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  1. prazaro

  2. Lichens

    Lichens can be so beautiful and intriguing. Not a parasite, but a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus - isn't nature amazing? Sursa
  3. The things that make me different

    Did you know that grown up people quote Winnie the Pooh? And they even have tattoos made with such quotes. So here is a quote from Winnie, since I've always loved him. Or should I say "her"? As we know that the real Winnie, the one that inspired A.A. Milne to write the story, was in fact a "she". "The things that make me different are the things that make me." This was made in Photoshop - used a filter on one of my photos, some brushes, two textures for background, a polaroid frame, some adjustments and text. If you want to know the recipe, just ask! see ya! Sursa
  4. Fall Is Here!

    Yes, Fall is here... But no sadness. Because I just love Fall! It is my favorite season. Here is a flower from my garden /don't know what it's called/ and a sunflower in the background. I textured this with one of my own "texture", an old, weathered board. And here you have the original picture: See ya! And enjoy Fall! <a href="" rel='external'>Sursa</a>
  5. PS layers and textures

    Weeds can be beautiful! Some have amazing colors and intricate textures. Enjoy this one - I took this photo while on vacation at Frumoasa, Romania. Frumoasa = The Beautiful See ya! <a href="" rel='external'>Sursa</a>
  6. Phototshop is my favorite

    Hi there! I just popped in to post a picture, one of my favorites. The original photo is not so spectacular, but I just love the result I obtained in Photoshop. I like the texture and I love the hint of blue on the right. Come closer, I'm gonna tell ya a secret: I'm not sure I could do this again! I definitely have to name my layers when I work in Photoshop. see ya! Sursa
  7. OOB - Out Of Bounds

    Have I told you that I'm like a child? I want everything I see! The last interesting thing I saw was OOB, that is out of bounds photos made in Photoshop. And of course I had to give this a try, too. So here it is, my first... well, actually second try on this PS effect: [my first was a real success, too. but it was a kind of family photo, and as you might have noticed, I don't make a habit of posting faces/portraits/people.] I love this little fellow! Took this picture last year. Some two years ago we had many little leaf frogs in our garden. Then, I don't know what happened and the following year I only saw 2 or 3... So sad... I miss them. Sursa
  8. My first try at Eco Paint

    I've recently discovered eco painting on different cloth and also on paper and I am totally amazed by this process! Well, as you can imagine, I had to try this our. Although - again!!! - my "tools" were scarce. But first let me show you the end result: I am quite pleased with it. My cloth was the back pocket from a pair of trousers. I guess that it have looked better if I had a white piece of cloth.Second, I didn't have any leaves so I used onion skins, red cabbage and some small fir branches. You can see the fir in this close-up. O, and I love that alien face right in the middle!!! And because I love rust, I also added some wire, two small coins and copper wire. I thought the copper wire would make some beautiful bluish impression, but it didn't... and nor did the coins.Anyhow, I had some beautiful rust made by the wire - it was a clasp I made some time ago for a necklace - and by the wire I used to tie around the cloth. All in all it came out quite well... in my opinion. Now I'm thinking of using it to make the front cover of a journal. I'll keep you updated! See ya! Sursa
  9. The Other Me...

    Well, here is the other me... a little bit deviant... We went for a hike last week and... well... I found a cow! It was not a living one, just the... you know... bones. Here are two pictures of it. I used the vintage frames from The CoffeeShop Blog, go over there and you will find tons of tutorials, free stuff like frames, PS actions, storyboards and lot more. Ha-ha! Do you know what these are??? The teeth! I like their shape, all those lines and curves and circles. I took home some teeth and the two horns! I don't have a picture of the horns yet, they are out in the garden, on two poles. I would like to do something with them, don't really know what, maybe try carving or something. Have a nice week! See ya! Sursa
  10. HAPPY 2013!

    Well, this is 2013! I spent the last day of the last year out in the nature. We went for a hike and I just want to share some "postcards", snapshots I took. The lake was frozen and frost was everywhere on the trees, leaves, berries. It was just fairy! And here is my new cover photo on Facebook: Have a great 2013! See ya! Sursa
  11. Embrace your mistakes...

    Haven't been posting for some time... don't really know why. Well, I have a guess or two but let's not talk about this now. I'd better share my pencil holder which I made from an empty milk carton and one of my paintings! OMG!!! Did you hear this? - one of my PAINTINGS! The truth is that lately I've been trying my hand at journaling - for me to say ART journal would be way too much. I had a journal page which was a total mess but as I couldn't just throw it out, and because I discovered a most beautiful blog LIFE IN COLOR [here is the link, I recommend you jump over and take a look!] which taught me "Embrace your mistakes…they can be beautiful if looked at another way!" I simply painted over that page. Once again, I am not a painter, not even good at it, but... nevertheless, I scanned that page and then cut it in 4 and this is what I came up with: Well, I think that this looks somewhat better than the page itself and I am glad I didn't have the heart to tear it to pieces and... embraced my mistake.You should try, too. They say that if we are afraid of making mistakes, we'll never do anything. So get up and do something! Anything. Just DO something. xo Sursa
  12. My Friends from Kacs

    The neighbors next to us in Kacs have a black cat and 2 adorable kittens. They play a lot, and sleep a lot, and eat. In the beginning they were afraid, but last time we were there they just came in and enjoyed the company! I fed them, of course, and after a while we became so very close friends that I ended up with both of them taking a nap in my lap. These are the pics from the time I could hardly put a finger on either of them: The playful one! Still sucking: I've seen the dog! Mummy: Taking a nap. Who's bad??? See ya! xo Sursa
  13. Blue Beauties

    Here are my beauties:They are made from my handmade beads and beautiful oxidized copper. The beads are older, at first I didn't like them too much. But that was because I didn't find a proper match for them. Now I think they look nice in combination with the blue oxidized copper and the small beads. See ya! Sursa
  14. Fold Forming Copper

    Well... this is my first try at fold forming.First take a look at the end product:This is not the most amazing fold forming ever... but, taking into consideration this is my first try, and that I don't have any special tools, and that I started from this as raw material...I don't think this is bad at all!Do you happen to know that the raw material is?Well.... I don't have copper sheets and don't know where to get them from. So I have to use what I have at hand. And that is a piece from the computer cooler!Don't worry, it was not from my computer, I mean not from the one that is in use!!! The bad thing is that I am very limited in what shapes I can make, due to the shape of the copper sheets...But for the moment this is all that I've got, and I have to work with it or not work at all.And one other thing - my intention was to make some leaves. But as you see... anything but leaves!After the first folding and unfolding, when it was obvious I was not making leaves, I decided to fold again and this is what I got:I like them! What do you think? See ya! Sursa
  15. My super T-shirt

    OMG! I've been dying to make this post! Because I am so happy. I've made myself a gorgeous, super cool T-shirt! Just take a look: I just can't wait to put it on! But now it's too hot, so I'm waiting for cooler days...Until then, two more pictures. Here is the front: And this one is the back: See ya! Sursa