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  1. E greu sa recunoastem, dar pe langa pasiunea ce ne leaga de 2 roti, avem o slabiciune si pentru masini... puternice, economice, cu design agresiv sau nu, fac parte din viata noastra... Aici este forumul potrivit pentru a dezbate subiecte legate de masini |(ale noastre sau nu)
  2. Incep eu primul topic din noua categorie. Scopul acestor categorii noi este sa ne putem gasi mai usor. Acum sa ma prezint: Sunt fan KTM inca din 2006, toate motocicletele mele au fost numai KTM-uri cu exceptia primului scuter, un Aprilia SR. Astfel, sunt mare pasionat de ture lungi, am avut pana acum: Aprilia SR 50 '97 KTM 640 Adventure LC4 2002 KTM 990 Adventure S 2007 KTM 690 Enduro 2008 KTM 690 Enduro R 2009 KTM 990 Adventure 2008 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S 2017 Pot vorbi ore in sir fara sa ma opresc de oricare din ele Feedback-uri cu si despre KTM-urile mele: KTM 990 Adventure 2008 Orange - - - KTM 990 Adventure S 2007 - KTM 640 Adventure 2002 - KTM 690 Enduro 2008 - KTM 690 Enduro R 2009 - Despre motorul asta nu prea am mai scris nimic. Este aproape identic cu 690 enduro, doar ca are suspensii mai inalte. I-am pus galerie completa Akrapovic, roti de supermoto.. etc etc. Dar nu e chiar motorul potrivit pentru mine. Doar pe circuit imi place cu rotile de sm - dar suspensia nu e potrivita (alta discutie). Poze din calatorii / excursii si altele legate de motociclete: - Grecia - KTM 640 Adventure-ul - 2007 august - O tura pana in Venetia cu 990 Adventure S in Septembrie 2007 - Bucuresti - Satu Mare cu 690 Enduro, fun day - aprilie 2008 - Transfagarasanul pe 990 Adventure si Yamaha Fazer, Octombrie 2008 - La Coclau cu 990 Adventure, jumping day - Martie 2009 - Transalpina, 990 Adventure - 2009 - Bucuresti - Bacau cu Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, 2008 - Romania - Norvegia (Nordkapp) cu 990 Adventure, 24 de zile incredibile - 2008 - Noroiala cu 690 Enduro si ATV-ul in Mai 2009 - Offroading cu 990 Adventure, ATV-ul si 690 Enduro, iulie 2009 - O tura prin Europa cu 990 Adv si Harley Davidson Softail Heritage - august 2009 - 990 Adventure si 450 SM pe circuit, Noiembrie 2009 - 990 Adventure pe plaja din Mamaia, Noiembrie 2009 - Transfagarasan si Transalpina pe 3 KTM-uri 990 Adventure, mega fun si zapada de 3 metri - iunie 2010 - 990 Adventure si 990 Supermoto pe circuit - septembrie 2010 - O alta primbare prin tara, Octombrie 2010 - Transfagarasan, februarie 2011 - Fun day prin zapada cu ATV-ul si 690-ul - februarie 2011 - Plimbare de weekend pana la Sighisoara cu 990 Adventure - Iulie 2011 - Plimbare prin Franta pe 2 roti, 990 Adventure si Harley Davidson - Aprilie 2012 - Transfagarasan si Transalpina in 2 zile - Iulie 2012 - O Noua Tura Prin Europa: Spania Si Portugalia - Heritage Softail & Electra Glide - Mai 2013 - 4000 de km prin Turcia - 990 adventure (29 aprilie - 6 Mai 2015) - Bucuresti - Milano - Maroc si inapoi - Martie 2016 - 7300 km prin Italia, Franta, Spania si Portugalia cu Harley Davidson - 2017
  3. calatorii Grecia: 30 de zile plus una!

