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New Tracker Packer Holster Launched for SPOT Gen3 & inReach Mini

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Giant Loop has just released a major update of its Tracker Packer line of ruggedized holsters for GPS-enabled emergency beacons/communicators. Two new models, compatible with SPOT Gen3 and with Garmin inReach Mini, feature redundant anchor straps, quick-adjusting accessory arm bands, an unobstructed view of and access to all controls, and an included redundant tether adding yet another layer of security.

Tracker Packers enable backcountry adventurers who travel beyond cell phone range to stay safer during all of their outdoor adventures— with help just a push of a button away. Following best safety practices, the Tracker Packer firmly attaches the emergency device to the user’s backpack, shoulder strap, upper arm or lower leg, reducing the risk of the device separating from the user or not being within reach and in plain sight when need arises.

Giant Loop Tracker Packer for Secure Placement of Tracking Devices


Featuring redundant closures, multiple connections, and tether points, the compact and lightweight holster is designed to remain secure, even in the roughest, most extreme conditions. By keeping the device in a visible, easy-to-access location, anyone on scene in the event of an emergency can quickly deploy the device’s SOS signal sending the GPS location to an international emergency response coordination center.

Tracker Packers for Garmin inReach Mini and SPOT Gen3 are not just for emergencies. When traveling beyond cell service, backcountry travelers can communicate via satellite text messages, sent and received directly from the Garmin inReach Mini. “OK” and other pre-programmed messages can be sent from the SPOT Gen3.

Giant Loop Tracker Packer for Secure Placement of Tracking Devices

Giant Loop donates a portion of all Tracker Packer sales to the nonprofit Kurt Caselli Foundation, which focuses on the safety of riders and racers in the off-road motorcycling industry. Giant Loop worked with US off-road motorcycle racing legend Quinn Cody to test and develop the Tracker Packer holsters.

The updated holster features include a high-visibility tag imprinted with “SOS,” elastic antennae anchor (Garmin only), screen prints of the Kurt Caselli Foundation’s “Caselli 66” logo and Giant Loop’s GL logo, a redundant double hook-and-loop attachment system, a heavy duty hook-and-loop extension band for wearing on the upper arm or lower leg above the boot, grippy backing, foam padding to absorb shock and vibration and a redundant tether cord for additional security.

Giant Loop Tracker Packer for Secure Placement of Tracking Devices

Giant Loop Tracker Packer for Secure Placement of Tracking Devices

Constructed with military-specification components and materials, the Tracker Packer for Garmin inReach Mini and Tracker Packer for SPOT Gen3 are backed by Giant Loop’s limited lifetime warranty. USA MSRP is $39 (also available for the Delorme inReach – MSRP $50). The Tracker Packer is available bundled with the Garmin inReach Mini or SPOT Gen3 exclusively at Giant Loop’s GL Adventure Shop warehouse showroom in Bend, Oregon, and online at

Main Features

• Caselli 66 and GL logos printed on holster
• Redundant double hook-and-loop attachment system with tether cord (Garmin inReach Mini and SPOT Gen3)
• 2″ heavy duty hook-and-loop band with Slip-Not grippy backing
• Elastic shock cord retainer loop for Garmin inReach Mini antenna
• Foam padding to absorb shock and vibration
• Reflective trim for visibility
• Fully bound seams
• Webbing loops for additional mounting and tethering options
• Mil-spec materials and hardware
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA

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