să avem o poziție bună la start și nu o să trag tare, vreau doar să ajung la finiș. Mâine ar putea fi o zi mare pentru noi, așa că vreau să păstrez energia pozitivă, fără îndoială,” a declarat Ricky Brabec după proba specială de 379 km, dublată de o secțiune de legătură de încă 365 km, în pustietatea din sud-estul Arabiei Saudite, denumită „Empty Quarter”, o zonă în care există porțiuni de peste 80 km în care nu întâlnești altceva decât dune de nisip. La general, Brabec încă are aproape 14 minute avans față de Quintanilla și peste 22 față de Price. Chilianul și australianul au încă șansele lor, căci ziua de mâine nu este una simbolică, cum se întâmpla de multe ori în edițiile trecute. Speciala are 167 de kilometri prin deșert, în care se pot încă întâmpla multe. O pană, o căzătură nefericită și primele trei locuri în clasament se pot schimba instantaneu. Dar, dacă totul decurge normal și Brabec merge bine, handicapul este aproape imposibil de recuperat de Quintanilla și de Price. Mani Gyenes a mers și el precaut astăzi, fiind al doilea clasat la Original by Motul, în spatele francezului Benjamin Melot, al doilea în clasamentul general, după sătmărean. Dar, la general, Mani are un avantaj de peste o oră și 20 de minute față de francez, deci, dacă nu i se întâmplă vreo tragedie românului de la Autonet Motorcycle Team, victoria îi este asigurată. Mai jos, clasamentul primelor 30 de locuri la general. Mani este în continuare în top 30. POZ. N° . PILOT ECHIPA TIMP Diferență Penalizare 1 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 38H 33′ 28” 2 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 38H 47′ 24” + 00H 13′ 56” 3 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 38H 56′ 02” + 00H 22′ 34” 00H 02′ 00” 4 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 39H 03′ 21” + 00H 29′ 53” 5 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 39H 06′ 04” + 00H 32′ 36” 00H 01′ 00” 6 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 39H 08′ 46” + 00H 35′ 18” 7 12 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 39H 18′ 37” + 00H 45′ 09” 00H 15′ 00” 8 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 40H 12′ 42” + 01H 39′ 14” 00H 05′ 00” 9 59 KLYMCIW RACING 40H 32′ 57” + 01H 59′ 29” 10 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 40H 40′ 04” + 02H 06′ 36” 00H 30′ 00” 11 19 SLOVNAFT RALLY TEAM 40H 41′ 48” + 02H 08′ 20” 12 11 SHERCO TVS RALLY FACTORY 41H 03′ 42” + 02H 30′ 14” 00H 15′ 00” 13 56 YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA 41H 19′ 10” + 02H 45′ 42” 00H 20′ 00” 14 74 FN SPEED TEAM 41H 58′ 51” + 03H 25′ 23” 00H 02′ 00” 15 28 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 42H 09′ 30” + 03H 36′ 02” 00H 14′ 00” 16 25 LS2 AVENTURA TOUAREG 42H 13′ 07” + 03H 39′ 39” 00H 40′ 00” 17 14 GAS GAS FACTORY TEAM 42H 19′ 43” + 03H 46′ 15” 18 35 ORLEN TEAM 42H 21′ 30” + 03H 48′ 02” 19 7 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 42H 32′ 59” + 03H 59′ 31” 00H 15′ 00” 20 42 SOLARYS RACING 42H 34′ 42” + 04H 01′ 14” 00H 03′ 00” 21 18 BAS DAKAR KTM RACING TEAM 42H 47′ 54” + 04H 14′ 26” 00H 15′ 00” 22 41 SOLARYS RACING 42H 53′ 54” + 04H 20′ 26” 23 132 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 42H 58′ 42” + 04H 25′ 14” 24 95 NOMADE RACING 43H 43′ 09” + 05H 09′ 41” 00H 07′ 00” 25 37 HT RALLY RAID HUSQVARNA RACING 44H 04′ 35” + 05H 31′ 07” 00H 03′ 00” 26 29 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 44H 12′ 45” + 05H 39′ 17” 27 53 YAMAHA FINO MOTOR RACING 44H 40′ 43” + 06H 07′ 15” 00H 21′ 00” 28 51 FN SPEED TEAM 45H 01′ 23” + 06H 27′ 55” 00H 13′ 00” 29 44 AUTONET MOTORCYCLE TEAM 46H 16′ 25” + 07H 42′ 57” 30 34 ARUNAS GELAZNINKAS 46H 28′ 04” + 07H 54′ 36” 00H 15′ 00”
