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Shoei Releases Light Transition Shield for Hornet X2 Helmet

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Published on 12.19.2019


SHOEI announced today the release of their highly-anticipated CNS-2 Transitions light intelligent shield, that automatically adjusts to outdoor light for an all-day visual advantage. Specially designed for the SHOEI Hornet X2 dual-sport/adventure helmet, the patented photochromic molecules in Transitions adaptive technology enables the shield to lighten and darken when exposed to changing levels of ultraviolet sunlight.

Riding in a variety of terrain and light conditions, the Hornet X2’s all-road versatility can now be further enhanced with the all-new CNS-2 Transitions shield. The technology is activated by UV light and blocks 100% of UV rays, protecting the rider’s eyes and providing a more comfortable ride, free of squinting and eye strain. The pinlock-compatible shield is clear at night for uninterrupted visibility. As the sun rises and UV light intensifies, the shield conveniently adjusts to dark gray for improved contrast on the road and to reduce squinting from distracting glare. When the sun lowers or clouds roll in, the shield will gradually adjust to a midtint for continuous comfort.

Transition shield for Shoei Hornet X2When the shield is exposed to UV light, trillions of photochromic molecules begin to change structure causing it to darken. The molecules constantly and smoothly re-calibrate so the optimal amount of light reaches your eyes.
  • UV Protection: Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Full activation in about 2 minutes
  • Impact resistant

Whether exploring the back of beyond or out on a pleasure ride, adventure riders know the importance of clear, crisp vision. Traditionally, riders deal with changing light conditions by carrying two shields (one clear, one tinted) with them or wearing sunglasses. Transitions light intelligent shields not only eliminate the need to carry multiple shields, they actually enhance vision by seamlessly adapting to the optimal tint in all conditions (and clear at night). If the weather changes or your ride has you coming home after dark, the technology automatically adjust the tint of the shield to your needs. It can be especially useful when riding through tunnels when you don’t have time to remove your sunglasses.


“We’ve had great success with the Transitions shield in some of our best-selling helmet styles,” said Hiroshi Maeda, President of Shoei Safety Helmet Corp. “We know from riders who’ve worn it how indispensable the product is, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to expand to more styles, offering the amazing technology to even more riders.”

Shoei Hornet X2 transition shield

The CNS-2 Transitions light intelligent shield expands the range of photochromic shield offerings available for SHOEI helmet models. Riders have been enjoying the benefits of the CWR-1 Transitions shields on their X-Fourteen, RF-1200, and RF-SR road helmets since 2013, and the all-new CNS-2 Transitions shield now brings the advanced photochromic technology to adventure riders, as well. The new CNS-2 Transition shields are now available for purchase and shipping. MSRP: $209.99

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