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The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations
[font="Arial"][list][*]FEMA's purpose is to promote, protect and preserve motorcycling.[*]FEMA's Mission is to promote riders' interests and defend riders' rights throughout Europe and globally.[/list][size=2]To achieve that:[/size]

[list][*]FEMA calls for official recognition of the positive aspects of motorcycling as practical transport, addressing social inclusion, reducing congestion and limiting the take-up of land for transport use.[*]FEMA promotes the positive recreational aspects of motorcycling, particularly touring as a healthy, skilful and adventurous way of travelling which benefits communities and individuals through tourism throughout Europe.[*]FEMA calls upon all official bodies and government departments in Europe to make generous positive provision for motorcycle-based transport and recreation in policies, planning and legislation.[*]FEMA accepts that road safety is important and that it is the shared responsibility of all users, vehicle manufacturers, authorities and those responsible for the infrastructure. We promote and call for positive motorcycle-based measures rather than discouraging motorcycling.[*]FEMA will seek to maximise its membership, comprising European national riders' rights organisations which have interests, policies and principles consistent with those of FEMA, to ensure the best possible representation for all motorcyclists.[/list][/font]

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