    Interesanta calatoria.... dar nu pot sa nu ma intreb daca nu e obositoare pe hayabusa :) Legat de melodiile de fundal, youtube e restrictiv... insa vimeo e o alternativa unde poti folosi mai usor muzica pe fundal fara sa te lovesti de copyright
  4. Air Canada renews Fly Your Bike program
  5. Gibraltar race

    GIBRALTAR RACE Gibraltar Race is open to amateurs that are at least 18 years old and that own a driving license valid for the motorbike they are riding to participate. Each motorbike must be road legal in the Country where it is registered. All papers, plates and insurance must be valid in the countries crossed minimum 7 days after the end of the event. All the bikes suitable for on and off road use of not less than 145 kgs. (wet weight with 10 liters of fuel) are permitted. The weight limit does not apply to motorcycles registered until 31/12/1999 and to those ones of Women category. Each rider to take part in the Gibraltar Race must know and accept the General Regulations. AGENDA June 22, 2018 – July 7, 2018 The route is briefly described in the proper section. A GPS navigator and a chronometer are the only tools to be used during the Gibraltar Race. All the waypoints must be achieved in order to avoid penalties. They will be provided to riders every day before the start of each stage, by loading a .GPX format file on the GPS navigator of each pilot. This is the list of known GPS devices that will allow you to properly view all the information you need. Garmin series: Montana, GpsMap, Oregon, Dakota, Etrex. You may also use other GPS navigators or smartphone and tablet applications, but the organization will not be responsible if it is not possible to load or display correctly all the information contained in the .GPX file for each stage. The transit and the time at each waypoint will be checked by an individual GPS logger, combined with a GPS tracker (balise) used as safety device, both provided to the pilot by the Organization. Registrations will begin on September 1st, 2017 and they will end on May 15th, 2018 or when achieving the limit of 99 participants. The starting order will match the order of registration. The registration fee by November 15th 2017 is reduced to Euro 2,000. The registration fee from November 16th 2017 to January 15th 2018 is Euro 2,250 The registration fee from January 16th 2018 and before May 15th 2018 is Euro 2,500. You can also participate in the Gibraltar Race with the Express Formula. It lasts half. You can join the Part 1 or the Part 2. The Part 1 is from Brasov (Bulgaria) to the Pyrenees (Spain) from 22nd to 29th of June 2018 . The Part 2 is from the Pyrenees (Spain) to Gibraltar from 30th of June to 7th of July 2018. All the details are available in the proper section Gibraltar Race Express 8.000 KMS ON THE HOTTEST TRACKS OF ALL EUROPE IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE PHONE US +39 324 5445344 or email us START JUNE 22, 2018 FINISH JULY 7, 2018 ROUTE The general program, which may be modified before the start for causes not depending on the Organization, will be available as soon as completed. The places listed below are not yet the definitive ones. Day 1 (22/06/2018): BRASOV (Romania). From 9.00 AM technical and administrative checks. At 2.00 PM Briefing At 4.30 PM Prologue (race show valid for final ranking). At 7.00 PM Opening ceremony and then dinner for pilots and staff of Gibraltar Race. Day 2 (23/06/2018): 1st stage in (Romania). Bivouac. Day 3 (24/06/2018): 2nd stage (Hungary). Bivouac. Day 4 (25/06/2018): 3rd stage (Slovenia/Austria). Bivouac. Day 5 (26/06/2018): 4th stage (Italy). Bivouac. Day 6 (27/06/2018): 5th stage (Switzerland). Bivouac. Day 7 (28/06/2018): 6th stage in (France). Bivouac. Day 8 (29/06/2018): 7th stage (France). Bivouac. Day 9 (30/06/2018): day of rest (France). Bivouac. Day 10 (01/07/2018): 8th stage (Spain). Bivouac. Day 11 (02/07/2018): 9th stage (Spain). Bivouac. Day 12 (03/07/2018): 10th stage (Portugal). Bivouac. Day 13 (04/07/2018): 11th stage (Portugal). Bivouac. Day 14 (05/07/2018): 12th stage (Spain). Bivouac. Day 15 (06/07/2018): 13rd stage (Spain). Bivouac. Day 16 (07/07/2017): 14th stage GIBRALTAR. Finish line. Prize giving and event closing ceremony. Final party and dinner in a place tbd. There is no bivouac. Day 17 (08/07/2017): Return of the participants and the Organization. CLASSES AND CATEGORIES Gibraltar Race is for motorbike riders only. All the motorbikes suitable for on and off road