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  2. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is once again bringing Vintage Motorcycle Days to the Mid-Ohio Sports car course. This year, the event will be held from July 5th – 7th. Although the vintage bikes are “stars” of the event, there will be more to see. AMA has planned several other happenings. Vintage Motorcycle Competition Attendees can expect plenty of competitive action during the show. AMA has scheduled plenty of vintage road racing, motocross, hare scrambles, flat track, and trials competitions. Vintage Hare Scrambles. Photo credit: AMA Exhibitions In addition to the trials competition, the event will also host an Xtreme Trials exhibition. Both both motorcycles and bicycles will be featured. Riders will face obstacles that will test riders’ balance and skill. Many of the scheduled riders are among the top performers in the NATC/AMA Moto Trials National Championship series. There will be a Trials demonstration for motorcycles and bicycles. Fans will also be able to watch riders perform inside a motordrome. The motordrome consists of a vertical walled wooden cylinder 30 feet across and 14 feet high. Inside, riders perform tricks and acrobatic maneuvers on vintage bikes while spectators watch from a platform near the top of the wall. Vintage motocross. Photo credit: AMA Vendors A large vendor area will be selling motorcycle related gear and services. Past vendors have included vintage and modern gear sellers, painters, pinstripers, tools and, community garages. There will also be a large parts swap meet area. Discussion There will also be forum discussions covering numerous topics including motorcycle restoration and travel. Three AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame members will also host discussions. Trials demonstration. Photo credit: AMA Tickets are available for purchase online at or at the gate during the event. A full weekend pass is $60, single-day admission on Friday or Saturday is $40 and a single-day admission for Sunday is $35. Children 12 and younger are free. If you are an AMA member, you can receive a $15 discount through June 8 by visiting Vezi sursa
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  4. The Crossfire 3 SRS (Sole Replacement System) is a motocross-style boot in the upper echelons of style, comfort, and safety. For certain, they represent premium Italian footwear with plentiful features and extensive refinement, now in their third version. SIDI’s Crossfire series of boots have defined themselves in the crowded hoard of off-road motorcycle boots with a propensity for abuse and a utilitarian nature. They are a hard-wearing boot with a proven racing pedigree and the high-level protection needed for aggressive off-road adventure rides. ADVERTISEMENT I was excited to test the Crossfire 3 since the last generation was still in heavy rotation, and the new iteration is steeped with additional features. Updates include a redesigned dual flex ankle hinge system with hyperextension/hyperflexion stops, reshaped shock resistant heel, and a wider calf opening to accommodate knee braces & riders with thicker legs alike. Returning features that I especially appreciated on the previous model include the quick micro adjusting buckles, svelte non-booty design, and serviceability with nearly every part of the boot being replaceable. How They Performed The first gauge of performance with any pair of moto boots is how well they break-in, especially with MX-style boots that are notoriously rigid and cumbersome. I was pleased to find that the Crossfire 3s quickly became comfortable, even compared to more pliable adventure boots. I gambled on this when we departed on a multi-day trip, spanning several thousand miles after only wearing the boots for an hour or two around the house. By the end of day two, the new Crossfires felt like home and happily protected my legs for the remainder of the trip. Dakar and Baja legend Jimmy Lewis ripping it up in his SIDI Crossfire 3 moto boots. Throughout testing of these boots, they logged over 10,000 miles and saw just about every type of riding terrain, conditions, and weather imaginable. Despite their intended motocross purpose, this particular set was primarily used for off-road adventure travel and dirt bike forays. As previously stated, they were very comfortable from the get-go and offered peace of mind in all manner of riding. While they’ve been in service, rocks were punted, crashes were sustained, motorcycles were dropped on them, and they were regularly submerged in water. Besides minor bumps and bruises, my feet and lower legs remained unscathed. Sometimes toes were a bit sore or ankles were a little stiff the day following a ride, but all serious injuries were averted. After one lousy get-off that involved cartwheeling through tumbleweeds then slamming into a bank of river rock feet first, I walked