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    Yamaha YZF-R6
  1. n3buna4u

  2. rudolph taz zija mery.... :))

  3. m i gonna die? :((( freaking cold...

  4. the devil hides in the details... :)

  5. watchin TT3D: Closer to the edge... WTF is d guy sayin?!? i need subtitles :-S

  6. Work till 12, home till 1, bike till the sun goes down! what would i want more from a Saturday than watching d sunset with my Chupacabra?

  7. Instead of telling someone who rides a motorcycle how dangerous it is ... Look twice before switching lanes, making turns, or pulling out of a driveway ... Stay on your side of the road, especially in corners ... Don't follow too closely ... Keep your eyes on the road and off your mobile phones ... If you care about someone who rides a motorcycle, please re-post

  8. looking for a kitten... any1 has one that wants to give it away? :) for a person that loves her pet more than her husband hahaha

  9. there is nothing more worth it than my smile *_*

  10. dam dar ram . . . . . . wiiiii

  11. missing my bed big time today :(

  12. pam, pa ram, pa ra ra ra ra ram... :)

  13. had a great time with my Chupacabra this afternoon, now time for "pancake-cake with all shit" of which i shall keep a piece to Pauline Agius Farrugia :P

  14. good morning :)pfff x kruwa ta temp ....