  11. Ducati Desert X Or Scrambler SCR Near Production?

    We already told you about Ducati’s 2019 sales performance. But we didn’t mention one thing that just caught our attention. At the very end of the company’s press release was the following statement from Ducati boss, Claudio Domenicali. Last but not least, the Ducati Scrambler range – which saw the new 800 Dark presented at EICMA – will see the introduction of a new model in the coming months. Well, that’s interesting. After a lot of information about how the brand performed worldwide in 2019, at the very end, Domenicali says a new model is on the way. And, he teased that the model is coming from the Scrambler lineup. So what’s out there that could be introduced “in the coming months”? A new Scrambler model? Ducati introduced a couple of concept machines at this year’s EICMA. Two concept models garnered more than their fair of attention. Ducati’s Desert X concept, a 1100cc “Dakar-esque” scrambler model met with lots of excitement; while the Scrambler SCR met with somewhat less. The Ducati Desert X on the stand at EICMA. Photo credit: Asphalt & Rubber The Desert X looked more like a concept than a prototype nearing production status. For example, it’s seat was made out of a chunk of plastic. However, the Scrambler SCR looked like it could be ridden off the stand. So on the face of things, it appears that the Scrambler SCR is the most production-ready of the two. Ducati’s Scrambler SCR, as shown at EICMA. Photo credit: But right now, the big sales are coming from adventure-oriented models, and supermotos haven’t seen big sales numbers of late. Therefore, could it be that Ducati really pushed hard since EICMA to get the Desert X ready for production “in the coming months”? Although I’d like to think that some version of the Desert X is nearing production, I’d have to gamble that it’s the SCR that will make it to production first. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Vezi sursa
  12. BMW sets sales record for ninth consecutive year

    It’s go, go, go for BMW Motorrad, as the German manufacturer has set a global sales record for the ninth year in a row. According to BMW’s press release, it delivered 175,162 motorcycles in 2019. That’s a healthy 5.8 increase over 2018’s numbers (BMW moved 165,566 units over 2018). The increase in sales was due to forward progress in both European markets, and the relatively untapped markets of China and Brazil. In Europe, BMW sold 26,292 motorcycles in Germany alone (its biggest market), a 10.2 per cent increase over 2018’s numbers. The French, Italian, Spanish and UK/Irish markets were also strong, and that meant all of Europe saw a collective 7 per cent growth in sales. In Brazil, BMW did even better. The total bikes moved was a smaller number (10,604 units), but that made for 36.7 per cent growth, a number that most manufacturers would be plenty envious of. As a result, BMW now says the South American market is its sixth-largest. As for China, BMW moved 8,818 machines, for 16.6 per cent growth there, a significant number for a market that everyone’s aiming to grow. What about North America? Between the US and Canada, BMW sold 15,116 units, which was less than hoped-for, but as the company says, this is “a difficult market environment.” The R1250 GS series was BMW’s biggest seller in 2019, with the F750/F850 series behind that. Surprisingly, the G310 series didn’t make as much of an impact on the company’s sales sheet as you’d think. Despite the near-insatiable desire for small-capacity motorcycles in developing markets, BMW only moved “over 20,000” of the G310 R and G310 GS machines. Perhaps this comes down to pricing, as the 310 models are very well-priced in developed markets, but may be more expensive than other made-in-China, made-in-Taiwan and made-in-India brands when you get to other markets. Vezi sursa
  13. Netflix picks up motorcycle racing documentary

    Netflix has picked up a new made-in-the-UK motorcycle racing documentary, titled Speed Is My Need. Directed by Mark Sloper, the movie is focused on superbike racing, with interviews with legends like Freddie Spencer, Ron Haslam, Peter Hickman and Colin Edwards. A good chunk of the film is concerned with Leon Haslam’s pursuit of the British Superbike title in 2018, but there’s plenty of other footage as well. The trailer (you can see it above) is filled with crashes galore, and it seems the filmmakers very much want to play up the danger of high-speed motorcycle racing. It’s 74 minutes long, and while it’s on Netflix now, there’s no guarantee it will be there for long, so if you have a mind to watch it, now’s the time. But is it worth watching? It’s true that, for the offroad enthusiast, roadracing might seem like it has little appeal at first. However, the film is more than just highlight reels of plastic-clad crotch rockets cartwheeling down the tarmac. At least, according to its description on YouTube, where the marketeers say “Speed is My Need strips bare the euphoria of speed on two wheels … Speed is My Need uncovers how sports psychologists and surgical experts across Europe are helping racers to rebuild their minds and bodies in order to race on the edge of oblivion. With access to heroic racing footage, Speed is My Need is a pulsating, edge of the seat ride into the strategic minds and courageous hearts of these two-wheeled gladiators.” So, you’re getting a psychological view of what makes motorcycle racers do what they do? Now, that’s applicable no matter what kind of bike you ride. Having said that, the film itself may be total crap, as we haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Reviews are mixed, so maybe the best thing is to watch it for yourself, and if you can’t last past the first 10 minutes, so be it … Vezi sursa
