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Turkey Prevents Motorcycle Cop From Giving A Ticket

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It’s a little after Thanksgiving in the US and the traditional turkey meals and leftovers have been eaten.  Until next year, delicious birds don’t have to worry much about Thanksgiving.

But some turkeys apparently aren’t taking the Thanksgiving holiday tradition lightly and are expressing their anger.  Perhaps, they are even trying to raise awareness by helping out people in unfortunate circumstances.

Take, for example, the bird in this video captured by a Livermore California police officer’s body cam.  In it, the officer stops a speeder and approaches the vehicle.

Apparently, the turkey isn’t having any of it and does his best to put a stop to the officer’s activities.    The bird literally chases the officer around the car twice.  The led the turkey being labeled, “No Ticket Turkey”.

After the second lap, the officer tells the driver that he wouldn’t be getting a ticket because the turkey didn’t want him to get one and then quickly hands the driver his license.

Still, the bird follows the officer back to his motorcycle forcing the motor officer to ride off and tell a bystander with a laugh, “He’s vicious”.

So it seems that in this case, the score is turkey 1, cop 0.  Chalk one up in the win column for turkeys this year.


Video credit: YouTube



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