use of not less than 145 kgs. (wet weight with 10 liters of fuel) are permitted. The weight limit does not apply to motorcycles registered until 31/12/1999 and to those ones of Women category. Motorbikes and pilots are divided into following classes and categories: Class 1: all motorcycles with engine displacement exceeding 950 cc. Class 2: all motorcycles with engine displacement between 601 cc and 950 cc. Class 3: all motorcycles with engine displacement not exceeding 600 cc. Aged Bikes Category: all motorcycles registered until 31/12/1999. Motorbikes registered in this category are not subject to the weight limit of 145 kgs. Women Category: any motorcycle driven by a female rider. Motorbikes registered in this category are not subject to the weight limit of 145 kgs. Team Category: all motorcycles registered in a team of minimum 3 pilots. RACE RULES Each rider competes for overall standings and for the class or the category selected when he registered in the rally. Top 3 places in the overall standings and first 3 of each class and category will be awarded. The ranking is based on the score of the SS (Selective Sections) of each stage and the score of the Prologue. For each SS you will be informed of the travel time to be respected. Gap more or less will result in the application of penalty points. So it is advisable to adopt a simple chronometer. For each SS the total lenght and the number of waypoints will also be shown. Penalties eventually imposed for missed waypoints or for infringements of the General Regulations will be added to the total score. For the teams the time taken into account to assign penalties will be the one with the greatest deviation among team members. Any other penalty points imposed on each of them will be added NAVIGATION RULES Before the start of each stage the list of numbered waypoints will be provided in GPX format file. They must be reached according to the right order to complete the route of Gibraltar Race. In case of skipped waypoint you will not be allowed to reverse your route to reach it (or you will be disqualified) and the penalty for missing waypoint will be imposed anyway. Upon exceeding for three times the time limit, set for each stage, you will be disqualified, then you can no longer compete for the overall or class or category standings. You can continue the raid and complete the route to the final destination. Even in the case of serious violations of the General Regulations of Gibraltar Race you will be disqualified. OVERNIGHTS Each participant will be provided with an identification bracelet that will give him access to the area of evening bivouacs. In the camp you will have space for your own tent, and for your motorcycle maintenance. Basic services will be available in the bivouac area. Registering people and vehicle for the assistance you will have additional space available in the area of the bivouac. Nearby each camp there are hotel facilities where you can personally book accomodation, if you want. The list of nearby hotels will be published as soon as available. MEALS Meals are not included in the registration fee. Upon booking you can request and purchase an optional package that includes dinners and breakfasts during the days of the Gibraltar Race. The cost of catering is indicated in the proper section. The catering service will be set up in the area of the bivouac. OPTIONAL SERVICES BAGGAGE AND SPARE PARTS The Organization will transport from bivouac to bivouac, at no additional cost, No. 1 case (sizes 80x40x40 or 80x35x45 cms for a maximum weight of 30 kgs.) for each participant. The case may contain personal belongings, clothes, tools and spare parts of the bike. Any extra case can be transported on demand (no later than 30 days before the start of Gibraltar Race). The cost is Euro 100 for each extra case. MECHANICAL ASSISTANCE There are only the following three types of assistance: By the Organization, included in the registration fee: it provides the recovery of the bike broken or damaged. The rescue truck will transport bike to the next bivouac. Assistance by private teams: some teams will offer their services for a fee to participants in the Gibraltar Race. Their list with services offered, cost and details to contact them will be available in the proper section. Individual or group assistance: when joining or not after May 5th 2018, you can register one or more vehicles and one or more persons to assist individual or group of riders paying additional fees specified in the proper section. Vehicles and personnel registered will be allowed to enter and remain in the bivouac areas and to access the track as specified in the General Regulations. Assistance to individuals and groups will also be provided with a GPS tracker and, day by day, with a special route to get directly to the next bivouac. