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TET - Trans Euro Trail Adventure

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Am dat peste un site special pentru aventurieri. Contine trackuri gps din toate zonele europei si diverse informatii despre acestea.

Vi-l recomand pentru orice aventura aveti de gand sa planuiti. 


A 34,000km GPX route from the edge of Africa to the Arctic Circle.
Created by our community.
Provided for free.


The Trans Euro Trail is a cultural dirt road adventure from deep within the Arctic Circle to the doorstep of Africa...
...and back.


Comprising of over 34,000km of dirt road, the TET is an epic motorcycle journey through some of Europe's most remote, diverse and inspirational landscapes.
Influenced by the pioneering Trans America Trail, the TET encourages adventurous riders to travel light and experience the rich diversity of Europe's land and culture.
Powered by a team of enthusiastic volunteers called Linesmen, the TET relies on its community to find and manage the evolving network of tracks that criss cross thirty countries.
We are not a commercial entity, we are not a tour company, we are not profit driven. Everyone involved in the TET has the same goal, to celebrate lightweight motorcycle adventure and the rich experience of exploring landscapes, cultures and borders.




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