  14. Ducati’s Sales Rise Slightly In 2019

    Ducati Motor Holding announced its sales results for 2019. The year saw Ducati sell 53,183 units, a slight increase from l2018’s sales of 53,004 units. But given the world motorcycle market’s malaise, Ducati did more than hold its head above water. Popular Ducati models For the second year in a row, Ducati’s Panigale is the world’s best-selling superbike with 8,304 units sold. The Italian brand’s Multistrada family performed admirably as well. The model saw a 3% increase in sales year over year. Ducati says the Multistrada’s sales were boosted by the addition of the 950 S Multistrada as well as a revamping of its 1260 Enduro Multistrada. In total, Ducati shipped 12,160 units of the Multistrada family. This is the model’s best performance since the machine made its debut sixteen years ago. The Ducati Panigale line of motorcycles. Italian sales were up by 20%. 2019 is the third year in a row that Italian sales saw an increase. Combined, Ducati posted a 20% increase during the three year period. Brazil (20%), China (12%), Spain (10%), and France (8%) all posted substantial gains. Ducati did not fare as well in the USA. Sales fell 2%, but given that sales in the US were down approximately 7%, that’s actually not such negative news. The revamped 1260 Multistrada Enduro helped boost Ducati’s 2019 sales. CEO Domenicali speaks Ducati’s CEO, Claudio Domenicali said this about the brand’s 2019 performance. “2019 was a tough but rewarding year. We’re working to make Ducati the world’s most desired motorcycle brand. And the results we’re achieving, the development of the range and the market respoinse all confirm we’re on the right track. On today’s global market, one in every four superbikes is now a Panigale. The technical content we’ve transferred from the R version and our extensive racing experience to the V4 2020 range ensure that this bike remains the category benchmark. What’s more, order books for the new Streetfighter V4 are bulging with more than 1,700 already on order”… It’s clear that Domenicali is proud of Ducati’s 2019 performance. With a “bulging” order book for the new Streetfighter V4, that begins deliveries in March 2020, the Italian manufacturer may already have a leg up on the competition in 2020. Vezi sursa
  15. Dakar 2020 Stage 10: Honda Still Ahead

    Dakar 2020 Stage 10 between Haradh and Shubaytah threw several surprises at the competitors. During the 534km special, the first of the marathon stage, there was a warning of a severe sandstorm, unexpectedly cutting the stage in half. Joan Barreda took the stage win today, adding to the impressive overall performance of team Honda. Ricky Brabec came in second, still firmly holding the lead. [embedded content] Over at the Original by Motul camp, the spirits are high. Romanian rider Emanuel Gyenes continues to lead the malle moto competitors, while last year’s Original by Motul winner Edwin Straver is inching closer to the top, holding the fourth position in the overall rankings. Spaniards Javier Vega and Sara Garcia at the Original by Motul camp With just two more days to go, fans are keeping fingers crossed for Brabec. It seems the rider will hold – but will the bike? 1 12 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 02H 11′ 42” 2 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 02H 12′ 49” + 00H 01′ 07” 3 7 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 02H 14′ 13” + 00H 02′ 31” 4 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 02H 14′ 39” + 00H 02′ 57” 5 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 02H 15′ 56” + 00H 04′ 14” 6 56 YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA 02H 16′ 02” + 00H 04′ 20” 7 28 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 02H 16′ 12” + 00H 04′ 30” 8 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 02H 17′ 05” + 00H 05′ 23” 9 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 02H 17′ 40” + 00H 05′ 58” 10 18 BAS DAKAR KTM RACING TEAM 02H 20′ 27” + 00H 08′ 45” 11 42 SOLARYS RACING 02H 24′ 50” + 00H 13′ 08” 12 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 02H 24′ 51” + 00H 13′ 09” 13 59 KLYMCIW RACING 02H 31′ 46” + 00H 20′ 04” 14 37 HT RALLY RAID HUSQVARNA RACING 02H 34′ 11” + 00H 22′ 29” 15 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 02H 35′ 42” + 00H 24′ 00” 16 44 AUTONET MOTORCYCLE TEAM 02H 35′ 51” + 00H 24′ 09” 17 51 FN SPEED TEAM 02H 36′ 28” + 00H 24′ 46” 18 29 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 02H 37′ 49” + 00H 26′ 07” 19 53 YAMAHA FINO MOTOR RACING 02H 38′ 38” + 00H 26′ 56” 20 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 02H 39′ 11” + 00H 27′ 29” Images: ASO/ Vezi sursa
