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Motorcycle Cannon Ball Endurance Run

In 2010 the brave riders of the Cannonball proved that antique motorcycles could indeed be put to the ultimate test. A test that would pit rider and machine against the North American continent. Reviving a tradition as old as the motorcycles themselves, they took a ride into history. Not only proving the capabilities of the machines,but also confirming the pioneering spirit this great country was built upon.

Collectors from around the world are realizing their dream of using their machines for the purposes they were originally intended for, and they are enjoying every minute of it. Restoration takes on a new meaning as skilled motor builders put over 100 years of mechanical knowledge into ancient iron. Motorcycles that lay silent for decades now have a reason to live. To run thru the great wide open as they did nearly a century ago.

The rapid decline of the motorcycle industry in the late teens was followed by an era of prosperity known as the "Roaring Twenties". Only three factories remained in the United States as motorcycle design advanced considerably. The competition between the "Big Three" defined motorcycling for over a decade. We aim to revive this rivalry in 2012. Although the majority of our field will be from these three marques, we invite all makes and models of motorcycles built before 1930 to join us in an epic adventure of man and machine.

Like the first run ,your Cannonball will be coast to coast. This time we will take the more scenic route to the north, New York to San Francisco. While planning a relatively direct route, we also made sure to take in some of the best scenery our country has to offer. A quick look at the new route includes a dozen national parks, and forests, the great lakes, the Mississippi river, the plains, the Black Hills, Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, the Rockies, the high desert, Shasta, the Avenue of the Giants, Pacific Coast Highway,and the Golden Gate Bridge to name a few. We will also be visiting four nationally recognized motorcycle museums. An ambitous ride to say the least, averaging around 300 miles per day, this will be a true endurance run.

Competition between motorcycles and riders has been around since the very beginning, and the Cannonball will be no different. This will be a run against the clock, where one rider and one machine will claim victory. A victory that will be well earned. Now is your chance. On the 7th of September 2012, 50 riders will start a two week journey across the United States on motorcycles built before 1930.

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