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Vladimir A. Yarets - In jurul lumii

Vladimir A. Yarets, 70, a native of Minsk (Belarus), seriously believes his personality will be by right commemorated in the Guinness Book of world records. Vladimir is the first deaf person to have found determination and courage and set into a round-the-world trip on a motorbike. Currently he has traveled through more than 69 countries and covered the total distance exceeding 302.279 km.

Traveling has always been the biggest dream for Vladimir. He started his numerous journeys in 1967. The first space to conquer was the whole territory of the USSR - from Belarus to Magadan. Soviet militia was strongly against issuing the driving license to the deaf biker, which, nevertheless, did not stop him from continuing the trip. Having returned home with a pack of newspaper cuts witnessing his unique 'marathon' Yarets showed them to local authorities and finally received the driving license. Although it seemed to the Yarets family that their restless father and husband eventually settled down, Vladimir knew this wasn't the end.

The outstanding round-the-world trip was started on the 27th of May 2000, in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus. After traveling through the whole of Europe, he headed to Morocco and the Canaries. The journey resumed from an exotic point of the world map - Venezuela, whereupon Vladimir visited St Lucia Island and Puerto Rico. A ferry took him and his bike to the Dominican Republic, opening new directions for his trip - Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba. After that Belarusian adventurer set course to Florida, USA. Covering a country as vast as the States, certainly, took quite a while, however, Vladimir managed to visit every state except for Alaska and Hawaii.

A small American town Peoria turned out to be a tragic point of Vladimir Yarets's trip. He was forced to stay there for much longer than initially expected - almost a year. On the 13th October 2003, with foul weather raging and strong wind blowing furiously, Vladimir's bike crashed into a lorry. The traveler was picked up by local people and taken to the nearest hospital with numerous fractures. After hospital Vladimir continued his way to recovery in the house of one of his saviors, who kindly offered help.
At the moment Vladimir in Holland (08/30/2011)..

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