away stunned but unscathed and I knew these boots had proved their worth. [embedded content] A key feature of the new SIDI Crossfire 3 is the Sole Replacement System (SRS) that allows for easy replacement of worn out soles with just a screwdriver. The boots come standard with smooth motocross style soles, but SIDI does offer more-aggressive enduro soles as well. I stuck with the stock treads and they proved adequate during testing, without any adverse effects on slick surfaces or when hiking around. SIDI’s method of not using an inner booty makes these boots feel very agile compared to similar moto boot models and is the key to their slim profile. Dexterity was noticeably better when walking, or operating controls than with previous generations, especially after the leather segments had worn to perfection. This pair of SIDI Crossfire 3s logged over 10,000 miles and saw just about every type of riding terrain, conditions, and weather imaginable. In mild and cold temperatures, these boots felt stellar and frigid toes were of no concern even with lightweight socks. However, warmer climates and high temperatures posed a challenge for these decidedly stuffy boots. It was one of the only areas where the Crossfire 3, much like their predecessors, functioned less than ideally. The Cambrelle liner, while comfortable, doesn’t disperse moisture as effectively as Gore-Tex and they were prone to developing an inhospitable tropical climate. To be fair, this has been our experience with most boots in this category — hard to avoid with this degree of defense. On the flip side of this coin, while not waterproof, they did an admirable job keeping moisture out (as they did keeping it in). Only when wholly submerged or exposed to persistent driving rain did my feet actually get wet. This made them a better all-around adventure boot than initially anticipated and for that reason they got much more use on our extended trips. Despite their weight and size, the Crossfires seemingly disappeared on my feet and were a non-issue on long days, even when those days included some hiking. It cannot be understated how form-fitting and personalized these boots felt with all of the micro adjustments available and high-end materials. The comfort of the Crossfires is second only to their first-rate protective qualities. They also aged well and did not require any significant maintenance or repairs during our extensive testing. The only parts on these boots that required regular attention were the hinges & pivot points that would whine incessantly if not treated with lubricant. Once the boots got wet again, this would all be for not, and you would have to start the process over or endure announcing your presence a half a mile in advance. Who Are They For? These boots are for anyone with serious off-road aspirations or those wishing to equip themselves with the highest level of protection available. Not well suited for tasks like commuting but ideal for someone who regularly tests the limit of their riding abilities in the dirt. Simply put they are just as well suited for a weekend warrior as they are for a professional racer. Our Verdict While the Crossfire 3s represent a significant investment, they also offer a seemingly endless lifespan, as every wear part is replaceable. SIDI went to great lengths to make this boot exceptionally tough and serviceable, deeming them worthy of the initial buy-in. As with all motocross-style boots, some degree of mobility and comfort is sacrificed when compared to less protective adventure boots, but this particular boot doesn’t sacrifice much in the comfort department. What We Liked High level of protection while sacrificing minimal mobility. Comfortable almost immediately even on excessively long days. Adjustability that allows for a custom fit feel even when wearing knee braces. Non-booty design that allows for a sleek profile and less girth. Versatility across many different types of riding. Serviceable with nearly every part of the boot being replaceable including the sole. What Could Be Improved A little more heat displacement in the lower regions of the boot. Full waterproofing would make this boot unstoppable! Noisy hinges and pivot points that require regular attention. SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Specs COLOR: Blk, Wht, Blk/Wht, and various color combinations SIZES: 7.5-12.5 (41-47 Euro) PRICE: $595 Shopping Options Author: Spencer Hill “The Gear Dude” has been fueling his motorcycle addiction with adventure since first swinging his leg over a bike in 2010. Whether he’s exploring his own backyard in the Pacific Northwest or crisscrossing the United States, Spencer is always in search of scenic off-road routes, epic camping locations and the best gear possible. He began writing shortly after taking up two-wheel travel to share his experiences and offer insight with his extensive backpacking, camping and overland background.
