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vand Vand Ceas Inot Swimovate Pro Pool Mate

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Vand ceas pentru inotatori, nou nout, nefolosit, poze reale. informatii mai jos. Pret 250 lei plus transport. 

Este exact ca cel din link.




Swimovate Poolmate PRO has all the great features of the known Poolmate swimming watch and an additional Infrared Pod to transfer the data from your watch to your computer for analyzing with the included Poolmate software. When you start your swim just push the start button and the Poolmate PRO will do the rest. It will count your laps, average stokes per lap, distance, time calories burned and more. Pool Mate Pro it the ultimate swimming watch for all swimmers!   Swimovate Poolmate PRO Highlights:


 • Laps

 • Average strokes per lap

 • Swimming speed

 • Distance

 • Swimming time

 • Burned Calories

 • Swimming Efficiency


Pool Mate PRO Special Features:


 • No calibration required

 • Stores over 100 sessions, records individual sets and total session data

 • Pools over 18m (yards too), Chrono mode for other sports

 • Supports all the major strokes: front crawl, back stroke, breaststroke and butterfly

 • Recognizes both tumble turns and pushing off the wall

 • Works both for the right and left-handed swimmers

 • Water resistant to 50m

 • Tested 99.75% accuracy


Ideal Swimming Watch

Swimovate Pool Mate PRO swimming watch is IPX7 water proof up to 50 metres. It will works with all the major strokes: front crawl, back stroke, breaststroke and butterfly at any pool longer than 18m. It can display the data in yards as well as in meters.


Not only for Sports

As an everyday watch the Swimovate PoolMate PRO has functions like 12/24 hour time, alarm and backlight. Chrono mode in Poolmate PRO allows you to use it in other sports like running, cycling, triathlons and open water swims. 

Big memory
Pool Mate PRO will remember up to 100 logs that you can review and analyze with the included Poolmate software.


PoolMate PRO Software
The user can download the data to a PC or enter it manually; the software also allows for making notes. Each swim can be graded: Great/Good/OK/Bad. Graphical analysis of the swimming session statistics shows the swimmer’s progress in a clear and user-friendly way. Best stroke count, fastest times and similar statistics can be viewed at a glance; the users can even learn how many cupcakes they have burnt off in a swim! The software allows to create separate accounts for different swimmers. It saves data in the *.csv file format.

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