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vand Vand Alarma Moto - 600 Ron

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Microwave cloaking device . You cant even touch the bike before the alarm is triggered. Keeps peoples hands off!

12 MONTH WARRANTY. Gives you piece of mind.

Waterproof and shockproof. We have fitted these to off-roaders and they still work

Remote / keyless engine start. Allows you to start your ride without using a key! Note. Many Japanese bikes have anti hotwire devices that will need bypassing. This is a simple process which we can help with, unless it is HISS or similar (obviously)

Power off memory / auto-rearm. Means your alarm will not forget how it is set up.

125dB siren to wake the dead. Enough said!

Overtake warning. Lets you go past cars with flashing lights, police style ( if that rocks your boat ). Can be turned on or off.

Anti hijack function. If someone takes your bike you can kill the engine. Your bike is then safe and the thief is *###**!

Motorcycle Status Indication Remotes. Keeps you updated to whether the bike is running, off, alarm armed, alarm disarmed, bike has been touched, the alarm is sounding, if you are within remote range of the bike...... there are too many to list!

Hot wire warning / immobilisation. If an object is placed in your ignition or wires cut the alarm will go off and immobilise your bike. Other alarms connect purely to the ignition and are very easily bypassed by motorcycle thieves.

Shock sensor adjustment. Sets the sensitivity right for your wheels.

Blue flashing led. Tells you and them that your bike is alarmed and ready for business.

2 way communicating fobs. Warn you by sound and vibration if the alarm is triggered. LCD backlight display ( you can change the display settings / colours )

Help calling / Panic alarm. Just in case you need it.

Silent / mute alarm. Flashes lights and immobilises only.

Time and alarm clock built into the remotes. Why not!

The alarm works with any 12V machine including trikes and ATV's.

Produsul se afla in cutia originala, sigilata. Nu ofer factura, nu ofer garantie, nu asigur montaj.

Persoana de contact: Bogdan Caraman

Telefon: 0753469746


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