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New Ducati Multistrada GT won’t be the V4 we expected

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According to documents filed with the EPA, the upcoming new Ducati Multistrada model will be another V-twin, not the V4 we were counting on.

There have been rumors of a V4 Multistrada model for months now. Ever since Ducati brought out its V4 Panigale, the general expectation was that sooner or later, we’d see a V4 Multi; then, over the past few months, various spy shots have shown a new Multistrada undergoing testing. The general opinion was that this was the V4 we’d expected.

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The keen-eyed web crawlers of have uncovered EPA documents showing we can indeed expect a new Ducati Multistrada, but it will be powered by the same 1260 V-twin that Ducati is already using. The new bike will be called the Multistrada GT.

That doesn’t explicitly rule out a second model coming, powered by a V4, but it does seem unlikely we’d see both.

So if we’re getting a Multistrada GT, what can we expect? Given the Multistrada lineup’s usual bias towards street riding, we’d expect another machine with 17-inch wheels, and probably Ducati’s Skyhook suspension (electronically adjustable), a raft of electronic gadgetry to prevent the rider from doing anything stupid, and some sort of touring package. Dirt-biased adventure bikes don’t typically get the GT moniker, so expect smooth tires, not knobbies.

The good people at MCN have uncovered photos of Ducati’s radar-enabled cruise control system fitted to a Multistrada model. That doesn’t mean it would be fitted to every model, but no doubt some buyers would be excited at even having this technology available as an option. Not everyone will be excited, but there’s no doubt a market for it, as the carmakers have been playing with this tech for years.

Expect to see the new Multistrada unveiled in October, ahead of the EICMA show in Milan.

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