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  2. Inchiriez Remorca Moto

    Adventure Motorcycle Tours & Rentals din Turda, jud. Cluj ofera spre inchiriere remorca / platforma transport motociclete. Cu frana inertiala si sarcina maxima admisa de 900 Kg, remorca este construita pentru a putea transporta 1-3 motociclete, 1 ATV sau 1 snowmobil. Remorca poate fi utilizata de conducator auto posesor al permisului de conducere categoria B. Contact: 0726253356 0364405641 - Mihai Gegesi, Claudia Palfi Asfalt Uscat!
  3. Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live ofera spre inchiriere motociclete BMWG650GS (an de fabricatie 2012), BMWF800GS (an de fabricatie 2011) si BMW R1200GS (2005-2007) in Turda (jud. Cluj). Pentru detalii vizitati site-ul nostru: telefon: 0364 405641 Ne gasiti si pe facebook: Asfalt Uscat!
  4. Inchiriere Motocicleta

    In Transylvania (Turda jud. Cluj) se inchiriaza motociclete BMW G650GS (model 2012), BMWF800GS (model 2011) si BMW R1200 (2005-2007). Pentru detalii: Firma se numeste Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live. Asfalt uscat.
  5. Mi-e dor de mirosul de asfalt fierbinte. Vreau sa vina din nou vremea de scos calutii putere la plimbare.

  6. Ne-am propus sa vedem China si Mongolia pe motociclete cu atas - sa calarim motociclete cu atas pe urmele hoardelor mongole ale lui Genghis Khan, pana la Marele Zid Chinezesc. Tur cu motociclete cu atas – design-ul motocicletelor Chang Jiang 750 a fost realizat inainte de al doilea Razboi Mondial de catre germani (ca si BMW). Planurile au fost date mai departe rusilor care la randul lor le-au oferit chinezilor unde motocicletele au fost reproduse pana astazi ca si vehicul militar – acum poti sa le conduci si tu – 400 kg, viteza maxima 100km (la vale), distractie maxima. Tur organizat profesionist, cu insotitor local si camioneta de insotire. Suntem 2 romani interesati, la tur mai vor sa participe 2 australieni. Mai sunt necesari 6 participanti platitori ca sa se tina turul. Turul pleaca la data fixata, in 25 May 2012. Ar mai trebui 6 ca sa avem plecarea garantata. Maximul de motociclisti pentru un tur este 12. ATENTIE: nu organizam noi acest tur dar putem actiona ca intermediar intre organizator, agentiile de bilete si cei care mai vor sa participe - dupa cum poate sa-si rezolve fiecare biletele, pe cont propriu. Platile putem sa le colectam noi sau putem cere factura pentru fiecare pasager in parte de la organizatori iar platile sa se faca direct cu ei. Oragizatorul din China este o companie serioasa, condusa de un American care face acest gen de ture de multa vreme. Cei interesati scrieti la sau sunati la 0364 405641 si cereti cu Claudia. Descriere tur: On the footsteps of Genghis Khan - motorcycle tour in China and Inner Mongolia Highlights: Mission: Same as Gengis Khan. Breach the Great Wall of China and take the capital Beijing. We get the bikes right up close and personal. Spend an afternoon walking the wall and stay the night in a nearby courtyard house with our own private chefs, we've earned it! The Route: Around 250 km per day through Inner Mongolia and some "out there" country. The rolling Steppes (Grasslands), winding mountain roads and river valleys. Mostly paved but some dirt for a laugh. You can have a map but you wouldn't know where you were, leave that to us! The motorcycle – The Mighty Chang Jiang 750 First it was designed by the Germans pre-WWII (as a BMW). Then the plans were given to the Russians, who in turn passed them to the Chinese where the bike has been reproduced until today as a military vehicle – now yours to ride – 400 kg, maximum speed 100 km (downhill). Much fun. The Digs - We'll mostly be camping out under the stars. Quality tents, swags and solid gear where it counts and nix in some quirky local "yurt" and village stays to catch up on those showers. Grain fed beef steaks, fine whisky, bacon and eggs every day, what more does a guy want? Day by day itinerary: Day 1, Beijing International arrivals, we'll pick you up. Overnight in Beijing in a luxury Bath House Residence (shared accommodation) with dinner, drinks and trip briefing session. Day 2, Beijing – Manzhouli Transfer flight to Manzhouli, Northern Inner Mongolia. Bikes await at the airport. A little practice and an easy afternoon ride 100km to get the feel. Overnight in a Mongolian "Yurt" camp. Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 Out into the wild. We ride around 250 km per day (4-5 hours), this section through the northern Grasslands. Just us and the horizon. Three nights at our own wild camp sites, with all the hard work done for you, because you'll be knackered from the riding! Day 6 Local village stay. A big local style cook up. Take a shower and sleep indoors (if you want) Day 7 and Day 8 Back into the wild, the landscape changes as we move south, low mountains begin, the big snow rivers and some desert. Out there again and back under the stars overnight by a warm campfire. Day 9 Breach the Wall. We'll ride right up close for our victors photo session. Spend the afternoon walking The Wall and retire to our private courtyard house. Real showers, real chefs, real fun. A celebration. Day 10 Have a sleep in before we ride the amazing mountain roads north of Beijing and make our lazy way back to the capital and our Bath House Residence, a massage and if we're up for a night out. Day 11, Beijing We set you all up in a courtyard stay close to Tianmen Square. You can now explore Beijing at your leisure. Just take a rest, or a tour of the Forbidden City and some local markets. Party night! Day 12 - International Departures Price: Total trip package is EUR 3,600/person all inclusive except international flights You'll only need extra for your incidentals along the way and your on the ground time in Beijing. Trip Inclusions: - Full bike rental, petrol and oil - Two riding guides - Two support vehicles and drivers - Support service staff - Accompanying mechanic and spares - Tents, swags, sleeping bags, camp chairs/tables - Full camp kitchen - All meals on the ride. - Quality steaks, ribs and cutlets, fire grilled nightly - Local beer and fireside "Jack" - Daily breakfast of bacon and eggs, Brewed coffee and Chinese tea. - Local restaurant lunches, dumplings, noodles, stir fries, hearty Chinese country food. - All accommodation upcountry and in Beijing. Some Requirements: - Everyone must have riding experience and hold a valid motorcycle drivers license from their country of origin. - Bring all your own riding gear, jackets gloves, boots, helmet (if you like but not mandatory in China) - You need to arrange your own travel insurance which includes travel by motorcycle and we will require documentation as confirmation. - Arrange your own flights to Beijing (arrive sometime on Day 1) - Chinese visa. - Personal expenses besides those outlined in "Trip Inclusions" are rider's responsibility - A minimum 10 and maximum 12 riders per group applies Additional notes and information: We'll supply all basic trip costs bikes, petrol, beer, food, camping, hotels, what ever riding involves. You just need to know how to ride and bring your gear. So bring your own boots, jacket, lots of layers, wool, hi tech warm weather gear (its can get a bit chilly), gloves, (inners and outers for cold weather), double socks, helmets if you want, scarves, g-strings etc. (see kit below). Also bring your own light first aid kit, i.e. bandaids, aspirin, mossie spray whatever you want. We'll have a more serious first aid kit with us. Further details of needed gear and preparation are supplied on trip confirmation.