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vand Manusi Tucano Urbano Athos - Retro

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Manusile sunt noi si au fost achizitionate de pe SIP Scotershop de Mos Craciun. Sunt pastrate in ambalajul original. Imi sunt mari.




- 100% real leather

- Ribbed panels on knuckles

- Adjustable velcro wrist strap

- Size M (23cm - 8 inch)

- Pret: 290lei


Classically styled pair of summer gloves made by TUCANO URBANO. These“Athos” riding gloves have been designed with a retro Steve McQueen look in mind. Made from 100% genuine leather with a double-layer, rippled protection for the knuckles and also double-stitched seams, what more could you ask for? The Italian firm TUCANO URBANO have been producing quality garments and accessories made especially for scooter and motorcycle riders for over a decade.“In Moto, always in Moto” is their company motto.

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