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Rizoma Releases Farkles For The Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

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Italian billet accessory manufacturer Rizoma has released a line of billet products for Husqvarna’s love it or hate it Svartpilen 401.  Unquestionably, the machine has a style all its own.  And Rizoma thinks people will want to make changes to their bikes to personalize and improve the bike’s looks.


A Rizoma clad Svartpilen 401. Photo credit: Rizoma

Although these products will not improve your Svartpilen, they will definitely modify the look of your machine for a more personal touch.  Rizoma’s Svartpilen 401 website shows more than 45 mostly billet items designed specifically for the Swedish brand’s unusual looking machine.


Billet accessories from Rizoma.  Photo credit: Rizoma

Parts available range from simple bar ends to more complex to manufacture items like turn signals and footpegs.

Machined parts are not cheap, and quality Rizoma products are no exception.  Prices for billet items (not including adapters etc.) start at around €50 (~$56) and go up from there.  But these are not cheap knockoff products, they are good looking enhancements for the Svartpilen 401 and other machines.


Rizoma fender eliminator for the Svartpilen 401. Photo credit: Rizoma

Whether billet accessories are your cup of tea or not, the Rizoma billet items are pretty trick.

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