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We are a Romanian couple of architects: Ionut, riding the bike and Ana, bickering in the back. Fuelled by Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries, an Achilles tendon rupture and past travels to Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and South-East Asia, here we are, daring ourselves to make a dream come true. We’ve been thinking about this trip for two years and preparing for it for one and, after another freak motor accident that postponed our departure by over 9 months, we finally loaded our Yamaha Tenere motorbike in a van and left Bucharest on the 11th of June. A car broken down and a two-day “cruise” by ferry from Livorno to Tanger later, we begin our trans-Africa biking adventure with a warm up month in Morocco.
Suntem cuplul Ionut - la ghidonul motocicletei si Ana, carcoting in spate. Inspirati de documentarele lui Sir David Attenborough, animati de o ruptura de tendon achilian si calatorii trecute in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong si Asia de sud-est, iata-ne traindu-ne un vis. Planuim calatoria asta de doi ani si ne pregatim pentru ea de unul, si, dupa un stupid accident, in urma caruia cu doar cateva zile inainte de plecare Ionut a fost bagat in spital de un sofer neatent, pe 11 iunie, cu 9 luni intarziere, am plecat in sfarsit in marea aventura. Inceputul a fost cu emotii: van-ul in care am urcat motorul ne-a lasat in drum la 300km de Livorno, de unde am luat ferry-ul cu destinatia Tanger Med, Maroc, tara in care am decis sa ne facem timp de o luna “mana” pentru Africa.

With over 6 years of riding under my belt, mostly on street bikes, this time I have chosen the Tenere for our 2-up RTW trip, knowing that there is no perfect bike, only the will do do something like this. The soul of my first totaled Tenere is alive in the current motorbike, after I did an engine swap to a newer, but with higher mileage 2010 machine.
Motociclist de peste 6 ani, in special pe motoare de strada (fost posesor Hornet ‘98 si ‘07), am ales pentru calatoria RTW in doi o Yamaha Tenere (stiind ca nu exista motocicleta perfecta, ci doar vointa de a face acest drum). Sufletul primei mele Tenere - distrusa in accident - ne poarta in calatorie intr-o alta Tenere, mai noua, dar initial cu mai multi km la bord, dupa ce am facut chiar eu un engine-swap.

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