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Denali ​Launches Plug-N-Play CANsmart Controller​ for KTM ADV Bikes

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Published on 03.20.2020

You’ve seen bike’s with their auxiliary lights customized to come on with the high beam switch or synchronized with the turn signals, as well as flashing auxiliary and brake lights that get other driver’s attention fast. How do they do it? The easy way is with a CAN bus accessory controller. Denali has been a leader in this technology with their plug-n-play CANsmart controller for BMW and Harley models, now they are making it available for CAN bus-equipped KTMs.

With the CANSmart you can customize the functionality of up to four accessories for improved safety and awareness on the road, all controlled with the original handlebar switches. Simply connect the CANsmart Controller to your KTM diagnostic port to access over 35 programmable accessory settings designed to control auxiliary lights, turn signals, horns, brake lights, or any accessory you can imagine. Control OEM accessories, 3rd party accessories or use the included wiring harnesses for plug & play connection to DENALI driving lights, DRLs, SoundBomb Horns, and B6 Brake Lights.

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Denali CANSmart CAN bus accessory controller for the KTM.The Integrated Accessory Control allows you to control up to two sets of LED lights right from your KTM’s SET button. Simply toggle your DRLs on/off twice to turn you auxiliary lights on or off.

Key Features Include:

  • Integrated accessory control allows you to independently control up to two sets of LED lights right from your KTM’s SET button.
  • On the fly dimming allows you to dim up to two sets of lights without connecting to the software, while riding.
  • CANsmart accessory manager software lets you set each of the four circuits to control whatever accessory type you want.
  • Lights can be set to synchronize high/low beam with factory high/low beam switch, dim on the fly, modulate during the day to increase visibility, flash to pass, strobe with horn, and cancel inversely with turn signal. You can also set amber lights to flash as a turn signal. Brake lights flash upon deceleration using “Smart Brake” technology.
  • Plug & play installation of all DENALI lights and horns, no additional wiring harness needed.
  • On board power allows you to connect any electrical accessories such as phones, GPS units, or heated gear.
  • Fits new model KTM Duke & Adventure models: 790 & 1290 Duke, 790 Adventure, 1090 & 1190 Adventure, and 1290 Super Adventure.  
Denali CANSmartThe free Accessory Manager Software lets you set each of the four circuits to control whatever accessory type you want. You can choose between dozens of features and settings to customize each accessory type to match your riding style.

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