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Royal Enfield Himalayan is updated

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan is not only getting the graphics and safety updates we mentioned earlier in December, it’s also about to get the emissions updates necessary for continued sales.

A month back, we told you Royal Enfield was giving its adventure bike a switchable ABS option, as well as a four-way flasher system and some paint updates. But, all that didn’t matter until now, because under India’s new BS-VI emissions standard, the Royal Enfield wasn’t up to snuff. To continue sales in its home market, Royal Enfield had to meet current regulations, just like the Classic 350 and the 500 models.

The word on the street is that the 500 models are getting the axe, but the Himalayan has indeed been given some sort of overhaul to bring it up to modern standards.

There’s no word on that those changes might have been, but presumably, it’s some re-jigging of the EFI and top-end timing. Of course, this would also affect the peak engine performance. It’s been interesting in recent years to see some motorcycle models actually getting less powerful due to anti-pollution engine updates. This isn’t always the case, but when it happens, the manufacturers certainly don’t make much ballyhoo about it. Whatever the story is with the Himalayan, Royal Enfield hasn’t told us yet. That’s no surprise, as the Himalayan has been steadily updated since Day 1, usually with little fanfare.

We may not see the updated Himalayan in other markets anyway, because we don’t share India’s emissions standards—and, a cynical person might add, because we can’t find a dealer anywhere. Speaking of which, Rod Copes, the former Harley-Davidson bigwig who oversaw Royal Enfield’s North American reboot, is leaving the company. That leaves us wondering what the future of the brand is here, as we certainly don’t see many of the bikes on North American streets, despite the company’s stated intentions of growth in the middleweight segment.

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