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Milandr Electric Dirt Bikes; Who Needs A Boat?

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OK, so now Russian electronics company Milandr is making electric motorcycles even more interesting.  The electric machines may be getting to the point that they can provide more capability than their internal combustion engine counterparts.

For example, let’s just say you’re riding your tricked out ICE dirt bike in the woods.  You’re having a blast but ultimately you get to a very deep water crossing that surely will flood your engine or swallow your bike whole.  There’s no way your bike is going to make it through without drowning.  Unfortunately, you have to turn back.

But now there is an option.  You could come back riding a Milandr SM-250 electric dirt bike and make the crossing.  What?  Submerge an electric motorcycle under water?  Isn’t there an old saying that electricity and water don’t mix.

Milandr and the deep

Apparently Russian electric vehicle company Milandr hasn’t heard that one and has created a machine that can be ridden submerged.  The bike’s claimed specs are pretty impressive.  According to New Atlas, it features a 42 kw (~56 hp) 150 nm (111 lb-ft) motor mated to a 6.5 kWh battery that’s estimated to provide a couple of hours fun on the trail.   The Milandr’s motor puts it in 450cc ICE territory.  And, with a weight of 128 kg (282 pounds), it’s only about 30 pounds heavier than some ICE engine bikes of similar power.

As you’ll see in their video, the Milandr SM250 is able to tackle some pretty significant terrain.  Once the dry land duties are over, the rider takes the bike into a deep water pond.  The first attempt is not successful as the rear wheel becomes clogged with mud and debris.  But then the rider figures out that momentum is his friend and is able to ride the bike across through the pond without stopping.

So if this bike truly has 2 hours of battery time and has similar capabilities as an ICE machine with similar pricing, would it be something you’d be interested in?  Let us know in the comments below.

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