  16. Echipa Monster Energy Honda este mai aproape ca oricând de mult-așteptata primă victorie în Dakar, prin Ricky Brabec, care are un avans decent în clasamentul general, cu două etape rămase de disputat. Și Mani Gyenes e foarte aproape de victoria la clasa Original by Motul, cea mai grea a unui raliu care este deja extrem de dificil. Astăzi s-a încheiat etapa cu numărul 10 a Raliului Dakar, a 42-a ediție a legendarei competiții și prima disputată în Arabia Saudită. Proba specială de azi a fost întreruptă undeva la jumătate, în zona de neutralizare, după ce furtuna de nisip anunțată de prognozele meteo a ajuns pe ruta raliului și a împiedicat decolarea elicopterelor. Atâta timp cât elicopterele nu se pot ridica, siguranța este compromisă și sportivii nu aleargă – aceasta este regula într-una dintre cele mai riscante competiții de motorsport. Ricky Brabec e pe cale să devină primul american care câștigă Dakarul. Pilotul din California este un pilot foarte rapid, specialist al curselor în deșert, de tip Baja. Așadar, clasamentul etapei de astăzi s-a preluat de la sosirea în zona de neutralizare, ceea ce înseamnă că Joan Barreda a câștigat prima sa etapă în această ediție a raliului. Spaniolul este de altfel pilotul cu cele mai multe victorii de etapă care a nu a câștigat niciodată raliul. Pe locul doi a ajuns Ricky Brabec, coechipierul lui Barreda de la Honda și liderul clasamentului general, în timp ce Kevin Benavides a completat un podium 100% HRC, cu Toby Price, câștigătorul de anul trecut, pe patru. Calm și calculat, dar rapid: Mani Gyenes merge din ce în ce mai bine în Dakar. A terminat pe 14 etapa de astăzi și este pe 29 în clasamentul general, dar e foarte aproape de victoria la clasa Original by Motul. Etapa a zecea a marcat și cea mai bună clasare de etapă pentru Mani Gyenes, sătmăreanul terminând cu al 16-lea timp, în fața unor nume sonore precum Andrew Short (pilot de uzină Husqvarna), Laia Sanz, Stefan Svitko și Juan Pedrero Garcia. La general, Mani a urcat până pe 29, un loc mai mult decât onorabil pentru un rider de la categoria Original by Motul, cea la care nu este permisă asistența tehnică din afară. La această categorie, este greu de imaginat că Mani ar putea fi depășit de adversari, căci are un avantaj de peste o oră și jumătate față de francezul Florent Vayssade, cu doar două etape rămase de disputat. Desigur, Raliul Dakar e plin de surprize și îi ținem pumnii lui Mani să ajungă cu bine la finiș, fără probleme tehnice sau de navigație, căci doar așa ar mai putea pierde pilotul nostru victoria în categoria sa. În clasamentul general, Ricky Brabec este într-o situație similară, cu un avantaj de peste 25 de minute față de Pablo Quintanilla de la Husqvarna și peste 27 de minute față de coechipierul său, Joan Barreda. Acesta, la rândul său, este urmărit îndeaproape de Toby Price, care se află la peste 28 de minute de Brabec. Deci Honda este mai aproape decât oricând de acea mult-vânată victorie, pe care le-o suflau mereu cei de la KTM în ultimii ani, de când japonezii au revenit cu un efort de uzină în Dakar. Gust dulce-amar pentru Joan Barreda: după atâția ani de încercări, ajută în sfârșit echipa Honda să ajungă pe drumul spre victoria în Dakar, dar nu prin el însuși, ci prin mult mai puțin experimentatul Ricky Brabec. Dar mai aveam două etape deloc scurte de parcurs într-un raliu în care navigația a făcut diferența. Foarte mulți piloți s-au rătăcit și avantajele de sub 30 de minute nu sunt ușor de recuperat, dar nici imposibil. Brabec este într-o poziție ideală acum, căci nu va porni primul pe speciala de mâine, ci la 3 minute după coechipierul său, care va face totul ca să-l ajute, fără îndoială, ghidându-l spre finiș și protejându-l. Astfel, chiar dacă Brabec ar avea vreo problemă tehnică, ar lua cu siguranță piese de pe motocicleta identică a lui Barreda, alături de care va rula majoritatea zilei de mâine. În aceste condiții, Quintanilla sau Price pot face atacuri disperate, dar, dacă nu vor apărea probleme serioase pentru riderii de la Honda, victoria japonezilor este, practic, asigurată. Iată mai jos clasamentul general al primilor 30 clasați după 10 etape disputate din totalul de 12. Poimâine vom ști cine este câștigătorul ediției 2020 a Raliului Dakar. POZ. NR. PILOT ECHIPĂ TIMP Diferență Penalizare 1 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 34H 12′ 18” 2 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 34H 38′ 02” + 00H 25′ 44” 3 12 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 34H 39′ 27” + 00H 27′ 09” 4 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 34H 40′ 51” + 00H 28′ 33” 00H 02′ 00” 5 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 34H 53′ 49” + 00H 41′ 31” 00H 01′ 00” 6 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 34H 53′ 50” + 00H 41′ 32” 7 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 34H 56′ 36” + 00H 44′ 18” 8 59 KLYMCIW RACING 35H 55′ 39” + 01H 43′ 21” 9 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 35H 56′ 15” + 01H 43′ 57” 00H 05′ 00” 10 19 SLOVNAFT RALLY TEAM 36H 14′ 28” + 02H 02′ 10” 11 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 36H 22′ 31” + 02H 10′ 13” 00H 30′ 00” 12 11 SHERCO TVS RALLY FACTORY 36H 32′ 19” + 02H 20′ 01” 00H 15′ 00” 13 56 YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA 36H 45′ 38” + 02H 33′ 20” 00H 20′ 00” 14 132 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 37H 31′ 16” + 03H 18′ 58” 15 74 FN SPEED TEAM 37H 32′ 07” + 03H 19′ 49” 00H 