  5. Trei prieteni s-au hotărât să plece în aventura vieţii şi să încerce vestul îndepartat al Mongoliei. Au spus că e o idee bună să combine aici, într-una din cele mai slab populate regiuni din lume, mtb-ul cu packrafting. Planul a fost ca cei trei să traverseze munţii Altai, într-o aventură care a durat 12 zile. [embedded content] Sursa: Freerider
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    Las' ca e bine ca facem rating Topicul nu trebuie inchis. Mai avem de postat poze si impresii dupa intrunire. Chestiunile legate de sedinta cred ca ar trebui discutate dincolo in discutia privata.
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    dar nu înainte de a preciza dacă se mai tine ședința cu ordinea de zi propusa de Silviu, sau nu. Colegii pot veni, indiferent de locul unde sunt cazați.
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    La multi ani cu sănătate Silviu!
  9. Cunoscutul concurs de ciclism cross country Rocket Bike Fest, care are loc în pădurea Cernica, Bucureşti, se va desfăşura anul acesta pe 1 iunie. După ce în 2018 evenimentul nu s-a ţinut, în 2019 organizatorii revin cu forţe proaspete şi propun mai multe variante de concurs adresate întregii familii, de la cei mai mici la cei mai mari, cu ocazia Zilei Copilului. Rocket Bike Fest 2017 – foto Caius BololoiEvenimentul are loc pe potecile şi drumurile forestiere din pădurea Cernica, iar startul se află lângă Cabana Cernica AGVPS. Accesul la start se face doar pe jos sau pe bicicletă. Dacă veniţi cu maşina, aceasta va fi parcată la drum, pe DJ301. Denumirea concursului nu este întâmplătoare. Traseul de concurs, în lungime de 6 km, este foarte rapid, dar şi tehnic datorită potecii înguste şi virajelor necontenite. Aşadar nu contează atât de mult că diferenţa de nivel este mică la Rocket Bike Fest, dacă tu vei pedala în viteză maximă pe poteca ce şerpuieşte printre copaci. Rocket Bike Fest 2017 – foto Caius BololoiÎn total sunt 4 categorii de concurs: Copii, Family, Juniori şi Hobby, fiecare cu specificul ei. Spre exemplu pentru Copii traseul are doar 1 km, iar la Family se parcurge de două ori traseul de 6 km. Fiind un eveniment atât de important şi adresat unui public numeros şi variat, la Rocket Bike Fest 2019 vor fi mai multe starturi. Se va începe la ora 9 cu startul categoriei Hobby, iar concursul va dura 60 minute plus o tură. La 10:40 va fi al 2lea start pentru Juniori, care vor concura 40 minute plus o tură. Starturile continuă până la ora 13:30 când vor pleca în concurs cei înscrişi la categoria Family. Rocket Bike Fest 2017 – foto Caius BololoiRocket Bike Fest este însă un eveniment special întrucât are ca obiectiv conștientizarea autismului și susținerea programelor de integrare a copiilor diagnosticați cu tulburări de spectru autist. Inițiat de Asociația Help Autism și BikeXpert în anul 2013, Rocket Bike Fest a strâns în cele 8 ediții organizate, peste 3500 de concurenți și peste 7000 de participanți, zeci de parteneri, sponsori și susținători media. Cu cei 40.000 Euro strânși la edițiile din 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 și 2017, Rocket Bike Fest a dăruit sute de ore de terapie și a însemnat șansa la recuperare pentru 500 de copii cu tulburări de spectru autist. Rocket Bike Fest 2017 – foto Caius BololoiConfirmare a faptului că evenimentul este unul care contează şi care poate schimba vieţi, a fost premiul primit de Rocket Bike Fest când a fost desemnat “Proiectul de voluntariat al anului 2013 în domeniul sport și recreere” la Gala Națională a Voluntarilor, un an mai târziu în cadrul Galei Oameni pentru Oameni 2014 aducând distincția “Cea mai de impact intervenție în comunitate a unui antreprenor” pentru echipa Bikexpert. Înscrierile la Rocket Bike Fest 2019 continuă până pe data de 30 mai. Taxa de participare variaza între 30 lei şi 85 lei în funcţie de data la care faci înscrierea şi categoria la care vrei să participi. Sursa: Freerider
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    Sa inchida cineva topicul si sa ne vedem sanatosi In stilul asta nu mai terminam cu discutiile Ce naiba bre, n-ati avut jucarii cand ati fost mici.