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE Besides the ambulances 4 × 4 and the medical center at the bivouacs, the service will be provided by the insurance coverage included in the registration fee. It is advisable to subscribe a personal accident insurance policy valid for abroad. PLANNED ROUTES All routes for pilots and for people involved in the Gibraltar Race will be roads open to traffic. For this reason is mandatory to comply with the rules to travel on them. There will be the following two types of routes: The Route: normally for riders of the Gibraltar Race, for some of vehicles of Organization, for registered assistance vehicles (as specified in the General Regulations), for medical aid. Shortest paved road from bivouac to bivouac: for Organization, logistic and some assistance vehicles, in order to travel from a camp to the next one. REFUELING Despite the Gibraltar Race takes place in Europe it is advisable that motorbikes have a minimum autonomy of 150 kilometers. There are many gas stations, we suggest you to refuel whenever is possible. WARNINGS Motorsports are dangerous. The Organization does its best to prevent accidents or to mitigate their severity by following warnings: always keep in mind that the whole route is on public road open to traffic Reduce speed along difficult paths Possible known pitfalls are reported in addition to waypoints For a successful event the cooperation of riders is required. They have to remember to: Do not exceed their limits for a safe drive Either where the path is natural or where it is paved it can have pitfalls normally not present in your country of origin Not follow other competitors leaving your navigation or you will risk of getting lost In case of accident, a prompt intervention depends mainly on pilots: First of all you have to use, where possible, the health emergency button on your GPS tracker (balise) and your mobile phone to call the Organization to the number “SOS GIB RACE”. The emergency number is delivered on the first day with the ID bracelet. Describe the kind and severity of the accident and report the number of the nearest waypoint and the possible distance to it according to GPS information In case of lack of cellular coverage, if possible, you have to move towards the next waypoint or reach it. For these reasons it is mandatory to have with you during the Gibraltar Race the minimum safety equipment indicated in the General Regulations and the mobile phone charged and turned on.
  6. Help !

    Salut si bine ai venit! Acele santuri de la anvelope sunt cel mai bun indicativ de uzura. Masoara cu un subler adancimea santului din mijlocul anvelopei si extremitatea de pe margine. Diferenta dintre cele 2 reprezinta uzura anvelopei in mm si poti aproxima cam cat de mult sunt uzate. In principiu, un cacuciuc de spate de motor de viteza ar trebui sa tina intre 4000-8000 de km in functie de stilul de mers
  7. Al treilea ATV

    Si eu am un NF 500 acelasi motor cu CF500... Nu sunt mare atv-ist... dar, imi place versatilitatea lui... Este totodata cel mai fiabil monocilindru pe care il stiu Ce trasee ai mai facut cu el? As fi curios sa vad ceva poze din offroad serios...
  8. Aici nu e prea mult de povestit... am incercat sa ajungem cat mai repede in Bergamo, trebuiau incaracte motoarele, un avions de prins... etc Eu am ramas in Milano sa am grija de incarcarea motoarelor si m-am indeletnicit cu o plimbare nocturna si compania unei prietene plina de viata, zambete si voie buna
  9. Pe 11 Mai, seara, am ajuns la prietenii nostri din Aix, Mari si Cristi. Am ajuns atat e obositi incat eu unul am adormit de indata ce m-am asezat in primul scaun, langa o soba cu lemne. Pe 12 Mai, aveam planuit sa ajungem la festivalul de la Saint Tropez, Euro Festival
  10. Am plecat din Parador de Cardona iar pe drum, desi prognoza era ploaie torentiala si chiar eram inconjurati de un orizont intunecat si umed, cumva, am trecut razant pe langa furtuna... cred ca am fost atinsi doar de cateva picaturi... Les Orgues d\Ille sur tet este un fel de munte de nisip care isi schimba forma dupa fiecare ploaie...