02′ 00” 16 25 LS2 AVENTURA TOUAREG 37H 46′ 15” + 03H 33′ 57” 00H 40′ 00” 17 14 GAS GAS FACTORY TEAM 37H 46′ 29” + 03H 34′ 11” 18 35 ORLEN TEAM 37H 50′ 37” + 03H 38′ 19” 19 28 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 37H 53′ 46” + 03H 41′ 28” 00H 14′ 00” 20 42 SOLARYS RACING 37H 56′ 05” + 03H 43′ 47” 00H 03′ 00” 21 41 SOLARYS RACING 38H 00′ 45” + 03H 48′ 27” 22 7 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 38H 14′ 49” + 04H 02′ 31” 00H 15′ 00” 23 18 BAS DAKAR KTM RACING TEAM 38H 26′ 27” + 04H 14′ 09” 00H 15′ 00” 24 95 NOMADE RACING 38H 43′ 17” + 04H 30′ 59” 00H 07′ 00” 25 37 HT RALLY RAID HUSQVARNA RACING 39H 04′ 23” + 04H 52′ 05” 00H 03′ 00” 26 29 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 39H 25′ 40” + 05H 13′ 22” 27 53 YAMAHA FINO MOTOR RACING 40H 05′ 59” + 05H 53′ 41” 00H 21′ 00” 28 51 FN SPEED TEAM 40H 10′ 12” + 05H 57′ 54” 00H 13′ 00” 29 44 AUTONET MOTORCYCLE TEAM 41H 14′ 44” + 07H 02′ 26” 30 34 ARUNAS GELAZNINKAS 41H 28′ 15” + 07H 15′ 57” 00H 15′ 00”
  17. If you find yourself awash in cash this December, and you feel like buying a new-to-you motorcycle, there’s another option besides the usual dealership purchase: you can hie thee to Las Vegas, and pick up something at the Bonhams motorcycle auction. Bonhams has just added two private collections to its January sale, with rare race bikes and other vintage machines. Perhaps the most interesting racer is the 1941 Indian Big Base Scout factory racer, with 45 ci engine. It’s expected to bring in as much as $90,000 US. There’s also a 1948 Indian factory racer in the same price range. That’s a lot of dough, and if you’re not feeling quite that spendy, you can instead opt for the 1913 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne board track racing motorcycle, with 1000 cc OHV V-twin engine—possibly the only example of this NUT in existence (there’s also a NUT from 1925, if you miss out on the 1913 machine). Bonhams is also auctioning off a rare Matchless, a G45 racer from 1955 that is thought to have been run by ex-South African Champion ‘Beppe’ Castellani. There’s also early Harley-Davidson and Excelsior board trackers for sale. Other interesting motorcycles at this year’s auction include a running, original condition, unrestored 1918 Harley-Davidson Twin Model J, a 1938 AJS Model 2, a 1948 Vincent Rapide and a 1949 Vincent Black Shadow C. The highest sale is expected to be a 1940 Crocker Big Tank V-twin, with an extremely detailed and interesting history. It’s expected to bring in about $500,000 US, far outstripping any of the other bikes (next closest is that Black Shadow C, expected to bring in about $100,000). This year’s auction is at a new location, at Caesar’s Entertainment Studios behind Bally’s, just off The Strip. The auction runs Thursday, January 23. For a complete listing of motorcycles, visit the Bonhams website. Vezi sursa
  18. DHS Bike Parts fuzionează cu AfiSport

    DHS Bike Parts și AfiSport au anunțat finalizarea procesului de fuziune a celor două entități, marcând astfel preluarea operațiunilor retailerului AfiSport de către distribuitorul național de echipamente sportive DHS Bike Parts. Ca urmare a acestei acțiuni, DHS Bike Parts, distribuitor de echipamente velo și sportive, cu un număr impresionant de magazine fizice care îi preiau produsele, își face intrarea în sectorul comerțului electronic prin preluarea operațiunilor diviziei online a AfiSport. Venită în întâmpinarea clienților interesați în achiziția digital a produselor din portofoliul DHS Bike Parts, distribuitor al mărcilor de bicicletă DHS, Devron, Kreativ și Venture, dar și importator al unora dintre cele mai importante mărci de piese și accesorii din industrie, precum SRAM, Topeak, WTB, Mitas sau O’Neal, acestă fuziune va oferi, prin intermediul site-ului, acces direct la mii de produse la prețuri competitive. Fără a modifica profilul și accesibilitatea celor două entități, această fuziune are ca scop îmbunătățirea calității serviciilor, precum și creșterea numărului de produse oferite clienților, păstrând prin modelul acesta de distribuție prețurile la un nivel avantajos pentru aceștia. Începând cu anul 2020, toate activitățile derulate în mediul online prin intermediul platformei reprezintă activități comerciale ale DHS Bike Parts. Sursa: Freerider
  19. Recently, BMW Motorrad seemed to be on a roll with its electric motorcycle options. The company’s Vision DC Roadster is seeing its fair share of press. Not only has BMW’s electric powerplant been news, but the company’s use of carbon fiber frame components have also been featured widely. To top that off, BMW recently filed a patent application for wireless charging of motorcycles through a bike’s sidestand placed on a charging pad. A drawing from BMW’s patent application for wireless motorcycle charging. Simply extend your sidestand and wirelessly charge your electric motorcycle. Image credit: BMW Motorrad Schramm talks electric BMW motorcycles So probably no-one would have argued with you that BMW is on the charge with electric motorcycle technology. Until that is, BMW Motorrad CEO Dr. Markus Schramm threw a heaping bucket of water on the newly started campfire. Speaking in an article in Cycle News, Schramm said the following: As the Vision DC Roadster concept shows, we see this as a power portfolio