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    Era mai bine daca-l aratai cu degetul direct pe Adi Bujie daca de el e vorba . Nu mai iesea tam-tam. Nici eu nu sunt de acord cu citatul de mai sus. Motociclismul e sport scump doar pt faptul ca iti trebuie echipament. In rest e la fel ca la masina ca si acolo bagi bani in reparatii. Iar cazarea nu are legatura nici cu doua nici cu patru roti.
  12. Italian billet accessory manufacturer Rizoma has released a line of billet products for Husqvarna’s love it or hate it Svartpilen 401. Unquestionably, the machine has a style all its own. And Rizoma thinks people will want to make changes to their bikes to personalize and improve the bike’s looks. A Rizoma clad Svartpilen 401. Photo credit: Rizoma Although these products will not improve your Svartpilen, they will definitely modify the look of your machine for a more personal touch. Rizoma’s Svartpilen 401 website shows more than 45 mostly billet items designed specifically for the Swedish brand’s unusual looking machine. Billet accessories from Rizoma. Photo credit: Rizoma Parts available range from simple bar ends to more complex to manufacture items like turn signals and footpegs. Machined parts are not cheap, and quality Rizoma products are no exception. Prices for billet items (not including adapters etc.) start at around €50 (~$56) and go up from there. But these are not cheap knockoff products, they are good looking enhancements for the Svartpilen 401 and other machines. Rizoma fender eliminator for the Svartpilen 401. Photo credit: Rizoma Whether billet accessories are your cup of tea or not, the Rizoma billet items are pretty trick. Vezi sursa
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    De parca tu ai fi un ingras Multumesc din suflet tuturor
  14. La Multi Ani!

    "La multi ani!"...bosorog nesuferit!
  15. Andrei Popa de la clubul CSTA Bucuresti merge in acest sfarsit de saptamana in Polonia pentru a alerga in calificarile Campionatului Mondial de Speeway. Între 25 si 25 mai 2019 se desfasoara la Cracovia runda a III-a a calificarilor pentru Campionatul Mondial de Dirt Track. Andrei va alerga în cea de a III-a grupă și concurează la clasa U21. Pagina de Facebook dedicată acestui eveniment este disponibilă aici. Mult succes!
  16. Andrei Popa de la clubul CSTA Bucuresti merge in acest sfarsit de saptamana in Polonia pentru a alerga in calificarile Campionatului Mondial de Speeway. Între 25 si 25 mai 2019 se desfasoara la Cracovia runda a III-a a calificarilor pentru Campionatul Mondial de Dirt Track. Andrei va alerga în cea de a III-a grupă și concurează la clasa U21. Pagina de Facebook dedicată acestui eveniment este disponibilă aici. Mult succes!
  17. Mult succes sportivului Florea Ionut de la clubul Gerula Racing care concureaza in acest an in etapa a II-a din Campionatul European de Rally Raid. Această etapă are loc in Grecia intre 20 si 26 mai 2019 in zona Karpenissi. Hellas Adventure Raid 2019 are șapte zile de concurs în care vor fi parcurse între 80 și 250 de km. Detaliile concursului și ale fiecărei probe speciale sunt disponibile aici. Regulamentul Particular al Hellas Adventure Raid 2019 este disponibil aici.
  18. Mult succes sportivului Florea Ionut de la clubul Gerula Racing care concureaza in acest an in etapa a II-a din Campionatul European de Rally Raid. Această etapă are loc in Grecia intre 20 si 26 mai 2019 in zona Karpenissi. Hellas Adventure Raid 2019 are șapte zile de concurs în care vor fi parcurse între 80 și 250 de km. Detaliile concursului și ale fiecărei probe speciale sunt disponibile aici. Regulamentul Particular al Hellas Adventure Raid 2019 este disponibil aici.
  19. La Multi Ani!

    La multi ani Silviu!!!