  11. Aici ne aflam chiar in Parador de Cardona, o cetate din secolul 9 acre a fost transformata in timp in hotel. Privelistea este grozava atat din camere cat si de pe cetate. Totusi... media de varsta a fost cam ridicata... désolé Mancarea a fost buna insa... cred ca parem niste gurmanzi greu de multumit cu toate pozele de mancare
  12. Zi de relaxare... Am vizitat Oceanograful, care pare sa fie cel mai mare din europa si ne-am plimbat prin jur, nimic special insa... "iar de paella... urmatorii 30 de ani nu ne ami atingem de ea" :))
  13. Evitand autostrazile si mergand doar pe drumurile nationale si prin parcuri si rezervatii, am urmat drumul de mai jos: Tot drumul este foarte foarte frumos, dar sunt cateva puncte pe el unde a meritat s ane oprim pentru poze. Mai precis in zona La Iruela. Viewpoint-urile sunt Primul: Al doilea Al treilea: Mirador Las Palomas
  14. Drumul a fost astfel: 1. Sevilla 2. El ricon de la Ermita (loc unde ne-am oprit sa mancam ceva) si este si un viewpoint misto 3. Ronda view point 4. Flamingos gold club. Aici mai mult ne-am abatut de la drum, nu ne-am oprit dar este un loc superb pentru golf ce trebuie neaparat vizitat 5. Playa Puerto Banus 6. Marbella 7. Malaga 8. Nerja 9. Granada Aici recomand cu caldura urmatoarele locuri: Teteria Al-Saguara, poate pozele nu vorbesc, dar mancarea a fost foarte gustoasa Mirador de la Lona Si desigur, Castelul Alhambra Parte din drum a fost si urmarind ghidul de mai jos:
  15. Am ramas in Sevilla la Hotel Sevilla Macarena. Aici, printre multe alte locuri de descoperit: - Plaza de Espana - Centro cultural de flamenco - Some good tapas - Royal Alcazar of Seville - Cathedral of Seville - aici se afla si mormantul lui Cristofor Columb - La giralda
  16. Azi, ne-am propus sa vizitam toate locurile de unde puteam avea o priveliste superba. Eu sunt mare admirator al marii si al privelistilor de sus iar Dan... e mare admirator al catedralelor... Cumva, a fost ziua mea Traseul a fost astfel: Am plecat din Lisabona iesind pe podul Vasco Da Gama catre prima destinatie - Paróquia de Santiago do Cacém Aici, un momen chiar memorabil... Urcand stradutele catre un view-point... care s-a dovedit a fi un cimitir, nu am vazut un semn de prioritate si o masina ciar a dat peste mine venind de pe o strada laterala. Noroc ca a reusit sa se opreasca exact cat sa imi atinga coburul drept... atingere care i-a smuls bara din fata prinsa intr-o piulita... Cu noroc, nu am scapat nici macar cu o zgarietura... o clema paote usor indoita la bagajul lateral - Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa… - Church Our Lady of the Sea - este un loc minunat pentru o priveliste deaspra oceanului - Apoi, Cabo Sardao - Apoi Cape Saint Vincent - Playa de Marinha
  17. 4 Mai - Lisabona

    Azi, toata ziua am vrut pe cat posibil sa fie o zi linistita, cu mancare buna, ceva obiective de vizitat... si... sa imi gasesc un incarcator de laptop. Pentru prima oara in astfel de drumetii, am venit cu un ultrabook, un Lenovo Yoga de 13 inch, usor cu o baterie longeviva si usor de 'indesat' in orice bagaj, motivul evident, sa pot lucra usor daca e nevoie. Mi-a fost complet inutil laptopul aproape tot concediul.. pentru ca mi-am 'pierdut' incarcatorul inca din prima zi, in Lyon la cazare. In niciun magazin de electronice si electrocasnice din Portugalia sau Spania nu am gasit incarcatorul potrivit iar niciun alt incarcator universal nu se potrivea... boomer Cateva locuri / drumuri pe care le-am urmat: - Sintra to Guincho, Portugal - apare si in ghidul - Cabo de Roca - The place where the land ends and the sea starts - RESTAURANTE MAR DO INFERNO - un loc cu o vedere frumoasa spre mare si unde multi alti motociclisti au mai aparut - Un alt loc de unde se vede oceanul de sus foarte frumos - Daca vreti sa ascultati Fado, aici e locul potrivit - O patiserie excelenta, Pastelaria Padaria Moinho D'Água