of the future. In the urban environment, it is possible that there will be an electric BMW motorcycle in five years. In the touring, off-road, and sport segments, I am not sure that we will see them. BMW branded bikes like the DC Roadster won’t see production for at least 5 years, if ever. Photo credit: BMW Motorrad What about the future of motorcycles? Schram said: I am convinced that the motorcycle as a product becomes more and more important—not about commuting, but as leisure product. Electric mobility will be important for motorcycles in urban areas within five years. There you have it. None other than the CEO of BMW Motorrad is on the record that there won’t be a BMW branded electric motorcycle for a few years. And, if BMW does produce an electric motorcycle, it will be as an urban commuter, not a leisure product. I guess that we can now say that BMW’s CEO is committed to internal combustion engines at least in the near term. And, that BMW’s electric motorcycle future is focused on the urban environment. Featured image credit: BMW Motorrad Vezi sursa
  20. Probabil majoritatea celor care se antrenează pe bicicletă în spațiul virtual Zwift au observat că de vreo 2 ani au apărut și alergătorii. Într-adevăr, Zwift oferă posibilitatea de ceva vreme să și alergi prin lumile sale virtuale. Însă pentru a face acest lucru, e nevoie de date precise de viteză. Până recent, datele acestea puteau să fie captate de la un podometru, senzor ce se montează pe pantoful de alergare și numără pașii efectuați, după care pașii sunt înmulțiți cu lungimea lor medie pentru a afla distanța. Lungimea pasului se poate fie declara, fie ea se poate calcula de computerele moderne de alergare la antrenamentele în exterior, unde există posibilitatea de a măsura viteza și distanța și după GPS. Oricum, metoda nu e foarte exactă. Noul senzor optic NPE Runn permite măsurarea foarte precisă a vitezei. Acesta se montează pe lateralul benzii de alergare și detectează direct viteza cu care se rotește banda, dar și înclinația acesteia! Cu ajutorul unor benzi adezive temporare ce nu lasă reziduuri, sistemul poate fi folosit cu succes chiar și la sala de fitness, nu doar pe banda proprie de alergare de acasă! In mod evident, măsurarea vitezei benzii este mult mai precisă decât orice podometru. Senzorul este disponibil în secțiunea magazin a paginii Zwift, la prețul de 90 Euro fără transport. Sursa: Freerider
  21. Cleveland CycleWerks, the “other” American motorcycle manufacturer (sort of), is working on a new electric motorcycle project, to be unveiled in March. Cleveland CycleWerks is based in Ohio as the name implies, but up until now, its bikes have been built overseas. The range of small-capacity twins and singles has been built in China, with design input coming from CCW founder Scott Colosimo. The first bikes in the line were air-cooled single-cylinder retros, based around Chinese adaptations of the Honda CG125 design. As years have passed, CCW has diversified, adding parallel twin models, a liquid-cooled supermoto/trailbike line. and even a battery-powered bike that could best be described as a crossover between an e-bike and a full-capacity electric motorcycle. Cleveland CycleWerks has also offered a wide variety of factory accessory parts, unlike most made-in-China manufacturers. However, Colosimo has said from the beginning that he wanted to build made-in-the-USA bikes, but he was unable to do so because he wasn’t able to source the parts he needed locally. Now, he’s working on a new project that will allow Cleveland CycleWerks to bring production back to the US, and also expand further into the EV world. The new electric motorcycle project is known as #FalconRising, because hashtags are how marketeering gets done these days. The name is pretty much all we know about the machine; the CCW website has some vague photos on the project’s sub-page, but no real details on range, power, recharge time, or anything else. It does, however, say “#FalconRising will be our first made in the USA (Cleveland) E Mobility vehicle, which has been a goal of Scott Colosimo (our founder) since inception.” Does that mean it’ll be entirely made from US-sourced parts? Not likely, as not even Harley-Davidson or Indian can say that. CCW is also looking for pre-orders on this project. You can find more details about that, and about the official unveiling of the bike on March 20, at the Cleveland CycleWerks website. Vezi sursa
  22. Dakar 2020 Stage 9: Brabec Continues to Lead

    Rally Dakar 2020 Stage 9 kicked off with riders tackling terrain similar to Moroccan deserts today. The brutally long (886km total, 477 special) stage between Wadi Al Dawasir and Haradh, a challenging stretch leading into a sea of sand, was especially tough for motorcycle riders: most of them still keep the tragically deceased Paulo Goncalves in their thoughts. Ricky Brabec, the overall leader of the rally so far, said: “it’s hard to race after this tragedy, but you know, the show has to go on and we have to accept the fact that what’s happened, happened…and just stay focused”. [embedded content] Brabec finished in the fourth position today with Pablo Quintanilla close on his heels, but the American is still well ahead in the general rankings. With just three more days to go, is Ricky Brabec going to make history