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BDR Announces ‘Early’ Release of Southern California Route

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Backcountry Discovery Routes has announced the release of its ninth route, the Southern California Backcountry Discovery Route South (CABDR-South), a bit earlier than scheduled. The reason? BDR is so stoked about the route they wanted everyone to have access to the GPS tracks immediately so they could put together an epic wintertime ride during the holidays.

The CABDR-South is a scenic dual sport route across California, beginning in Yuma, AZ, and finishing in Benton, CA. Created for dual-sport and adventure motorcyclists, this 820-mile south-to-north route uses rugged two-track and remote dirt roads primarily to lead riders through majestic canyons, rocky riverbeds, and sandy washes of California’s famous deserts and national preserves.



On the CABDR-South, you’ll experience quirky desert enclaves and ghost towns, visit historic mines, see ancient petroglyphs and intaglios, dip in healing mineral hot springs, and ride among the unique Joshua trees in the Mojave National preserve. The long-awaited CABDR-South is the first Wintertime BDR, which travels through the arid desert on the Southeastern side of the state, making it ideal for riding during the colder months of the year when the mountains are covered with snow. Most importantly, these tracks showcase the natural beauty of California’s remote wild lands, colorful geography, and unique western history.

Butler maps and the expedition documentary DVD for the CABDR-South are still under development and will be made available in the coming weeks. Free GPS tracks and route travel information can be accessed on the BDR website now!


CABDR Southern California Route

The CABDR-South features a 820-mile ride beginning in Yuma, AZ, and finishing in Benton, CA. The route takes riders through majestic canyons, rocky riverbeds, and sandy washes of California’s famous deserts and national preserves. This is the first Wintertime BDR.

CABDR-South Movie Tour

Meet fellow adventure riders at an inspirational evening of film and adventure! The CABDR-South documentary film first premiered November 16th, 2018 at the Art Theater in Long Beach, California, but you can still catch it at one of several different showings around the country. New dates and locations are being added regularly, so check back to see when a showing is coming to theater or dealership near you!

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Photos by Ely Wood

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