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Husqvarna offers Rekluse clutch for Svartpilen, Vitpilen 401 models

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Husqvarna has partnered with Rekluse to offer a semi-auto clutch upgrade for its Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401 models.

Both the Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 use the same 373 cc made-in-India single-cylinder engine, originally specced for KTM’s 390 lineup of beginner bikes. They come with a conventional six-speed gearbox which uses a standard handlebar-operated wet clutch.

The Rekluse upgrade takes that unit out, replacing it with an all-new Radius X Centrifugal clutch kit. The process isn’t supposed to take very long, which also means (in theory) it shouldn’t be too expensive to replace, as shop time =  money, if you’re not doing the job yourself.

And, this upgrade is likely not aimed at the DIY enthusiast, as the 401 models are slanted towards the entry-level side of Husky’s lineup. That means the semi-auto clutch makes perfect sense on these bikes. While you still have to use the clutch lever to shift between gears, you don’t need to use the clutch lever when starting the bike, or when coming to a stop. Those starts and stops are what give beginner riders the most trouble, and the most potential for stalling their machine, so Husqvarna’s partnership with Rekluse is a very good idea. While the system may not be as advanced as the fully-auto setup on a Honda Africa Twin, it’s going to be much easier for beginner riders than a standard conventional clutch.

While we haven’t seen pricing on the Rekluse clutch system for the Husqvarna, other Radius X systems sell in the $600-$730 USD range in the American market.

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