for the US and Honda in this Dakar? Dakar 2020 Stage 9 stage rankings are as follows: 1 5 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 03H 30′ 33” 2 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 03H 32′ 27” + 00H 01′ 54” 3 12 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 03H 33′ 15” + 00H 02′ 42” 4 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 03H 34′ 28” + 00H 03′ 55” 5 18 BAS DAKAR KTM RACING TEAM 03H 36′ 03” + 00H 05′ 30” 6 7 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 03H 36′ 23” + 00H 05′ 50” 7 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 03H 36′ 41” + 00H 06′ 08” 8 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 03H 36′ 56” + 00H 06′ 23” 9 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 03H 37′ 30” + 00H 06′ 57” 10 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 03H 38′ 40” + 00H 08′ 07” 11 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 03H 40′ 01” + 00H 09′ 28” 12 25 LS2 AVENTURA TOUAREG 03H 41′ 09” + 00H 10′ 36” 13 132 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 03H 41′ 40” + 00H 11′ 07” 14 74 FN SPEED TEAM 03H 43′ 27” + 00H 12′ 54” 00H 01′ 00” 15 59 KLYMCIW RACING 03H 43′ 50” + 00H 13′ 17” 16 47 KLYMCIW RACING 03H 44′ 52” + 00H 14′ 19” 17 19 SLOVNAFT RALLY TEAM 03H 45′ 22” + 00H 14′ 49” 18 56 YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA 03H 45′ 30” + 00H 14′ 57” 19 11 SHERCO TVS RALLY FACTORY 03H 45′ 36” + 00H 15′ 03” 20 28 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 03H 46′ 46” + 00H 16′ 13” Vezi sursa
  23. Africa Eco Race 2020: Road to Dakar

    While the Rally Dakar Stage 8 has been cancelled for motorcycles and quads today, the Africa Eco Race 2020, in the meantime, is in full swing with the rally moving South. The general rankings are still dominated by Italian Alessandro Botturi, Norwegian Anders Ullevalseter, and Lyndon Poskitt who has been posting excellent race updates on his YouTube channel: [embedded content] Although Poskitt and his team make it look easy, the race to Dakar is anything but. Facing tricky navigation, tough terrain, and long distances, the AER competitors are starting to feel the fatigue. Today, motorcycles started before 5.30 am to make it from Dakhla to Chami, a total of 559 km to the next bivouac. Poskitt and team seem to be impressed by the Africa Eco Race organization, as well as the pristine Saharan dunes and the surreal landscapes. However, the rally is merely halfway through, and most riders admit that a finish alone would be a huge win. Andrew Houlihan, Aussie rider who manages to find time to send me an update when he can, tells me the Mauritanian tracks were mostly sandy and fast. “Starting in P50, I had a lot of dust to deal with and almost had a big crash in some rocks at high speed so I decided to back off a bit. I think I finished in 19th position which I’m happy with. Big day tomorrow!”, Andrew said. Currently, he is in the 31st position in the overall rankings – a great result on his road to Dakar 2021. Andrew Houlihan starting before dawn This year’s Africa Eco Race has a very special rider among the competitors, the Italian racer Nicola Dutto who is riding his KTM without the use of his legs. Disqualified from Rally Dakar 2019 for missing one waypoint too many, Dutto is back in the game racing in the AER 2020. Six more unpredictable Africa Eco Race stages to go before competitors reach the final bivouac in Dakar, Senegal, on the 19th of January. Images: Africa Eco Race Vezi sursa
  24. BMW Patenting Wireless Charger For Motorcycles

    BMW Motorrad’s commitment to electric motorcycles appears to be growing. The German moto manufacturer has applied for a patent that will allow an electric motorcycle to recharge wirelessly. BMW’s approach is quite innovative for a motorcycle charging system. An illustration in its patent filing shows a motorcycle sidestand placed on a charging pad that is plugged into a wall. Both the sidestand incorporates a wireless charging receiver while the charging pad incorporates an AC coil. Once the two come into contact, the AC coil in the tip of the sidestand converts electromagnetic current from the charging pad into electricity that is sent to the motorcycle’s battery. Simply extend your sidestand and wirelessly charge your electric motorcycle. Image credit: BMW Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t cover key parameters that most motorcycle riders would like to know. For example, the patent doesn’t disclose the level of charging the wireless set up can provide. So we presently have no idea about whether the system provides charging similar to level 1 or level 2 charging systems. Electrek thinks that the BMW system will likely provide charging similar to level 1 standards. Normally, level 1 systems are equated to overnight charging. It likely won’t achieve the faster charging that level 2 or DC fast charging can provide. So for charging while out and about, perhaps this idea isn’t going to set the world on fire. But as a home-use system, it could be interesting. You could simply ride into your garage at the end of the day and extend your sidestand onto the pad. Get off the bike and walk away. There’d be no need to plug the bike in and when you leave the following morning, you’ve got a full charge. Interesting times these. Vezi sursa