  20. Into The Wild Overland is a company that I’m guessing almost all of you have never heard of, myself included. They had a product on display at Overland Expo that might be of interest to some of you. I know a lot of riders love to set up base camp at a trailhead and go ride for days or weeks in one area coming back to camp nightly. A tent or hammock is obviously the cheapest way to do this, and then maybe sleeping out of the back of your truck somehow but if you are looking for a little more comfort, you might be thinking about a Sprinter Van or similar. The problem with those vans, if you aren’t on the road full time, is its an extra vehicle, more insurance, and related costs, has to be parked outside full time unless you have a big shop space, because, maybe, it doesn’t work with your 9-5 life…and fully kitted out new vans can be in the $100-150,000 range Into the Wild Overland had a couple of trailers on display, small enough to fit in your garage, light enough to be towed by just about anything. Fully kitted out, solar powered as a stand-alone vehicle with no need to plug into the grid. The difference between their trailer and others I saw is it is made to hold a motorcycle across the tongue, specifically designed to do so, not an afterthought, and not teeter-tottering on a trailer hitch. This IS NOT a paid post, or advertising, just something I saw over the weekend at the show and thought a number of you might have some interest in. I asked the owner, Matt to join and put this in the vendor section and start a thread, as we are his target audience, that way you could ask any question you want or maybe just go to his website and get more details Vezi sursa
  21. Not Quite Summer

    ADVrider writer Zac (@kawazacky) is currently the riding the Cabot Trail. He took this beautiful photo today in Meat Cove, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It was snowing that morning. Have you ridden the Cabot Trail? Let us know in the comments below. ➡️ 📷 Have you taken an interesting photo? Send it to us to be featured on Photo of the Day by filling out this form. Vezi sursa
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  24. Lista închisă si transmisa cred ca se poate inchide topicul
  25. Pedală în Bănie

    Pedală în Bănie Craiova, Salaj, Romania
  26. Nu mai este mult până când bike parcul Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis îşi deschide porţile spre public. În weekendul 7-9 iunie tinerii mtb-işti, dar şi familiile vor lua parte la marea deschidere. În acel weekend în Austria este şi „Ziua tatălui”, aşa că administratorii zonei au pregătit surprize pentru părinţi şi copii. Iată-l şi pe Jackson Goldstone, de doar 14 ani, cum îl învaţă câte ceva pe tatăl său, dându-se amândoi pe traseele din Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. [embedded content] [embedded content] (foto Christian Waldegger / Staronphoto) Sursa: Freerider
  27. Intrunirea anuala 2019

    Ok, atunci iti multumesc pentru apreciere. Ba chiar asta am vrut, sa le bat obrazul tradatorilor si am mentionat ca m-am referit la cei care la inceputul discutiilor din acest an au sustinut vehement Calimanestiul ca locatie (subintelegandu-se prin Calimanesti de fapt complexul balnear Cozia cu bazinele lui termale) si dupa ce Silviu s-a zbatut, si-a sacrificat din timpul propriu, a cheltuit bani cu drumuri, telefoane, mesaje catre locatie, si-a consumat nervi si sanatate si-a pus gaj obrazul pentru rezervarea a 50 camere, cei care au dat tonul la exodul catre alte locatii, creand o stare de dezbinare, au fost exact unii dintre cei care au vrut intrunirea musai la Cozia. La inceputul discutiilor, cineva scria mesaje de genul, citez: "cine are bani vine cine nu nu!!!sa stea acasă!!!motociclismul este un sport scump!!!" si el a fost primul care a dezertat catre alta locatie. Bineinteles ca fiecare face ce doreste cu proprii bani si ii cheltuie unde vrea dar eu vorbesc aici despre atitudinea si respectul dintre noi. Si pentru mine conteaza 100 lei, dar suta de lei nu o voi pune niciodata mai presus decat respectul pentru colegi. p.s. departe de mine gandul ca tu ai fi asa cum ai spus si ai prinde mai greu.
  28. Nu, mai repede un motor de NX650, e mai compact.
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