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Polisport Releases Affordable KLR650 OEM Replacement Plastics

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One of the most frequently recommended ADV Bikes for new Adventure Riders has to be the Kawasaki KLR650. With its combination of range, versatility, reliability and price, it’s hard to beat it for value. But all too often, those early days of riding off-road can be pretty hard on the machine. To make matters worse, the Gen 2 (2008 and newer) KLR650s have brittle street bike plastic bodywork that can easily crack with a mere tip over.

All that mayhem on the trail means there’s a lot of KLR650’s out there with scratched up, cracked bodywork, held together with JB Weld and zip ties. And it’s hard to blame the KLRistas for not looking their best. Just to replace one radiator shroud at your friendly Kawasaki dealer can run upwards of $225! And with stock plastics made of potato chip, you’re just one missed dab from being back to square one.

Polisport Kawasaki KLR650 OEM replacement plastics Adventure Motorcycle


But there’s hope for those budget-minded, function-first KLR650 owners out there. OEM replacement plastics manufacturer Polisport, recently released new replica bodywork for the KLR. They offer most of the major plastic body parts including radiator shrouds, front and rear fenders, and side panels available as a kit or individually at an affordable price.

While this is a new product offering for Polisport, that doesn’t mean they are new to the game. The company was founded by passionate motocross racer, Pedro Araújo, 40 years ago. Over the decades, they have developed partnerships with many of the top OEMs in the industry including KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS and Sherco. The Portuguese company is already well known for their high-quality dirt bike replacement plastics, and now they are beginning to expand into Dual Sport and Adventure Bikes.

Polisport Kawasaki KLR650 OEM replacement plastics Adventure Motorcycle

Polisport OEM replacement plastics for the Kawasaki KLR650 can be purchased as a kit or individually.

Polisport’s OEM replacement plastics are injection molded to ensure a factory fit and finish. And just like with their dirt bike plastics, the company uses Durable Gloss Polypropylene (DGP) technology. DGP is stronger and more scratch resistant than stock body panels, while providing flexibility to reduce the chance of cracking in a fall. They are also color matched to the stock KLRs bodywork (only comes in black right now) and won’t fade as easily in the sun. Best of all, they cost just a fraction of what Kawi dealers charge. For example, a KLR650 radiator shroud goes for just $133.99 — that’s a 41% discount!

Polisport Kawasaki KLR650 OEM replacement plastics Adventure Motorcycle
Courtesy Chad Berger

The new Polisport replacement plastics let you restore your KLR650 to its former glory while making it tougher than ever, without breaking the bank. Polisport plastics are distributed in the US by Western Power Sports and can be found on popular e-commerce sites or look for them at your local moto shop. For more details, check out the Polisport website.

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