  25. Honda Looking At A Motorcycle Supercharging?

    Honda has shown interest in supercharging motorcycles for several years now. But the company never produced a supercharged motorcycle. But that may change. Honda filed a patent application for a supercharged saddle-type vehicle in 2017. The patent application emphasized the placement of the supercharger on a saddle-type vehicle. Honda claims that its invention makes production and assembly of the supercharger more simple. Patent issued It took a few years, but the United States Patent Office recently issued patent number 10,526,982 B2 to Honda for their supercharger. The patent shows the supercharger attached to the side of the engine of a naked bike with a trellis frame. Think Japanese version of Ducati’s venerable Monster. A closeup of Honda’s supercharging solution from its patent. Image credit: USPTO The patent shows a supercharger mounted to a V-twin engine with direct fuel injection. To quote the patent: “…internal combustion engine with a supercharger for a saddle-ride type vehicle wherein the internal combustion engine is a V-type internal combustion engine including a front bank and a rear bank, wherein one of the front bank and the rear bank is provided with the TBW throttle device.” Producible means less expensive? What’s very interesting is that the patent emphasizes ease of assembly and producibility. Does the newly released patent indicate that big red is serious about production? If they are, Honda will not be in a very crowded market space. Only one other manufacturer, Kawasaki, presently has a supercharged model in its lineup. It’s found in the brand’s Ninja H2 line and each Ninja H2 model variant is quite pricey. The lowest price model is the Ninja H2 SX that comes with a retail price of $19,000 (€17,060/£14635). Kawasaki is the only company presently producing supercharged motorcycles like the H2 SX pictured here. Photo credit: Kawasaki If Honda Honda’s patented and claimed simpler to produce supercharger can be manufactured with an affordable price tag, it will have created its own product niche. They’ll have the only supercharged machine at an affordable price. It’s not clear how much savings Honda’s patented supercharger can provide. But if Honda can bring a less expensive machine to market, they could take a chunk of Team Green’s “supercharging monopoly.” Vezi sursa
  26. Super73 S1: The minibike goes electric

    The Super73 isn’t your daddy’s electric bike. Or maybe it is? Ask people who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s about their first motorcycle, and many of them will have their eyes glaze over as they talk about the wondrous minibikes that powered the two-wheeled revolution in those days. All the big players, and plenty of smaller outfits as well, built small-capacity motorcycles that were intended for low-speed ripping about in the backyard, or at the cottage. Honda’s monkey bikes might be the most famous, providing the entry for many into the world of motorcycling. Well, thanks to regulations, the rising cost of motorcycles, changing budget priorities and probably 50 other factors, minibikes just aren’t as popular anymore. But, Super73 is aiming to change that. California-based Super73 is now shipping its S1 electric minibike, a stripped-down machine that bears many similarities to the minibikes of old. Technically, speaking, it’s a moped, as it has both a motor and pedals, and it seems intended to be a pedal-assisted bike, like most e-bikes. It just happens to look a little different. According to the site’s official blurb: The SUPER73-S1 is a high performance, street legal and long-range electric bike with no license or registration required. It’s a unique commuter vehicle or weekend cruiser complete with a high output LED headlight, rear brake light, and sturdy cargo rack. It is designed for rider comfort, with its natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat. It’s designed to fit riders from 4’9” to 6’9” (145cm to 206cm) and features 4″ wide fat tires to ensure a smooth ride. Its compact size means you can ride and park anywhere a bicycle can. Plus, it easily fits in a car or train for your daily commute. Well, looking at it closely, it’s unlikely a 6-foot-nine rider is going to be bragging about all-day comfort. And, seeing as the battery is super-small, calling it a “long-range” electric bike is also a bit cheeky. Even Super73 themselves admit, further down the page, that range is about 35-40 miles on full battery charge, at 20 mph, and “The maximum range of a full charge depends on many variables such as age of battery, slope, and type of terrain, rider weight, speed, outside temperature, riding style, pedaling input, and tire pressure.” The pedal assist feature can be set to one of three different power output levels, and if your battery dies (it’s a removable 48V 14.5 Ah, assembled from Panasonic cells), then you can pedal as you would a normal bicycle. The battery powers a 500-watt nominal, 1000-watt rear hub motor The S1 is easily transported in a car, if you want to head out to the cottage for the weekend. Photo: Super73 The S1 weighs 70 lb, and has 275 lb carrying capacity. It’s highly interesting to see this machine, because while it’s an e-bike and not a full electric motorcycle, it appears to be an effort to move towards the same ideas that worked so well for minibikes in the past: minimal offroad capability, groovy styling, and the ability to be easily transported to other locations. And the price, well it’s not super-cheap, but it’s much less than the higher-end e-bikes, at $2,200 US, with free shipping currently. Visit the Super73 website for more deets. Vezi sursa
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