  18. Am incercat sa face drumul destul de rapid sa ajungem la prietenii nostri din Portugalia, Paul si Adelina. Am facut si o tura nocturna dupa ce am luat masa intr-un restaurant local unde se servesc fructe de mare proaspete: Restaurante O Alcochetano
  19. Pe 2 mai aveam rezervat din timp sa ajungem la un spectacol de Flamenco in Madrid, la Coral de la Moreira, conform Trip Advisor, una din cele mai une locatii din Madrid pentru a vedea un show Flamenco si a avea parte de o cina perfecta. Ne-am inceput ziua pe 2 biciclete, pe care rapid le-am denumit Feri si Lambo. De la Ferrari si Lamborghini, una era rosie si una alba. Amandoua cu frana la pedala pe spate, frana pe fata era de forma... Le-am luat de la hotel, au fost tare amuzante... Am adormit in parc, am fost la Círculo de Bellas Artes - un loc de unde se poate vedea madridul de sus... splendid Plaza Mayor si-am invartit rotile bicicletei peste tot pe unde am mai putut, pana la 6.30 cand am ajuns la corral de la Moreira... Garminul "ne-a facut" sa taiam o linie continua... a venit un politist dupa noi si era cat pe ce sa ne dea o amenda de parca 200 de eu de fiecare... Am incecat s aii explicam ca ne pare rau, ca Garminul e de vina... ca si noi.. in fine, ne-a tras de urechi si ne-a lasat in pace, a fost de treaba :) A comandat de mancare, a inceput spectacolul... o experienta foarte foarte misto. O recomand oricui! Dpa spectacol... am mers, chiar apunea soarele.. .am luat-o catre Temple of Debod, un loc de unde privelistea la apus este minunata...
  20. Am plecat din Zaragoza si am avut 2 destinatii pe drum: - Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park la care am prin so coada de cred cel putin 100 de oameni pentru bilete... neam bagat in fata, haa! - Castillo de Molina de Aragón
  21. Ziua a inceput promitator... Ne-am pus la o cafea si tapas in piata unde se afla si Basilique Saint-Michel si ne uitam un pic ingrijorati la vreme... Ploaia era inevitabila. Intrebarea era doar cat o sa ne ploua. Mergand destul de mult impreuna pe motor, am ajuns la stadiul in care deja estimam destul de precis cat de tare va ploau si cam cat va tine... A inceput desigur sa ploua si ne-am pus pe drum echipati cu costumele de ploaie cu directia Dune du Pilat, un loc pe care eu lam mai vizitat si fara motor, dar am tinut mortis sa il vada si Dan. Ploua si batea vantul cu zeci de km pe ora... dar tot am reusit sa il conving sa urce duna de nisip. Puteam sa imi las toata greutatea in directia vantului si ma tinea fara probleme Pe autostrada, la o benzinarie, constatam ca am pierdut drona. Am plecat cu o drona dupa noi in speranta ca vom gasi acele 2-3 locuri misto in care sa o ridicam si sa facem cateva poze fabuloase... Ei bine... Am pierdut-o.. cumva a disparut de pe motor pe autostrada, desi parea sa fi fost prinsa bine. Dupa ce ne-am intors vreo 40-50 de km, in speranta ca o vom regasi... ne-am continuat totusi drumul dezamagiti de nenoroc, dar intrun fel recunoscatori ca nu s-a intamplat ceva mai rau. Puteam sa fiu in spatele lui Dan si sa imi sara drona in fata motocicletei, iar cutoata ploaia si frigul de la momentul respectiv, cine tie ce se mai putea intampla... Ne-am dres, am mancat ceva si am pornit mai departe.
  22. Well.. aici incepe calatoria. Cu zambetul pe buze, am ajuns in aeroportul din Bergamo nerabdatori sa ne luam motocicletele ajunse deja cu camionul... Am dat jos motoarele, din camion, le-am facut poze la kilometraje sa le putem compara cu sfarsitul calatoriei... si ne-am inceput calatoria. Am inceput cam greoi drumul, mergeam incet si nu realizam ca avem de facut peste 600 de km in ziua respectiva. Pana ne-am mobilizat si am prins putina viteza, am realizat ca lanul nostru initial de a trece prin Geneva nu este fezabil, am depasi prea mult ora orele stabilite de a le petrece pe drum... iar sa ajungem la cazare in lyon dupa 12 noaptea nu era tocmai placut, asadar am schimbat putin ruta. Drumul pe harta trece printr-o trecatoare, de la Mont Cenis la Mondane, un drum splendid de pe care avem chiar si o filmare.
