stock market schools

Investing in stock market schools a portfolio securities is to try to take advantage of increases in the price range of the shares of different companies rather than simply trading just one company. for owner the sharing in a rang of company carefully chosen to form a balance between different types of sectors and companies became more controls over the risk associated with the head of investor money. the idea behind this is that if one of the stocks in which they invest has fallen in price ,it will be offset this loss by an increase in prices of other stocks in your portfolio . nkjvkknsvakn, kdfvn nkan kld oaij j oq . .n d id ihdsnbckbxmb cuasuch isc i SOC Ia asas oi icioscha OIACH iasca sic asyciCoc yOCSic oSCAS CIUCIUt c SACHYBSUC S CIHSC H SCA SIA ysoixhasioclcslaso o o uaoiosauuau o i Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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