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Meet the New ‘L’Avventura’ Adventure Bike by WSM

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Published on 11.10.2017


There is just something so right about the look of Walt Siegl Motorcycles’ (WSM) new adventure bike, the L’Avventura. From the dual headlights (one clear, one yellow, for improved contrast and night vision), to the upswept exhaust tucked neatly under the tail section, this built-to-order bike pulses with style and purpose. It pays homage to classic big-bore Dakar bikes from the days when the ultimate off-road race was held on the same continent as the city it’s named after, yet also manages to update the desert-racer look. The result is a stunning blend of form and function that makes you wish other motorcycle manufacturers were paying closer attention.

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

It’s not really surprising that the L’Avventura comes from WSM, a New Hampshire-based custom builder of some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world. Siegl himself is a true renaissance man: artist, engineer, endurance racer, cultural tastemaker, business exec. His other two “production” models – the Bol d’ Or and the Leggero – manage to transform Ducati street bikes into something even more beautiful.

And the spec sheet indicates the L’Avventura is meant for adventure riding. It’s powered by an 1,100cc air-cooled Ducati L-Twin. The smooth, flowing Kevlar fairing blends seamlessly into a fuel tank that holds 6.5 gallons, enough to actually get to places adventure riders want to go. The front end looks the business, featuring Showa USD forks that are tuned to the individual needs and riding style of each buyer, a 21-inch front wheel and massive Brembo brakes. Out back is a 17-inch wheel, a beefy double-sided swingarm with Öhlins rear shock and a smoothly rounded tail section that speaks of an artist’s hand. L’Avventura riders face a large fairing-mounted GPS just below the line of sight that can be removed for security or to help you find your way on foot. Nice touch.

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

Crash bars are integrated into the trellis frame’s overall design so smoothly you almost miss them at first, and the distinctive Ducati engine is protected front to back by a long, drilled aluminum skidplate.

WSM hasn’t published full official specs for the L’Aventurra, but we’ve seen reports that the whole package weighs in at a curb weight of under 350 pounds. If true, that means it would seriously undercut big-bore adventure bikes from BMW, KTM, Honda and Yamaha. Clearly, the L’Aventurra is one bike that was meant to do more than look pretty.

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

L'Avventura Adventure Motorcycle by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

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Bob Whitby Author ProfileAbout the Author: Bob Whitby has been riding motorcycles since age 19 and working as a journalist since he was 24, which was a long time ago, let’s put it that way. He quit for the better part of a decade to raise a family, then rediscovered adventure, dual sport and enduro riding in the early 2000s. He lives in Arkansas, America’s best-kept secret when it comes to riding destinations, and travels far and wide in search of dirt roads and trails.

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