  23. Am inceput ziua ceva mai pregatiti. ne-am montat camerele pe casti, eu un Samsung Gear 360 ca sa putem face si poze si filme 360 de grade si Dan un Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam cu stabilizare optica. Am ales doar drumurile fara autostrazi si fara taxe. De data asta, traseul a aratat cam asa. A fost un drum splendid, cu curbe, peisaj rural, castele, gradini spectaculoase: - Château de Pesteils - Jardins du Marqueyssac
  24. Salut din nou! Anul acesta am planificat o noua 'golaneala' cum o numim eu si tatal meu, prin europa. Ne-am gandit sa facem ceva usor diferit de datile trecute si anume sa surprindem emotiile si bucuria si in videouri nu numai in poze. Ne puteti urmari aici, in acest topic si pe facebook, pe pagina PRO-BIKE Aceeasi doi, aceleasi 2 motoare... plecam pe urmatorul traseu de aproximativ 6000 de km, care din experienta... se vor transforma in aproximativ 6500-7000... Niciodata calculele de acasa nu s-au potrivit cu cele ... de pe drum :) Planul este urmatorul 28 aprilie ne ridicam motoarele din Bergamo Bergamo - Lyon 612 km - 10h 20 min, prin geneva 29 aprilie - Sambata Lyon - Dune du pilat - 648 km - 7h 38m 30 aprilie - Duminica Bordeaux - Zaragoza - 450 km, o luam prin pirinei 1 Mai - Luni Zaragoza - Madrid, 314 km 2 mai - Marti Toata ziua in Madrid, poate si in Toledo, la 70 km distanta 3 Mai - Miercuri Madrid Lisabona - 630 km 4 Mai - Joi Lisabona - all day long 5 Mai - Vineri Lisabona Sevilla 539km 6 Mai - Sambata Ramanem in Sevilla 7 Mai - Duminica Sevilla - Ronda - Playa Puerto Banus - Marbella - Malaga - Nerja - Granada~ 5 ore : 30 si 400km 8 Mai - Luni Granada - Valencia - 450 km 9 Mai - Marti Ramanem in Valencia 10 Mai, Miercuri Valencia - Barcelona 350km - 4h:40min 11 Mai, Joi v1. Barcelona - Aix: 492 km ~ 6 ore 12 Mai, Vineri Road to Saint Tropez 170 km pe coasta - Harley Davidson Event 13 Mai, Sambata 40 km parada harley 14 Mai - Duminica Briancon - Bergamo 289 km Voi reveni cu poze si povesti pe masura ce se desfasoara planul Cateva dintre calatoriile memorabile trecute: - Bucuresti - Milano - Maroc si inapoi - 2016 - 4000 de km prin Turcia (29 aprilie - 6 Mai 2015) - Plimbare Aprilie 2012 prin Franta pe 2 roti, 990 Adventure si Harley Davidson - O tura prin Europa cu 990 Adv si Harley Davidson 2009 - Romania - Norvegia (Nordkapp) cu 990 Adventure, 24 de zile incredibile 2008
  25. Am profitat de o zi foarte frumoasa, am facut baie, am fost sa vedem parada si am plecat spre Allasio. Dan era deja pe moodul de intoarcere, eu eram insa super incantat de drum, chiar daca am ajus aproape de 12 noaptea la cazare, evitand autostrazile am mers numai pe coasta, prin orasele si pe drumuri intortocheate. Cateva puncte interesante pe drum: - Bleu et Blanc - o terasa draguta, chiar pe plaja - View point - Nice - Inca un view point de data asta cu Monte Carlo - Recomand cu drag hotelul La Rivolte, din Grasse, are o priveliste super frumoasa, piscina si orasul Grasse este iar interesant, ascunde istoria producerii parfumului. Apoi, tot pe drum, este un punct Au vieux fort